Peterman HVAC and Plumbing “On Call” 7 Days a Week, Thanks to Phones Pro

Diana LamirandFebruary 10th, 2020

Peterman Heating Cooling and Plumbing in Indianapolis no longer misses those calls for HVAC or plumbing service that come in after hours or on the weekend. 

Since signing on with ServiceTitan Phones Pro, the Peterman team answers calls from home whenever necessary and stays open longer on the weekends, ultimately delivering a better customer service experience.

“It’s an amazing thing we’ve never been able to do before,” the Peterman team says. “Even on Thanksgiving day, one of our managers was able to log in from home and get calls directed back to our answering service. That’s something we would have never been able to do prior to Phones Pro.”

Peterman Heating Cooling and Plumbing can do something else it’s never done before: Offer HVAC and plumbing service on Sundays, and extend its hours every other day of the week. 

Losing customers to competitors who returned weekend calls first on Monday mornings is no longer a “thing” for Peterman’s 97-tech enterprise.  

“It has opened up a whole new way of managing from home, but still taking care of the customer. That has never been an option for us,” the team says. “Now, we can say ‘Peterman got the job,’ because we were open on Sunday.”

We asked the Peterman Heating Cooling and Plumbing team to share their experience with the add-on phone management system offered by ServiceTitan.

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Q: Why did you decide to switch to Phones Pro?

A: We were moving toward Phones Pro once we moved into our new office. But after a delay on building permits, we had to move to a temporary location with our dispatchers and call center in a different building. Phones Pro is integrated with ServiceTitan and with all of our call-takers off-site, it was the only way we could make it work.

Q: Which features in Phones Pro do you like the most?

A: We really like all of the recording features, especially the voicemail drop. For a home services company that makes an endless amount of calls each day and leaves thousands upon thousands of messages … the noise you save from that alone is just amazing.

We have 5,000 maintenance customers and we’re scheduling three visits a year, at a minimum. That’s 15,000 phone calls, just for our maintenance members. With Phones Pro, we’re saving at least a minute for every single call. 

Q: Has Phones Pro helped in terms of training your team to deliver a better customer service experience?

A: It helps managers see why the customer service agents fail to answer certain calls. Are they letting calls go because they’re still booking a job on another call? Are they really off duty or just going to the bathroom? Are they wandering around the call center when they really should be at their desk? Phones Pro allows us to see who’s doing what or who is not doing what. For the most part, everyone has embraced it.

Q: Have you seen a noticeable impact on abandoned calls?

A: With Phones Pro, the abandoned-call rate is much less than before. We never really did too much with them before, we just let them go. If there was one thing we could have done better as a company, it was managing those abandoned calls.

Q: Would you recommend Phones Pro to other HVAC and plumbing companies?

A: Absolutely. We’ve been a fan from the beginning. Anything that can make the team better, make our lives better. I would absolutely recommend Phones Pro.

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