Keep a close eye on the metrics that matter

Every successful contractor that we’ve interviewed has key performance indicators that they track. During these times, they’re monitoring them even more closely so they can react quickly. We recommend picking the top KPIs that drive your business and using the ideas below to make it easier to track them.

After speaking with several contractors regarding their COVID-19 response, some key metrics to keep an eye on are as follows: 

  • Inbound call volume

  • Call booking rates

  • Close rate and average ticket on demand calls

  • Turnover rates

  • Close rates and average tickets on replacement opportunities

  • Financing application submissions

  • Sales of specific items, such as IAQ or water filtration

  • Planned vs. actuals for revenue

  • Year-over-year revenue growth

  • Scheduled jobs

To get insights into these data points, you can leverage your ServiceTitan Dashboard or run reports in ServiceTitan.

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