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Make payday happen in just a few clicks

Payroll Pro streamlines payroll and makes processing painless, reducing it down to three clicks. Boost efficiency in pay management including performance-pay calculations, simplify payroll runs and automatically account for tax liabilities—without ever leaving ServiceTitan.

Everything payroll, all in one place

Payroll Deductions

Easily automate benefits, garnishments, and post-tax deductions

Direct Deposit & Di...

Streamlined processing, complete records & pay history


Simple employee onboarding wizard and digital W-4s

Payroll Tax Filing

Painless, automatic compliance with FICA, state and federal taxes

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Payroll Pro is a new all in one payroll software. It eliminates the need to handoff to a third-party and makes processing painless through automatic benefit and tax deductions and directly depositing employee pay. In addition, Payroll Pro automatically files and pays federal, state, and local business tax liabilities.

By eliminating the need for data exports, commission calculations, and data entry into your payroll processor, we believe we can save you 1-2 hours per employee in processing time, per month.

We have not only your payroll information, but also all the information that feeds into Payroll. This means we can automate calculation of your gross pay (including complex commission and bonus structures), so running payroll can be done in just two clicks.


All of the documents and filings will be available to download to PDF through the Payroll Pro module under Documents and Reports.

Customers at any level can use Payroll Pro. As an added bonus to customers with Starter and Essentials packages, Configurable Payroll is included— a robust and flexible performance-pay solution tailored for the trades, unlike any other.