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What is elevator service software?

Elevator service software is business technology built to keep elevator service and repair shops efficient and profitable. Premium software options can provide these businesses with powerful CRM solutions, real-time business reporting, a reliable mobile sales app, marketing insights, and more.


Software that does the heavy lifting.

Streamline every part of the job cycle and boost your team’s efficiency with all-in-one elevator service software.


Customer Experience Software

With ServiceTitan, service businesses can push appointment reminders, technician photos, and technician bios right to their customers' smartphones via SMS text, so clients always know who and what to expect...

Customer Notification


Premium software built for elevator contractors.

Does your elevator service software have a mobile app?

ServiceTitan’s award-winning mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0, makes technicians’ jobs easier than ever. Available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, this app receives frequent updates for increased speed and new features, giving your elevator maintenance techs, office staff, and team members complete access to the latest features right at their fingertips.

Built for ease and speed, ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 provides elevator companies with complete customer history and job details, best routing directions to the customer’s location, real-time notifications of online bookings, pricebook and multi-option estimate templates, and even the proper payment processing workflow to follow in the field. And, it's all accessible through a mobile device.

How does your offline mode work?

ServiceTitan’s offline mode allows technicians to access customer information, continue updating forms, or submit invoicing to a customer's account—even when online connectivity to their iPhone or mobile tablet grinds to a screeching halt (no reception or "no bars"). Once the technician re-establishes internet connection upon leaving the job site, all input on the account automatically syncs in the office and the field.

Does the desktop and mobile software sync in real time?

Yes. ServiceTitan's Elevator Service Software automatically captures real-time updates from technicians, CSRs, and even sales staff with two-way syncing between the office and the field. Office managers and dispatchers quickly see job statuses—including late notifications—using a news feed and other visual indicators on the dashboard.

Techs can send instant SMS text messages to update customers and your office on their location and estimated time of arrival, via ServiceTitan Mobile. This field service software also keeps your entire elevator management team informed about newly booked jobs, appointment changes, or cancellations.

Does your elevator software integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes. ServiceTitan's Elevator Service Software integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online and with QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise editions. With easy QuickBooks integration, elevator service businesses simplify accounting procedures and automate the flow of information from invoicing on the job to reconciliation in your accounting software, without the hassle of entering it twice.

How can software grow an elevator field service business?

Elevator service businesses that utilize a modern, all-in-one field service software platform to run their operations compete on a whole new level in the elevator industry, essentially growing their business in two ways:

  1. ServiceTitan customers see business growth through improved sales and service by technicians in the field. ServiceTitan’s mobile app allows techs to arrive at each job fully informed with a customer's service and invoice history, which leads to providing better customer service, earning more customer referrals, and building a strong network of online reviews. Additionally, features like the good-better-and-best estimate builder help technicians close more jobs at a higher average ticket.

  2. With a cloud-based CRM like ServiceTitan, you can add more technicians without needing to add more office staff—and getting more techs in the field means more revenue for your elevator company. ServiceTitan features built exclusively for the office make business reporting, bookkeeping, call booking, and dispatching simple, so you don’t need to acquire more overhead to manage the growing technician base.

Does your elevator service software track technician performance?

ServiceTitan uses technician scorecards to monitor and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for each technician, including conversion rate, average ticket, customer satisfaction, memberships sold, leads generated, billable hours, billable efficiency, tasks per call, and other metrics. Managers can display the scorecards on a technician leaderboard, either at home or in the office, to motivate better performance and increase accountability.

Elevator companies can even track and view performance by business unit (maintenance, service, sales, and install) and category (revenue, leads generated, non-tech generated leads, tech-generated leads, sales, replacements, average revenue/job, and efficiency) on ServiceTitan’s customizable dashboard.

How can elevator service software help businesses retain customers?

ServiceTitan’s field service software gives elevator companies access to a comprehensive customer database, so technicians can view complete customer information and job history before every service call. Knowing the customer's name and elevator-service history helps techs and CSRs personalize the experience, provide better customer service, generate more business via customer referrals, and build a strong network of online reviews.

ServiceTitan's CRM elevator service software helps companies retain more customers because it's easy to use, improves efficiency, enhances employee and customer communication, provides mobile functionality via a smartphone or tablet, and includes key features built to help elevator maintenance companies grow their businesses, including:

  • Customer Portal: Customers can request new service, review service calls, access invoice history, check the date of their last elevator maintenance inspection, and pay for maintenance service online without ever picking up the phone.

  • Easy Communication: SMS text messages, online chat, and email keep customers informed at every stage of the job—from booking confirmations and reminders to dispatch notifications and direct links to leave a review.

  • Memberships and Service Agreements: Techs can offer automatic memberships on their mobile tablet or generate estimates to renew an expiring membership, right on site.

How can elevator service software help businesses acquire customers?

The best way to acquire new elevator maintenance jobs in today’s ecommerce world requires meeting your customers online with solutions that solve their elevator problems.

Grow your elevator company's customer database by equipping your techs with a customizable pricebook and mobile estimates to increase average tickets, building and managing your Google reviews, and following up sooner to convert unsold estimates.

ServiceTitan elevator service software features include:

  • Pricebook + Mobile Estimates: Give your technicians a visual pricebook and mobile estimates, so they can sell with confidence in the field and increase average tickets.

  • Marketing Pro Reputation: Generate more online reviews from happy customers to create a solid reputation that attracts more leads and revenue.

  • Follow-Up On Estimates: Follow up with customers who never responded to unsold estimates with simple tags and filters on your ServiceTitan dashboard.

How can elevator software help businesses improve their field efficiency and operations?

ServiceTitan’s offline mode allows technicians to access customer information, update forms, or submit invoicing to a customer's account—even when they lose their online connection at a customer's remote location. Once the tech reconnects, all input on the account automatically syncs in the office and the field.

Utilizing ServiceTitan’s all-in-one software solution with responsive dispatching and scheduling features also allows you to optimize schedules for recurring services, maximize crew time on the job, and ensure quality service and crew accountability on every project.

ServiceTitan helps elevator companies improve efficiency with automated features, such as:

  • Volume Scheduling: Optimize the CSR process of booking recurring service appointments with bulk booking, route optimization, and smart scheduling software.

  • Mobile App: Technicians arrive at the job with complete customer history, previous notes, and photos to quickly tackle the project at hand. They can also upload photos, videos, and other documents straight from their mobile tablet, boosting in-the-field efficiencies.

  • Real-time Communication: Keep every team and employee on the same page with updates that sync instantly from the office to your technician’s mobile device. When a technician updates invoices, submits estimates, or takes credit card payments, the information carries over to the office side, as well. These real-time updates save time on tracking timesheets, processing invoicing, and more.

How can elevator software help businesses increase profitability?

ServiceTitan's service management software helps companies get paid faster, increase sales to boost revenue, and reduce costs with improved efficiency. Use our superior software solution to:

  • Speed up cash flow by accepting prepayment or bill-pay in the field; store credit card and ACH information for future billing; or collect online credit card payments using a link emailed to the customer.

  • Increase sales by empowering your techs with a mobile app that automatically generates invoicing with time and materials included; provides a visual pricebook and multiple pricing options through good-better-and-best mobile estimates; and helps you leverage memberships and service contracts to dispatch for profitability.

  • Reduce costs with smart scheduling/route optimization to maximize crew time on the job and decrease drive time and fuel costs.

  • Bill customers sooner utilizing a mobile app that equips your elevator maintenance team with real-time customer information and digital invoicing templates, so they can automatically record time and materials used on a job site from their mobile iPad or smartphone—enabling your office staff to bill customers sooner.

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