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Reassure customers on the phone while booking the appointment, too

Reassuring customers on the phone should not only increase the likelihood that the call results in a booked appointment, but it will also likely make the customer more comfortable when the technician arrives and hopefully help preserve your close rates and average tickets.

Create a script for your CSRs with all of the same messaging. An example can be found on the following page.

“Mrs. Jones, to protect your health and the health of our technicians, have you or anyone in your family experienced any symptoms of sickness in the past 14 days? [Customer says “no.”] Great, we are ready to serve our community, and we’ve taken every precaution to protect you and your technician. They’ll maintain a 6-foot distance where possible, they’ll offer a thumbs up instead of a handshake, they’ll be wearing gloves and shoe covers, and much more. You’ll find more details in a video you’ll receive shortly in your email as well as a text message.”

If you need to communicate specific information for particular types of jobs, add the appropriate language to the default job summary for each job type. That way, the language generates when your CSR selects that job type!

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