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Five ways to get more out of ServiceTitan, fast

October 13th, 2023
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#1 Find the right consultant with Certified Provider Program

Need a consultant to help you dial in Marketing Pro, sharpen your processes within ServiceTitan, or most anything else? The Certified Provider program connects contractors to consultants who have passed a rigorous course that ensures they know the software inside out. 

Danielle Combs, ServiceTitan’s Program Manager for Customer and Partner Relations, runs the Certified Provider program. She says it’s about helping ServiceTitan customers by identifying and certifying individuals nationwide who have a deeper knowledge of the software, and who can provide expertise for specific needs from businesses.

“There are hundreds of different consulting companies out there,” Combs said. “Our customers just don't really have the ability to really vet them well and understand whether they really know what they’re doing.” 

The certification provides a level of trust, a statement that those who have passed the test “know what they are talking about,” Combs said.

She described four certification areas: coach, marketing, managing change, and accounting. ServiceTitan will pair a Certified Provider with a customer, so the consultant’s expertise matches the customer’s needs. Certified Providers agree to look out for the best interests of the contractor, and to adhere to ServiceTitan’s code of conduct.

Anyone certified has the ServiceTitan seal of approval, and the ability to understand how any one tweak affects the software’s overall performance for the individual company.

“We can help people really protect their company,” Combs said.

#2 Build in-house experts with Certified Administrator Program

Certifications for technicians abound, and become an important part of their resume. But there wasn't anything like that for employees on the back end.

ServiceTitan’s Tim McGuire, Senior Program Manager for Training and Enablement, filled that need with the Certified Administrator program. The certification recognizes your company’s in-house experts on ServiceTitan, and enables them to address challenges before they become problems.

The short-term benefit? Someone in-house can shorten the time between software problems and answers. If further support is needed from ServiceTitan, the person calling support has already done some troubleshooting, which should make it easier to solve any issue.

Eighteen exams make up the certification, though the program is self-paced. Madison Robertson, a Certified Administrator at Fluesbrothers, a chimney sweep and cleaning company in Kansas City, did much of her work at home, but others can set aside part of the day to complete one test. The tests specifically gave her greater understanding of memberships and purchase orders.

An example of something Robertson wasn’t aware of before she took the test: using emojis on tags.“I was like, ‘No way,’” she said. “I went and told everybody. And guess what? We added emojis.”

#3 Free training with Ember and Spark sessions

TitanScore is a guide built into a ServiceTitan account to score how well the user is taking advantage of product offerings. A company’s TitanScore goes up each time it implements good business practices—such as “launched targeted campaigns” or “uploaded all product photos to pricebook”—which indicates they’re using the ServiceTitan platform to its full potential. 

There's a real-world benefit too. Revenue grew faster for companies with higher TitanScores, on average, than for those with lower scores. But how can you be strategic about raising your score? Free training with Ember and Spark sessions could be the answer. 

EmberSessions: For ServiceTitan users in the launch stage and just learning about the business-changing features available to them. Users join non-competitor peer groups of ServiceTitan customers over six sessions, led by a ServiceTitan expert, to better understand and implement key functions.

“When you’re first joining a software company, it can be a little intimidating,” says Sena Sadeghi, ServiceTitan Manager of Customer Relations. “In EmberSessions, we focus on that tool and how to become successful.” 

“EmberSessions are the baby steps,” says Lance Ball, owner of Aspen Mountain Plumbing and a ServiceTitan user. “That's an opportunity to have contact with ServiceTitan themselves.”

Throughout the sessions, users learn to increase their TitanScore and drive real business impact while building a community. Ball notes a simple tip he learned in the sessions has improved office communication.

SparkSessions: For more experienced ServiceTitan customers, SparkSessions offer user-driven, hourlong peer groups facilitated by ServiceTitan experts. Groups meet once a month to converse about a specific topic on ServiceTitan and industry best practices. 

The facilitator is there only to start the conversation and steer folks in the right direction—the rest is up to the users. SparkSessions participants also enjoy multiple networking opportunities, like trivia and fireside chats. Ball appreciates the networking.

“I learned so much by talking to other people, both in the same trade and not in the same trade, and how they implement ServiceTitan,” Ball says. “A lot of our growth has been because I've been able to get in those sessions and listen, learn, and grow.”

A veteran of both programs, Ball is a believer.

“My TitanScore has become a KPI in its own way,” Ball says. “It's an indicator that we're falling short somewhere, and need to keep the momentum going. It helps me to know where to focus my energy to improve the business.”

#4 Lady Titans

LadyTitans is an open FREE community where women of the trades and allies can unite for one cause, to support one another and grow together.  LadyTitans, a free women’s empowerment group powered by ServiceTitan, is a global network of women in the trades and allies who support our cause. Together we celebrate the women in our industry and amplify their voices. LadyTitans empowers women by highlighting their skills, talents, and contributions through education, collaboration, and representation. “There is no greater feeling than walking in a room where you feel supported, loved, and cared for, and that is what we provide to the members of LadyTitans. We are a group that learns and operates our businesses together, the members are simply magnetic, and watching their success brings an overwhelming amount of joy to all the members of the LadyTitans board,” said Sarah Ghirardo, Director of LadyTitans. Join us and see for yourself what the group has to offer. Every month, LadyTitans hosts two monthly meetings. Our LadyTitans lounge is held on the first Wednesday of every month, here we provide an opportunity to convene and exchange ideas about how to maximize the benefits of ServiceTitan, develop the most effective leadership strategies, and learn the various ways you can lead by example to build your business and team. Our monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month. In these sessions we bring out the trades to speak! We have had sessions discussing ServiceTitan offerings, leadership with industry leaders, best practices for marketing, building partnerships within a family-owned business and speakers discussing emotional intelligence and how to gain skills needed for a successful career in the trades. Here is what our customers are saying: “LadyTitans is amazing, it's so wonderful to be able to touch base with other women in a male-dominated field without feeling intimidated. Everyone is so kind, honest, helpful, and communicative. Hands down, my favorite ST Group! Thank you, ladies, for hosting these meetings and reminding us we all deserve a seat 'at the table'.” “Always a fun, informative, and interactive group. It is also a nice break from the grind.” Come join in on the fun, it’s FREE! 

#5 Community

Have a question about a certain feature or searching for best practices? Head to the ServiceTitan Community, a one-stop shop where contractors can talk with one another, receive answers to common questions and swap tips to get the most of their ServiceTitan investment.

“It's where plumbers can talk with garage door companies about things, and CSRs can talk to business owners or managers, and so much more. The networking possibilities are endless,” said Angie Snow, Principal Industry Advisor at ServiceTitan.

Released in May 2022, the ServiceTitan Community features discussions, information about programs like ServiceTitan’s Certified Provider Program, SparkSessions or EmberSessions, community feedback posts, product highlights and more.

“For our clients who really want to be in the know, the best thing nowadays is ServiceTitan Community because everything is all in one spot,” said Pam Duffy, founder and CEO at Powerhouse Consulting Group and a ServiceTitan expert user. “All the release notes are there, the webinars are there, people are talking about it.”

“You can ask questions, which I think is really one of the best pieces about Community,” she added. “It's not one-way communication, it's two-way communication. And that's really helpful.”

To access ServiceTitan Community, simply open your ServiceTitan dashboard and click on your picture profile in the top right-hand corner to open a drop-down menu. Once you click on ServiceTitan Community, you can log in using your ServiceTitan account credentials. And if you’re a technician working out in the field, you can access the Community page from your mobile app or browser on a tablet or smartphone.

After that, use the bountiful resource to your advantage.

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