Live Podcast Interviews with Top Industry Contractors

Industry Insights • 45 minutes

Managing the Transition: How Acquisitions Help Companies to Grow

Management • Productivity • Business Tips • 39 minutes

The High Cost of Turnover: Retaining a Better Workforce

Phillip Mize, CFO of Happy Hiller, joins the podcast to talk about the high cost of turnov...

Management • Business Tips • Industry Insights • 73 minutes

Toolbox On Call: Training, Risk, and the Scarcity Mindset

Industry experts Tom Howard & Eddie McFarlane join for a special podcast episode, "Toolbox...

Productivity • Management • Covid19 • 40 minutes

Temporarily Broken: Leaning on Your Peers in the Trades

John Akhoian talks about the benefits of a shared service model, how peer groups helped hi...

Management • Business Tips • Industry Insights • 57 minutes

Celebrating 100 Episodes with Goettl's Ken Goodrich

In our 100th episode, we chat about company culture, growing your techs, and leveraging pr...

Operations • Business Tips • Industry Insights • 46 minutes

Building a Recession Resistant Business

Opportunities trade companies can seize in a down market and steps for securing a business...

Operations • Technician Tips • 54 minutes

The Five Steps to Tech Staffing & Success

How to incorporate a winning training program for techs at your service business.

Management • Operations • Business Tips • 44 minutes

A Leap of Faith: From Finance Pro to Plumbing CEO

Why a small business consultant bought a plumbing company with zero experience.

Marketing • 48 minutes

Going Viral: TikTok for the Trades

Marketing to Spanish-speaking customers, catchy jingles and going viral on TikTok.

Operations • Business Tips • 52 minutes

The Four Daily Habits of ServiceTitan Champions

Nexstar Software Coach Mike Marcil shares the four daily habits of successful contractors....

Marketing • Management • Business Tips • 53 minutes

Rallying the Troops: Raising the Standard in Plumbing

Lina Kurucz from Plumbing Troopers encourages owners to never take their eyes off the busi...

Technician Tips • Operations • Business Tips • 48 minutes

Service Before Sales: Teaching Techs to Problem Solve

Why you should train your technicians to close sales with Service Business Evolution

Management • Business Tips • Technician Tips • 45 minutes

An Electric Life: From Handy Journeyman to TEDx Speaker

How TEDx speaker Josh Page is "making the trades cool again."

About the Show

Toolbox for the Trades is a podcast where top service professionals share the tips, tricks, and tactics they use to succeed in their industry. Hosted by Jackie Aubel, this podcast is brought to you by ServiceTitan—the leading home and commercial field service software.

Episodes will feature stories and strategies to help contractors grow and scale their service business.

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