Service Agreement Software

Power up your profits and productivity

Maximize profits and efficiency on every agreement with a complete end-to-end solution to create and manage your service and preventative maintenance agreements from proposal through execution.

Win more bids

Get bids out the door faster and win more bids by tailoring each contract to each customer's unique needs with specific equipment, location, and cost details that auto-generate into professional proposals in seconds.


Increase in Service Agreement renewals*

“ServiceTitan provided visibility within maintenance visits that are due and helped the reduction of canceled jobs by seeing what recurring events are due. This prevented canceled events close to 10%.”

Sanders Heating & Air Conditioning

Maximize profits

Manage your resources effectively and keep every agreement profitable with insights into your budgeted vs. actual labor, burden, and material costs so you get a clear view of your margins and uncover unnecessary costs before it's too late.


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Increase renewals & revenue

Keep revenue recurring and tap into additional revenue-generating opportunities by automating your agreement renewals. If your margins were low on your last contract, customize a new plan in minutes to keep profits high.

What Is Service Agreement Software?

Service agreement software empowers residential and commercial service providers to help them create and manage contracts with customers. This includes maintenance contracts, service agreements, equipment-based contracts, and other contracts for the particular purpose of keeping HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, water filtration, and other essential, onsite systems operational and efficient. 

Often, service agreements are a feature included in cloud-based field service management software alongside scheduling, dispatching, call booking, job management, and more.

What Are the Common Features of Service Agreement Software?

Upload, create, and edit service agreements: Service agreement software allows you to upload the service agreement documents that you already use in your business, or create service agreements within the platform and edit them to meet the needs of the agreement.

Service agreements can be edited to define subject matter including (but not limited to):

  • Subcontractors or independent contractors responsible for providing services

  • The residence or place of business where services are to be performed 

  • Effective date of the agreement, duration of the entire agreement, and renewal term

  • Necessary waivers, disclaimers, implied warranties, or written notice about limitation of liability

  • Any other relevant or consequential details, such as personal data protection, effect of termination, severability, omissions, etc.

Present and sign service agreements: Service agreement software allows you to share or present residential or commercial service contracts to customers and collect digital signatures for those contracts. With ServiceTitan, businesses benefit from the ability to:

  • Email service agreements for end users to review and sign via our desktop application, or present service agreements in person via our technician mobile app.

  • Offer enhancements or upgrades to the agreement via our mobile proposals. 

  • Facilitate digital signatures between your business and the receiving party. 

Track and manage service agreements: Service agreement software allows you to store your maintenance agreements in one convenient location, and take the necessary steps to manage and carry out services defined in the agreement. With ServiceTitan, businesses benefit from:

  • Automated reminders and follow-ups about upcoming appointments, when services are due to expire, expiring credit cards, etc. 

  • Seamless integration into scheduling and dispatching to ensure services are performed on time and according to the terms of the agreement.

  • The ability to create follow-up notifications for cases where you’re unable to contact a customer, they aren’t ready to book a job, or they no longer want the service.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Service Agreement Management System?

Manage all of your service contracts in one place: Service agreement software — particularly when it's part of a field service management platform — allows you to consolidate every aspect of creating and managing service contracts into a single platform. Say goodbye to siloed customer data and needing multiple apps to manage and execute service agreements.

Increase your recurring revenue and improve cash flow during shoulder seasons: With sales and proposal tools to win more bids by tailoring each contract to each customer's  needs, service businesses can increase their recurring revenue stream and bolster cash flow during slower times of year. 

Grow a membership program with less overhead: Through automation and streamlining the process of service agreement management, you can grow your service agreement or membership program without the need to continually hire more office staff. 

Increase service agreement renewals: Keep revenue recurring and tap into additional revenue-generating opportunities by automating your agreement renewals. If your margins were low on your last contract, customize a new plan in minutes to keep profits high.

What Types of Businesses Use Service Agreement Software?

ServiceTitan’s service agreement software is tailored for the following industries that commonly use and benefit from these tools:

  • HVAC

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Garage door

  • Chimney sweep

  • Septic 

  • Roofing

  • Irrigation 

  • Water treatment

  • Appliance repair

  • Alarm

  • Pool service

  • Landscaping

  • Lawn care

  • Pest control

  • Air duct cleaning

  • Commercial food equipment

What Is the Best Service Agreement Software?

For many service businesses, the best service agreement software is part of a broader field service management platform. This is because service agreements can be managed alongside and seamlessly integrate with the other workflows involved in carrying out service work. 

For example, with ServiceTitan, when service agreements are created, the system automatically schedules those recurring service visits, facilitates communication with the customer, and provides technicians with all of the information they need to get to the job, get the work done, and get paid. Instead of managing service contracts in one place and handling your services in another, everything can be managed from one platform providing huge efficiency gains.

What Additional Features Are Included In Field Service Management Software (FSM)?

Service call booking: Service scheduling software typically offers some type of job booking system to record customer information and job details while on the phone with customers or prospects. 

Service scheduling: Scheduling software provides systems to schedule jobs with customers and assign technicians to jobs based on their availability. 

Service dispatching: Scheduling solutions generally offer dispatching functionality to help get the right technicians to the right jobs. 

Technician mobile app: FSMs typically provide a technician mobile app that empowers technicians with the tools they need to succeed in the field, such as access to work orders and job details, the ability to generate estimates and invoices, the ability to accept payments, and more.

Quoting and estimates: FSMs offer features for building quotes and estimates from the office or field. With ServiceTitan, service businesses benefit from access to pre-built estimate templates, Good-Better-Best proposals to help increase average ticket prices, and seamless pricebook integration that ensures accurate pricing.

Work order management: FSMs generally offer features to create, track, and manage work orders throughout the job lifecycle. 

Invoicing and payments: FSMs usually offer capabilities for creating and managing invoicing and billing, along with accepting payments. 

Accounting software and integrations: FSMs tend to offer accounting features or integrations that help to streamline field service accounting processes. With ServiceTitan, businesses benefit from real-time financials as well as integrations with top accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, and Viewpoint Vista.

Field service CRM: FSMs often provide customer relationship management features or integrations with popular CRM software.

Inventory management: FSMs generally provide some type of inventory management system, or integration to connect your field service operations to your inventory management system. With ServiceTitan, service providers benefit from automated tracking of equipment and materials, streamlined purchase order management, as well as workflows for managing adjustments, returns, warranty parts tracking, and more. 

GPS tracking: FSMs often provide some form of GPS tracking that allows dispatchers to know where their techs are throughout the day, anticipate delays or potential issues, and optimize technician routes. 

Field service reporting: FSMs generally provide reporting and/or dashboard features to track key performance indicators (KPIs) from revenue and profitability to employee performance. 

Time tracking: FSMs often include timesheets and/or time tracking functionality to help streamline payroll. 

Field service project management: Some FSM platforms offer features that help to facilitate project management for complex jobs. 

Service job costing: Some FSMs provide job costing features to track costs and monitor profitability for projects.