How to Manage Construction Projects in ServiceTitan

March 15th 2022

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Guest speakers
Mark Weeks

Group Product Manager


Best practices for creating a ServiceTitan workflow to manage your construction projects.
What you will learn:
  • How to create project estimates

  • How to procure materials and equipment

  • How to schedule and dispatch installer technicians

  • How to capture change orders

  • How to progressively bill

  • How to easily track your project progress and profits in real-time

  • Plus, learn how construction shops can build out their service department with ServiceTitan

When you run a new construction job from start to finish, it can be difficult to keep track of your costs, billings, and margins. Similarly, dealing with different contract terms for different customers can make it hard to manage accounts receivable and payments. This is why ServiceTitan built a suite of features to help you better manage long-term projects.

Join our Product team for a live webinar where they’ll demo ServiceTitan’s core project management workflows in action. We’ll cover the basics from estimating to procurement, job costing, progress billing, and payments, showing how some of our customers use these workflows today.

Whether you’re brand new to ServiceTitan or have been utilizing these features to operate your business for a while, this is your chance to better understand how our software can help you manage your construction projects.

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