Smarter Job Management with ServiceTitan's New Dispatch Features

Every dispatcher feels the pressures of information overload and responsibility. They’re caught between customer expectations, their field technicians’ human limitations, and their company’s interests. As each element of the home service business becomes more complex and tech-oriented, you need a responsive solution that holds it all together, ensuring that everything and everyone works together seamlessly.

ServiceTitan is introducing new features to Dispatch Management to help you keep pace with the demands and expectations of today’s tech-savvy homeowners and products. With these new features, your business has the ability to not only to create schedules designed for efficiency but also to reassign, adjust, or shift priorities more easily and much faster.

Our new features now allow your dispatchers to:

  • Access shortcuts to common actions and pages with a new menu that appears when you right-click on a job from the dispatch board.
  • Experience scrolling faster and dragging jobs from the tray to be more intuitive and responsive.
  • Access to the call controls when viewing the dispatch board and speaking to the customer simultaneously.  
  • Specify the days of the week that specific zones are available for booking purposes.
  • Easily click on blue record-keeping lines, which grow thicker when the cursor hovers near them.
  • Filter jobs that are “Done for Now” on the dispatch board.

One of the biggest features of this launch is the ability to create shortcuts to common actions. From a right-click on the dispatch board, users can now conveniently access a menu of certain job-related pages and take actions like dispatching or rescheduling.

Want to learn more about how these new dispatch management features will save you time as you manage your HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or garage door repair business? ServiceTitan is ready to show you how.

All these features will be available by late March 2019. If you’re an existing customer, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

ServiceTitan is the home service industry's award-winning, cloud-based software solution. Thousands of electrical, HVAC, and plumbing shops from across the country have adopted ServiceTitan to streamline operations and improve customer service—and have boosted their revenue by an average of 25% in their first year with us in the process. Ready to learn more about what ServiceTitan can do for your home service business? Contact our team to book a demo today.

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