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A Preview of ServiceTitan's Upcoming Enhancements

Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan
September 1st, 2022
3 Min Read
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From Day 1, ServiceTitan’s mission has been simple — to change the lives of contractors by helping them reach the level of success they deserve. As you know, this is a deeply personal journey for us, since both of our fathers were contractors and two of our earliest customers. 

Over the years, we’ve been lucky to partner with more and more entrepreneurs across the trades. We’re immensely grateful for your partnership and all of us at ServiceTitan remain fanatically focused on your success as our number one priority. In fact, your success drives everything we do at this company — what products to invest in, what services to improve, and what features need to be enhanced. 

Today, we want to share an overview of our current investment areas to ultimately drive as much ROI as possible for each of you. When we think about our investments internally, we prioritize based on:

  1. How we can improve our existing set of products and services to continue adding value for each of you.

  2. What new innovations or transformations we can create that will drive even more ROI, a streamlined product experience, and constantly bring the best of technology to each of you for years to come. 

While our team has been hard at work to bring a number of these innovations to market, we’ve been keeping our cards close to the chest. Today, we want to preview a few of the areas of the business that we’re actively investing in. We are continually looking at these investments to make sure they are adding the right level of value to your business, are prioritized appropriately, and are being delivered in a timely manner. 

So, what are we investing in to improve existing ServiceTitan products and services?:

  • Uptime, Performance and Releases: We know how important it is for our platform to be always-on and always-responsive for your business to operate without missing a beat. We have a series of initiatives focused on maintaining industry standard uptime and performance of our platform for all our customers, including a move to higher quality data centers in the cloud and a refined and thoughtful grouping of customers into segregated blocks within our infrastructure to limit the number of customers impacted by an unexpected degradation of service or within a specific block. We are also aggressively moving toward reducing the frequency of software release to our platform to minimize inadvertent disruption to your business.

  • Phones Stability: Phones are the lifeblood of your business. We’re investing to minimize any phone downtime for your business by building in-house failovers and diversifying our phone vendors to enable redundancies should one of our providers experience an outage.

  • Security: In today’s day and age, security is essential. We’ve invested in back-end tools that enable Single Sign On and secure access to all parts of the ServiceTitan platform to ensure that you have control over your data.

  • Faster, Better Customer Support: We’re constantly hiring more support agents and training them to be able to solve your problems the moment you call. Our team consists of hundreds of Titans ready to serve you. We’re also investing in in-app widgets, chatbots, and back-end infrastructure to route your calls faster and to the most appropriate ServiceTitan resource. 

  • Proactive Outreach by Success Managers: There's a lot going on in our platform. How can you make the most of everything ServiceTitan has to offer? We're launching a new program that connects you directly with customer success managers, who will proactively offer guidance on how to leverage ServiceTitan to the fullest. And of course, you’ll always have TitanAdvisor at the tip of your fingers to guide you through the platform. 

  • You Asked, We Listened (“YAWL”): We love that you all provide feedback to us via community, success managers, support agents, and in other forums. This feedback is essential to how we prioritize improvements across our platform. We have a specific initiative designed to take the most painful areas of our current product and streamline them, driven by your suggestions. We’ve shipped more than 20 enhancements in the last quarter via this initiative alone and expect way more to come. 

  • V2 APIs and Accounting Integrations: We’re investing in making our platform extensible, so that we can better enable integrations with other software providers.

  • Continued Enhancements to Core Platform: And of course, we have a robust roadmap across each part of our platform, including accounting, dispatch, inventory, reporting and more, so that we can always push for a better, more value-add experience for each of you. 

Equally exciting, our team is making strides in developing new innovations to help you embrace technology like never before, including: 

  • Titan Intelligence: At Pantheon 2022, we told you how ServiceTitan is bringing AI to the trades. Our continued investments here will help enable you with unique insights, recommendation, and automation to optimize your businesses’ performance.

  • Mobile Apps: The world is becoming Mobile and we’re taking ServiceTitan to our favorite devices with rich functionality loaded into three persona-specific native mobile apps, one tailored for the Field technicians and their key workflows, one for the Office staff for operating the business, and finally a specialized Inventory App tailored to make easy work of the gnarly business of inventory management.

  • Commercial Workflows: We’re investing in a host of commercial business specific workflows, such as Service Agreements, a guided builder for proposal creation, commercial customer centric enhancements to our customer portal and new contract management workflows. Some of these are already live today and already being adopted by many of you!

  • Construction Workflows: We’re also investing in a host of construction workflows, such as bolstering the Project Management experience, improving Work In Progress reporting, and considerably improved Job Costing. 

  • Enterprise Hub: We’re launching multi-location workflows that include roll-up reporting, centralized call management, Titan Exchange, and more to ensure that your large or expanding business has the centralized insights and operations needed to flourish. 

  • Marketing Pro Ads: We recently launched our Marketing Pro Ads product, which enables a next-level of insights into your Google Ads spend so you can constantly invest in the campaigns that matter.

  • Payroll Pro: We’re continuing to invest in our newest Pro product, Payroll Pro, which automates payroll processing, reducing the hours and errors that typically come with manual or non-integrated payroll. 

  • Fleet Pro: We’re building a fully integrated fleet management Pro product called Fleet Pro that will enable tracking and maintaining your fleets of trucks and equipment efficiently and also deliver actionable insights on usage and benchmarks to ultimately save you time and money in one of the biggest areas of spend on your P&L. 

These are just a handful of the key focus areas we are working on today. In the future, this list will continue to grow as we find more and more opportunities to add value to your businesses. Everything we do is designed to deliver true ROI to your businesses. 

We’ve already made significant strides in many of these areas, including a lot of the “behind the scenes” work on enhancements that are designed to serve you better. You can find many of the enhancements that we’ve delivered over the past few months via our release notes, including our last three releases:

Additionally, we unveiled a lot more detail about some of our exciting upcoming innovations at Pantheon 2022 this past April. We invite you to watch the replay of the Product Keynote here. 

As always, we value your continued feedback! Your ideas continue to drive everything we do. If you have new features, suggestions, or comments on the existing areas of our platform, we encourage you to submit that feedback on our Ideas page in the ServiceTitan Community.

Thank you for your partnership. We’re grateful to be working side-by-side with each of you.

Ara & Vahe

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