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Optimize your marketing to keep driving leads

Though tempting to cut back on during hard times, it’s important to continue to invest in marketing for your business. A good rule of thumb is to make the decision to cut a marketing investment only after it demonstrates that there is not a sufficient return on investment. Otherwise, it’s important to continue investing as a means of generating more leads, and in turn, more revenue.


Some marketing channels are less expensive now because of decreased competition

Many marketing channels are rapidly becoming cheaper because other contractors are reducing their spend. This is a great opportunity to identify high-performing channels where you can get even more leads and revenue for a relatively cheap price. Many contractors are reporting that their cost per click (CPC) on Google Ads is nearly a third of the price now, creating an increased opportunity for quality leads through Google.

We recommend that your business review the cost for each of your marketing channels. For marketing channels like TV, radio, direct mail, etc. where costs are not updated in real-time, call the vendor and negotiate lower prices in order to generate more value. Many contractors have been able to negotiate getting double the coverage (for example, twice as much airtime on TV, twice as much direct mail distribution, etc.) for half the cost. 

In addition, both Facebook and Google are offering grants for small businesses, if you are currently running paid traffic campaigns. These grants can include credits for ad campaigns

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