Price commercial and residential jobs accurately.

What is Plumbing Estimating Software?

Cloud-based plumbing estimating software simplifies pricing on commercial and residential jobs—quickly calculating costs for time, materials, and margins—to help plumbing contractors close more deals.

Streamline Plumbing Estimating

ServiceTitan’s job and project management software helps commercial and residential plumbers save time and close more jobs with customizable estimate templates and instant financing.

Streamline Plumbing Estimating

ServiceTitan’s job and project management software helps commercial and residential plumbers save time and close more jobs with customizable estimate templates and instant financing.

Accurate Estimates

Sell more jobs from the office or field with software that drafts detailed job and project estimates.

Polished Proposals

Provide estimates via professional, digital plans with photos, services, and material costs.

Jobs Priced Right

Calculate labor rates and material costs—and win more plumbing customers—by pricing jobs right.

Profit-Growing Sales Tool

Empower techs with estimating templates that help sell add-ons to commercial and residential jobs.

My guys are no different than my competitor's guys. The difference is I've given them a tool to make them look like we're more organized than everybody else.

Lance Ball

Aspen Mountain Plumbing


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Plumbing Estimating Software: Tips and Advice

Learn about plumbing software from the pros—from evaluating estimating solutions to discovering the key features to help your commercial or residential business close more jobs.

What Does Plumbing Estimating Software Do?

User-friendly plumbing estimating software equips commercial and residential field service businesses with tools to price plumbing projects right every time and grow their average ticket size. With a mobile-equipped estimating program, plumbing contractors can quickly calculate costs for time, material pricing, markups, and profit margins to enhance the customer experience and close deals. 

Some of the core benefits of ServiceTitan’s estimating software include:

Sync Pricebook + Mobile Estimates: Power your sales team to present more options, follow up on proposals, and close more deals in the field to increase revenue. Automate updates when pricing across your material database changes.

Follow up on Estimates: Use simple tags and filters on your ServiceTitan dashboard to follow up with customers who haven’t responded to estimates.

Increase Revenue: Empower your techs with a mobile app that automatically generates invoicing with time tracking and materials included, and provides a visual pricebook and mobile estimates to make professional on-screen sales presentations.

Renew Memberships and Service Agreements: Techs can offer automatic memberships on their mobile tablet or generate estimates to renew an expiring membership, right on site for better customer support.

What are the Benefits of Plumbing Estimating Software?

Modern customer relationship management (CRM) software allows commercial and residential plumbing businesses to simplify the estimating process while giving field techs powerful tools to close more sales at a higher average ticket.

ServiceTitan’s best-in-class plumbing estimating software enables your technicians to build estimates with multiple price options. A quick turnaround on estimates—a proven way to increase estimate conversion rates—helps techs sell upgrades, increase their average job ticket, earn more money, and excel at selling more jobs.

The software also improves communication, streamlines project management and workflows, and requires less time spent on duplicating work. Keep everyone in your company on the same page with updates that sync instantly from the office to your technician’s tablet, whether creating invoices and estimates or capturing check or credit card payments. With real-time updates, you'll eliminate double data entry and decrease the potential for error.

How Can Plumbing Estimating Software Help Grow a Business?

Plumbing companies utilizing a modern, all-in-one estimating software can grow their profits without adding more office staff. With features like QuickBooks integration and pre-built, digital estimate templates with photos, services, and costs outlined, as well as real-time functionality that allows you to calculate costs for time, materials, and profit margins, plumbing estimating software takes the guesswork out of job bidding, so your service techs price plumbing jobs accurately.

But optimizing your estimating processes isn’t the only way to grow. In fact, ServiceTitan customers also grow their home service businesses through improved sales and service by technicians. ServiceTitan’s mobile app (for iOS and Android) equips techs to arrive at each job fully informed, which leads to better customer service, more customer referrals, and better online reviews.

Does your Plumbing Estimating Software Integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes. ServiceTitan's plumbing software, which comes with free training tools, integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online and with QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise editions. General contractors who serve commercial and residential customers can take advantage of the QuickBooks integration to simplify accounting procedures and ensure a smooth flow of information from invoice on the construction project site to reconciliation in your accounting software, without the hassle of double entry. That means you can ditch the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

How can Commercial Plumbing Contractors Leverage Estimating Software to Grow their Businesses?

When scaling a commercial field service management business, especially one that also provides HVAC and electrical services, analyzing the big picture proves critical. Mechanical estimating software tracks materials, equipment, and labor for every commercial project, ensuring uniformity across multiple job sites. With this real-time intelligence, compare your estimates to actual expenses to prevent underbidding while maximizing profits.

Plumbing estimating software also guarantees consistent pricing for each tech and location, ensuring that techs price jobs the same way in multiple locations and markets, or with different subcontractors. Combined with pricebook integration, pricing changes automatically update as suppliers raise or lower prices, protecting your margins along the way.