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Introducing ServiceTitan Leads Integrations

Melani Deyto
December 8th, 2022
3 Min Read

Potential customers could be looking for your services anywhere: online searches, brick and mortar stores, suppliers, retailers, directories, and any other host of trade-related partners.  

How do you make sure your company captures, responds quickly, and converts these leads to booked jobs? How do you make the process more efficient and avoid dealing with a crowded inbox of leads, or copying and pasting between two systems?

Introducing ServiceTitan’s new leads integrations platform which connects your third party booking requests directly to ServiceTitan and lets you manage these leads all in one place. ServiceTitan has partnered with a variety of leads sources in the trades including demand aggregators, OEMs, smart home solutions (IoT), retailers and property management tools. By connecting them to ServiceTitan, you can easily respond, engage, and book more jobs right from the booking screen. 

We are pleased to announce the the following lead source integrations are now available:

  • Google Local Services: Your customers can book jobs instantly when clicking on your Local Services Ads, a feature available to Google Partners like ServiceTitan.  Bookings automatically populate in ServiceTitan, increasing efficiency and accuracy of relevant information.

  • Trane / American Standard: Web form leads from and's Dealer Locator will flow directly into the ServiceTitan booking screen, allowing you to convert more leads to jobs. Turn on the integration and receive 100% for your Dispatch Disposition Score, which makes up 85% of your Dealer Locator score. Phone call leads coming soon.

  • The Home Depot: Home Depot Service Providers can easily set up and manage booking requests that come in online and in-store from the Home Depot call center - all within ServiceTitan.

  • Building36: HVAC and plumbing leads generated by Building36 smart home solutions will flow into your ServiceTitan booking screen, enabling your business to convert system leads into jobs and fix issues proactively. 

  • FlowPath: Automate work orders from FlowPath directly into ServiceTitan’s booking screen. Contractors can see the work orders immediately and eliminate manual entry.

Watch for future announcements of more lead source partners, as we continue to expand our catalog of leads integrations.

Manage booking requests more efficiently Stay on top of all your leads and schedule their appointments quickly and easily. With an integrated solution, you can manage your third party sales, service and installation requests right from the ServiceTitan booking page, setting you up to easily convert more leads to jobs. No more copying/pasting, duplicated records, or having to manage two systems.

Provide a better customer experience Today’s homeowners are used to the real time convenience of tools like Uber, Open Table, and Amazon. They are accustomed to booking services like restaurant reservations and hair appointments online as well. With ServiceTitan leads integrations, you can provide your potential customers the same type of booking experience they have come to expect, including real time availability.*

Save time and lower costs related to manual data entry Keep your team fast and lean by spending less staff hours on manually copying over leads and fixing human errors. Your leads show up in ServiceTitan with job and customer information already populated — automatically.

Improve data quality and accuracy If your leads come from an existing customer, they are automatically associated with customer records in ServiceTitan, so your data is clean and you don’t have to clean up duplicate records. 

Get Started with Leads Integrations

ServiceTitan customers who are also users of any of the above listed lead sources can go to Settings > Integrations > Marketing Integrations to configure leads integrations. If you don’t see your leads integration listed, visit

Not yet a ServiceTitan customer? Request a demo to learn more.

*Available for select lead sources only.

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