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Back 2 Basics: Estimate Templates 101

Diana Lamirand
March 5th, 2024
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Sometimes we all need a refresher course, especially when it comes to understanding the complexities involved with using ServiceTitan field management software. To help users tap into the software’s full functionality, the software giant for the trades has started a new monthly webinar series titled Back 2 Basics.

“Back 2 Basics was created to provide our customers with another free resource aimed at refreshing your ServiceTitan knowledge and helping you gain a deeper understanding of the features that you already have access to,” says Natalie Koch, ServiceTitan Senior Content Marketing Strategist. 

Program Facilitator Tim Sjobeck kicks off the webinar series by exploring best practices for utilizing estimate and proposal templates to move the needle on your conversion rates, as well as how to properly set up and utilize your core ServiceTitan pricebook.

>> Part 1: Pricebook 101

“Multiple options are probably the most important thing I think you can do to increase your revenue and your conversion rates,” says Sjobeck, who also shares his expertise with ServiceTitan customers during Ember and Spark sessions.

Here’s a recap of what you need to know to get the most out of your ServiceTitan estimate templates.

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Estimate Templates 101

Using estimate templates to offer customers multiple options benefits your service business in three ways:

1. Increases your revenue and conversion rates

“More options, more sales, better conversion rate. Pretty simple,” Sjobeck says.

2. Improves your customer experience 

“We're providing the right solutions they want, not just guessing at one or two,” he adds.

3. Creates technician efficiency

“If you have these proposal templates built, they're not going out to their truck, spending 30 to 40 minutes or an hour building all these options, and then coming in and presenting to the customer,” Sjobeck explains. “This creates some efficiency for them and a better customer experience.”

In fact, shops that used ServiceTitan estimate templates in 2021 grew revenue by 7.5%, and when those shops used the estimate templates at least 30% of the time, they grew by 10%, Sjobeck says. “Just understand that multiple options and using the templates are going to increase your conversion rate,” Sjobeck says.

What’s the difference between an estimate and a proposal?

“When you think about estimates, these are just the options that reside in the proposals, and your proposal templates are the menu you're building,” Sjobeck says.

When you start building an estimate template, start by creating one for your technicians’ most-used task. And for those who use Pricebook Pro, which is powered by Titan Intelligence, the pre-built estimate templates populate automatically with the info you need. >>Learn more about creating and editing estimate templates.

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What’s the difference between dynamic and static estimate templates?

Users also need to understand the difference between a dynamic estimate template and a static estimate template.

The dynamic template auto updates your template anytime you edit or make any changes in your pricebook. The static template updates nothing and remains the same. If prices increase in your pricebook, the static estimate template price is unaffected.

Multiple-option proposal templates

An estimate template needs to be added to a proposal template to be used in ServiceTitan or ServiceTitan Mobile, and you can choose from a few types of proposal templates or create your own, Sjobeck says. Proposals are presented in a good-better-best format and users can get creative when building their own proposals.

For example, one ServiceTitan customer labeled their options this way: total home comfort (best), peace of mind (better), and limited basic replayer (good). Another client used hot, warm, and cold and added colors to match.

“Don't be afraid to have fun. Remember, we're thinking about our customers' experience. Be creative with your proposal types. I think that's super important,” Sjobeck says.

When you start building these proposal templates, Sjobeck suggests creating some fake job scenarios for a fictitious client, then have your techs build multiple options for a role-playing presentation they make to team members.

“See how they present, see how they talk about the recommendations. How do they show you the pictures? Do they get into the specs? Understand how your team is actually presenting these items,” Sjobeck says.

“You're going to be creating some amazing customer experiences as you work in your pricebook. Always think about that,” he adds. “Creating estimate and proposal templates that offer your customer multiple options will increase your technician's efficiency for sure.”

>>Learn more about building estimate and proposal templates.

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