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Optimize your marketing to keep driving leads

Though tempting to cut back on during hard times, it’s important to continue to invest in marketing for your business. A good rule of thumb is to make the decision to cut a marketing investment only after it demonstrates that there is not a sufficient return on investment. Otherwise, it’s important to continue investing as a means of generating more leads, and in turn, more revenue.


Review your marketing campaigns and shift spend from underperforming campaigns to overperforming campaigns

Hopefully your business is already using ServiceTitan’s marketing ROI tracking features to measure how much revenue each marketing campaign is generating compared to how much you’re investing in it. If so, you can easily identify which campaigns are worth continuing to fund, and which are using up capital that would be better allocated elsewhere. 

If you aren’t currently using ServiceTitan’s marketing ROI features, such as different tracking numbers for various campaigns or different marketing reports, contact your Customer Success Manager immediately to set these up.

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