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Proximo Marketing pushes Marketing Pro Ads Optimizer to boost revenue, increase lead quality

Pat McManamon
January 4th, 2024
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Proximo Marketing makes one of its truths painfully clear on the company website.

“This is not,” the company says, “your Grandma’s marketing agency.”

That is meant literally and figuratively of course.

Because this team of women based in Gloucester, Va., (across the river from Yorktown) maximizes the digital world, where more and more businesses reside.

So when Senior Account Manager Liz Soto discusses the importance of the right advertising, she gets right to the point: “Why optimize toward calls when you can optimize toward revenue?”

To effect that strategy, Proximo turns to Ads Optimizer in ServiceTitan, the cloud-based software for the trades. Ads Optimizer, which works within Marketing Pro, uses real data to make changes to an existing campaign strategy in Google Ads to increase lead quality.

Lead generation is so important in the industry, and customer demand often drives a lot of the success of these businesses,” Soto said. “You have to be present, and you have to be able to feed that information back and forth to follow between seasonality and customer trends.

“ServiceTitan's Ads Optimizer allows you to be able to continually stay on top of that because it just flows with the data that's being fed in and out. So I think that's what makes this such a profound way of using digital marketing.

“This is a solution that I think any industry would be able to capitalize on and really dig into. And I personally haven't seen any other software that is trying to do this.”

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‘Next level’ control of your marketing

Once enabled, Ads Optimizer automatically analyzes data on campaign revenue from Google and revenue conversion data from ServiceTitan, which allows visibility into which campaigns are driving revenue and which ones are wasting money. Digital ads that work scale up automatically to generate more quality leads with higher average value, and Ads Optimizer minimizes spending on campaigns that don’t convert to sales and revenue.

“The most important aspect of digital marketing, especially the component ServiceTitan offers, is being able to link that directly to job details and all the way through to the revenue,” Soto said. “That’s really important, to be able to link those two together and then follow customer trends.”

In that way, Ads Optimizer solves one of the biggest pain points in marketing—tying digital marketing performance to revenue without having to create internal solutions. Instead, that work is done automatically within ServiceTitan and Marketing Pro, Soto said. 

Ads Optimizer is driven by Titan Intelligence, ServiceTitan’s artificial intelligence for the trades. The AI factor means the software learns as it functions, and can act without a human touch.

Ads Optimizer teaches Google what your ideal customer looks like. With this insight, Google will show your ads to searchers who are more likely to turn into high-paying customers, and stop wasting your ad dollars on low-quality searchers.     

One campaign Proximo Marketing ran for a plumbing company, Soto said, saw lead quality increase from 44% to 60%, yielding almost a 100% better return on investment, after a month with Ads Optimizer.

Soto called that kind of capability “next level.”

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Proximo finds ‘invaluable’ precision

Proximo's original work was in Dental Marketing, but the business grew to include the trades through word of mouth. Its emphasis on treating every business as a person helps it relate to what contractors experience.

“We find that anybody in the trades genuinely appreciates that you understand the job that they have to do and how they’re serving people,” said MaKenna Wood, Proximo’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The variables in the trades make precision marketing vital. Proximo said it finds that precision in Ads Optimizer.

As an example, she said that in demonstrating Ads Optimizer’s potential to a client, Proximo could account for conversions from the ad to the call to the job completed, and the revenue associated with the job.

“That information by itself, to be able to share back and forth, is invaluable,” Soto said.

She continued.

“What I love about Ads Optimizer is the fact that any jobs that have been booked and any revenue that has been booked were considered qualified leads can then be filtered back into the Google Ads platform,” Soto said. “You can optimize toward that very specific type of transaction or (people like that customer).

“So now you're getting a more qualified pool of data to then be able to funnel through. Now Google has the opportunity to optimize toward that very qualified pool compared to the general pool of calls.

“Maybe it's a lead, maybe it's not a lead, but you don't have that insight unless you actually are able to feed data back from ServiceTitan specific to the jobs and the revenue data.

“Now instead of optimizing toward potential calls, we're actually optimizing toward what you want, which is revenue.”

‘You stand to make more money’

As the Optimizer learns, more options and more information lead to more opportunities, and more optimization.

“I just like that it allows for room for growth and for error as you're growing as a company, “ Soto said. “As I'm talking it out, you would think, ‘Oh yeah, I don't want to spend on this until I'm more established.’

“Well, actually, if you spend on it earlier you can get that accurate data and start to optimize toward revenue. You stand to make more money on the investment, regardless of the level that you're able to invest.

“So it's a safer, more secure way of doing it, rather than throwing something against the wall and seeing what sticks.”

Wood said Ads Optimizer allows Proximo to act uniquely and serve clients on both sides of the agency’s mission. To Soto, that means automating the execution side of campaigns, which allows Proximo to be more strategic.

“Our mission and our core values are to be results driven,” Wood said. “So we’re using the data and the analytics and the information that we get from our marketing platforms in order to feed better decision making and support their business.

“It allows us to be in a better relationship with clients, which is another part of our core values and our mission as a company. Because we are using the tools that are needed to prove those results and get that data.”

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