Service Agreement Software

Recurring jobs, simplified.

Assign new equipment installs directly to customer contracts so regular maintenance visits are clear, trackable, and mistake-proof.

Generate new memberships in a snap.

ServiceTitan Mobile’s three-step membership wizard allows you to create new maintenance memberships and equipment-based contracts with just a few taps. Easily apply discounts, schedule regular appointments, and even allow your back office to produce recurring service material reports—so your team is always ready to fulfill contracted service.

Tailor memberships for each customer.

Maintenance contracts and service agreements are never one-size-fits-all. With ServiceTitan, you can customize additional monthly charges, opt-ins for extra maintenance tasks, membership upgrades for additional services, and more. And while you are customizing an agreement, ServiceTitan will automatically track labor and material costs, so you always know your invoices will be accurate and profitable.

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Offer renewals with real value.

When it's time to approach a customer about a renewal of your agreement, you need a clear understanding of how the current contract has already performed. ServiceTitan provides that understanding with an easy-to-read performance summary of each agreement, showing revenue, costs, the number of completed visits planned and unplanned, and more!

Plan recurring services for profit.

With ServiceTitan, it's easy to leverage your memberships and contracts for profitability. Our service agreement software allows you to see (and prioritize) visits that involve older equipment and possible replacements and lets technicians review open estimates, equipment service histories, notes to find new sales opportunities at a location.

Software that does the heavy lifting.

Recurring Services

Discount Management

Renewable Contracts

Membership Billing

Memberships Reporting

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With ServiceTitan, it’s easy to manage prepaid maintenance checkups and tuneups, add them to your existing schedule, and ensure that your shop is fulfilling its promises.

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