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Accelerating Commercial Service Contractors’ Journey to the Top

Stephanie Figy
October 24th, 2023
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ServiceTitan’s software for the trades helps more than just residential contractors. In fact, the company plans to invest heavily in simplifying operations for commercial contractors. 

We're going to continue to invest in making our product as amazing in commercial and construction as it is in residential.”

Vahe Kuzoyan

President & Co-Founder

“As we think about the broader market in which we operate, and we think about where ServiceTitan’s growth is going to come from over the next decade, it's clear that commercial service construction is the big one,” says ServiceTitan Co-Founder Vahe Kuzoyan.

He and Director of Product Management Mark Weeks recently unveiled the commercial-software roadmap during Pantheon 2023, ServiceTitan’s annual conference for the trades.

“Whether you look at how much we're devoting to building out our feature sets within this realm or you look at where I'm spending my time, it's a big deal,” Kuzoyan adds. “It's a betting-the-farm situation. We're going to continue to invest in making our product as amazing in commercial and construction as it is in residential.”

Take a look at some of the new and upcoming ServiceTitan features for commercial products.

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Proposal Builder: Available Now

ServiceTitan Proposal Builder allows users to win more contracts with ready-to-send, detailed professional proposals. But when it comes to commercial contractors, preventive maintenance is the cornerstone of their relationship with customers. 

“One of our goals is to make sure we are giving you all of the tools that you need for supporting your service agreements, because we see this as the foundation of your business,” Weeks says. “We are on a mission to make sure that every touchpoint you have with your customers and prospective customers is an opportunity to review and refine existing service agreements, discuss renewals, and establish new service agreements for any equipment or locations that are not yet covered.”

This support starts with the proposal builder. For renewing service agreements or establishing them, ServiceTitan developed a new workflow to streamline capturing location and equipment information, defining the scope of work and schedule, pricing to meet your goals, clarifying contract terms, and delivering a polished and professional proposal that reflects your brand.

“Our goal is to empower you to quickly and easily generate more high-quality proposals, increase conversion rate, and set you up for durable and mutually beneficial relationships with your customers,” Weeks says.

Client-Specific Pricing: Available Now

Noting that many contractors operate in the dark when it comes down to job costing at a specific customer, location, or visit level, ServiceTitan provides historical data, so users can make more informed decisions at renewal time. 

“With respect to pricing service agreements, you may be wondering whether this new proposal builder experience is connected with your customer-specific rate sheets,” Weeks says. “The answer is yes. The pricing stage gives you direct visibility into your projected margin so you can see the impact of various pricing strategies on your profitability, taking into consideration the rates that you have negotiated with that specific customer.”

Service Agreements: Available Now

For pull-through work not covered in the scope of the service agreement, technicians can easily present a recommendation to the customer with their rate sheet applied. 

“As we continue to build this new functionality, we want to make sure the existing functionality you’re taking advantage of today, like rate sheets, works in concert and everything is connected appropriately,” Weeks says.

ServiceTitan service agreement features also help with procuring the necessary materials and scheduling upcoming visits, while the accounting dashboards show where you stand in terms of billing and profitability. 

“As you grow your preventive maintenance business, we want to equip you with the tools to streamline your operations and finances, and provide you with real-time visibility into the status and performance of your service agreements,” Week says.

Customized Invoices: Available Now

Based on feedback that contractors have customers who require specific content on their invoices, ServiceTitan built out the functionality to customize the content and format of invoices within the platform. These can then be templatized for easy building. 

“We want to reduce any back-and-forth with your customers,” Weeks says. “So when you submit your invoices, they adhere to the requirements of your customers, get approved and processed, and paid quickly.”  

Workflow Automation: Available Now

Want to automate tedious tasks? Use ServiceTitan workflows to set an event trigger, then choose the action that occurs when the event happens. 

“This is an area where we are excited to continue working with you to understand where we can save you time,” Weeks says. “Because the more of this tedious manual process workflow we can take off your plate, the more time that’s freed up for you to focus on adding value for customers and to your business.” 

WorkConnect: Available Now

The new WorkConnect platform centralizes the job intake and acceptance process for leads from various sources. There’s currently an integration with ServiceChannel, with plans to extend WorkConnect to additional partners in the future. 

Through the integration, when a request comes through ServiceChannel, you can respond from ServiceTitan, and the information flows back to ServiceChannel. 

“We want to make sure no leads fall through the cracks while creating efficiencies for you,” Weeks says. 

Field Mobile App: Coming Winter ‘23 

ServiceTitan rebuilt its mobile app from the ground up. The new mobile experience takes advantage of all the latest capabilities offered via iOS and Android. It’s also optimized for phones. 

“We recognize that not all of your technicians have tablets, and there may be some situations where technicians are working in spaces where a phone may be preferred,” Weeks says. “But optimizing for phone is just the beginning. We have streamlined the experience to make it easy to navigate to the information that matters most, so your technicians can spend less time on the device and more time adding value for your customers.”

The field service app will also include flexible timekeeping. Previously in ServiceTitan, time was captured based upon dispatch actions, such as dispatch, arrival, and job completion.

Now, users will be able to key in labor hours for specific jobs and tasks. 

Inventory App: Available Now

The new inventory app gives users the ability to scan in data directly from their device’s camera, eliminating the need to manually key in information like make, model, and serial numbers on equipment. Barcode scanning will also be available in the forthcoming field mobile app. 

“We’re really excited to continue to evolve this optical recognition for the inventory and field mobile apps,” Weeks says. “So your technicians in the field can walk up to a piece of equipment and scan the name plate. If the equipment record exists within ServiceTitan, they can see service history. If it doesn’t, it streamlines entering data.” 

Union Payroll & TradeSeal Integration: Coming Winter ‘23

For contractors who operate union shops or have prevailing wage requirements, ServiceTitan partnered with HCM Tradeseal to calculate labor burden precisely and bring that data back into ServiceTitan. This ensures job costing information reflects the fully burdened labor rate calculated with the applicable requirements based on geography and task activity.  

“This eliminates any guesswork that may be involved in terms of what your true labor costs are,” Weeks says. “Labor is really where we're going to make or break our profitability, so having this visibility is going to help us stay on track with our margins.”

Contact Management: Coming Spring ‘24

“While it's really exciting for us to unveil a lot of new functionality, we also recognize that you're looking for improvements to the foundation, the core of ServiceTitan,” Weeks says. 

To strengthen the core product, ServiceTitan is developing new CRM capabilities, including an updated contact-management experience. This will clarify the appropriate contacts for proposal acceptance, site access, billing, following up on accounts receivable, and any other situation where you need to connect with the appropriate point of contact. 

Multi-Party Billing: Coming Spring ‘24

An improved invoicing experience is on the way. Whether for property management, insurance claims, or any other situation where an invoice is split across multiple parties, this new functionality will simplify your billing process. 

“Let’s face it, this experience is clunky in ServiceTitan today, so we’re smoothing out the experience,” Weeks says.

Equipment Page Redesign: Coming Spring ‘24

ServiceTitan has a strong focus on equipment moving forward, starting with an overhaul of the equipment page for your customers’ locations. This includes importing equipment and easily navigating large volumes of equipment to find the information you are looking for.

“In the context of commercial service, we understand that equipment is central,” Weeks says.  “You give your customers confidence when you demonstrate that you are on top of the history of their equipment, the health of their equipment, and upcoming preventive maintenance service. You demonstrate your value as a partner to your customers when you help them develop their capital improvement plans and equipment maintenance and replacement schedules.”

Sublocations: Future

The ability to equip techs with tools to easily navigate commercial properties, knowing where equipment is located, which areas they service, and where work needs to be performed is in the works. These robust sublocations structures will help users navigate from equipment yards to rooftops and across buildings, floors, and rooms to pinpoint detailed location information of your customers’ properties.

Commercial Customer Portal: Future

An updated customer portal built specifically for commercial customers is on the way. It will solve the common pain point in the existing customer portal, in which invoices automatically appear before they’ve been reviewed and approved.

“Our research and development efforts are made successful through close partnership with you,” Weeks says. “Please join the ServiceTitan Community network to engage directly with your peers and exchange ideas and best practices.”

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