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With ServiceTitan, it’s easy to manage prepaid maintenance checkups and tuneups, add them to your existing schedule, and ensure that your shop is fulfilling its promises.

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Maintenance agreement software is business technology that residential and commercial service providers can use to help them manage new and ongoing contracts with customers. This includes maintenance agreements, service agreements, equipment-based contracts, and other contracts to help keep HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, water filtration, and other essential, onsite systems operational and efficient.

Options for service agreement software on the market vary, but a comprehensive solution—like ServiceTitan—helps business owners and service professionals create, customize, organize, manage, and capitalize on their memberships, making them easy to understand for consumers and easily read and leveraged for upcoming revenue opportunities. And, because ServiceTitan is cloud-based, these tailored agreements that are sold and signed in the field are instantly synced to the office, where they can be easily referenced for future work.

In the home and commercial services industry—particularly in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, chimney sweep, and water treatment sectors—service agreements are critical to maintaining long-term relationships with customers and keeping a steady stream of revenue coming into a business. Home and commercial property owners will opt into maintenance and service contracts when they see the value of regular, scheduled maintenance and inspections of the essential systems of their property. Often, value for the customer is ensuring that the systems on their property are operational before they’re needed—and that potentially expensive problems are fixed before they become a serious issue. For example, store owners may want their HVAC system inspected and checked during the spring before the hot weather hits and the store’s customers expect to enjoy air conditioning while shopping.

Service agreements vary customer to customer, shop to shop, and even industry to industry. The key factors that are common to every service contract, however, are the number of times a service provider is contracted to provide service/maintenance/inspection and the price they’ll charge to provide this regular service. Because service agreements are needed to bring in steady revenue during slow seasons, service businesses often calculate the cost of these agreements based on their seasonal challenges and long-term financial goals.