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Electrician Business Card Template: Amp Up Brand Awareness


Your electrician business card carries a lot of weight: It needs to include all the information a modern customer requires about your business without looking cluttered. While today’s customers may start their home service searches online, nothing leaves a lasting impression or shows a company is well-established quite like a polished business card. 

Sounds like a tall order for a tiny amount of real estate (3.5-inch by 2-inch), right? That’s why service companies lean on business card templates to design effective and informative electrician business cards. 

Beyond the business card, electrical service companies need tools to nurture their leads, like email marketing and Google Ads, and software to simplify the customer experience—from quoting and scheduling to accepting payments and managing maintenance programs. 

To address these needs, many electrical service companies turn to ServiceTitan electrician software to increase efficiency and streamline their business. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of a business card template, provide an example template, and cover how electrical software automates processes, so you can scale and grow your business.

What is an electrician business card template?

An electrician business card template provides a pre-designed, editable business card, in which you just plug in your business information. It helps you know what’s essential to include, like your company name, logo design jpg, contact information, and social media icons. In addition, using a template enables busy electrical business owners to create professional business cards without needing to hire a graphic designer.

Why should you use an electrician business card template?

From fonts to gradients, electrician business card design can be complicated. With so many elements to fit on such a small canvas, business cards easily become messy and cluttered. You can hire professional graphic designers to create custom business cards for your electrical business, but the price can be steep.

By using a template, electrical company owners can quickly create and order business cards to help promote their services—no photoshop skills required. A template also allows companies to make name cards for each of their electrical technicians by swapping out the name, phone number, and email address. Whether you want a minimalist or creative design, there’s an electrician business card template for you.

Current solutions for electrician business cards

To create business cards, an electrical handyman has three options:

  1. Build their own from scratch 

  2. Choose from templates featuring electrical business card designs

  3. Hire a designer to create a custom design for your business card and company letterhead

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Electrician business card templates save time and money

Option one takes more time, and option three (design services) costs more money.  Whatever works best for your business needs is the right choice, but option two—using a design template—saves time and money, so you can book more electrical jobs and get your techs out in the field. 

Our template lets you create an informative yet simple business card in minutes.

Capture more business with ServiceTitan marketing tools

A business card gets your foot in the door for some consumers, but others are looking for your company online. Capture and nurture leads with ServiceTitan Marketing Pro.

Email marketing

Leverage your customer lead data to send automated, targeted emails with professional templates. Apply data tags to segment audiences and send relevant, timely content that resonates, such as aging equipment, FAQ, or annual electrical inspection reminder campaigns. Track ROI for all marketing campaigns, then adjust accordingly.

Direct mail

Build hyper-targeted postcard campaigns for unsold estimates, annual maintenance, aging equipment or other purposes in minutes, then send postcards to your target audience of existing customers or prospects. Choose from pre-built postcard templates, add your business information, and never make another trip to the post office. You can even send greeting cards or Christmas cards with special seasonal offers. Marketing Pro data shows exactly how many calls, booked jobs, and revenue each direct mail send generates.


Most potential customers conduct Google searches, read online reviews, seek referrals, and check social media before ever hiring an electrical company. In a highly competitive industry, your electrical company’s online presence means everything. 

With ServiceTitan, your service techs can send an automatic review request via email or text as soon as they close out the job. You can also manage and respond to customer reviews from multiple social media platforms and review sites all in one place. 


Online marketing through Google Ads (whether PPC ads, search engine, or display) combined with content marketing and keyword research provides a great way to boost brand awareness and show up in local searches. 

Connect Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts to ServiceTitan, which ties internet marketing campaign performance (like clicks to a landing page or clicks to call) to jobs and revenue within your CRM, to provide true ROI and marketing attribution. Use this data to decide which electrical campaigns to invest more dollars in (the ones that bring you new customers) and which to pause.

How ServiceTitan helps electrical companies improve operations and drive growth

Marketing helps electrical companies acquire and nurture their customers, but it’s your business processes and customer service that create loyal customers and word-of-mouth referrals. ServiceTitan electrical software can help you seamlessly integrate every aspect of your business to maximize efficiency and boost profit. 

ServiceTitan’s cloud-based solution streamlines operations from your office to the field, increasing efficiency and productivity. A business card can get tossed away, after all, but an investment in powerful automation software fuels business growth for years to come. 

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