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ServiceTitan is the all-in-one platform that gives business owners tighter control of their profit margins, paths to getting paid quicker, and a better overall experience for their own day-to-day workflow, and their customers' experience.

What is locksmith business software?

Locksmith software provides you the tools needed to be more efficient and profitable. It puts tools such as locksmith dispatch software, project and inventory tracking, and other pivotal tools at work for your business. The best all-in-one locksmith software will also begin to improve your customer service and grow your revenue.

All-in-one software built to accelerate today’s contracting businesses

Intuitive Pricebook

Empower your sales team to close more deals.


Monitor every cost before and during the job.

Capacity Planning

Reduce overbooking costs.

Route Optimization

Find the best routes to stay responsive and profitable.

Custom Forms

Say bye to missing paperwork and signatures.

Service Agreements

Generate, customize, and manage memberships

Job Histories

Review job histories for critical details.


Maintain consistent accounting everyday.

Intuitive Pricebook

Job Costing

Track your costs for every job in real time.


Manage your crew's jobs and schedules from one screen.

Mobile App

Control your field team from wherever you are.

WIP Reporting

See real-time insights on work in progress


Save hours of time with automated solutions.


Know what every job needs as you work.


Simplify tedious processes and gain faster payments.

Job Costing


Manage your projects and profits in one place

“With ServiceTitan, the administrative side for each job went down by at least 30 minutes. No more digging through file cabinets for our account managers. And our cash flow has improved dramatically, we’re much more consistent on getting invoices out the door."

Lee Karnes

Texas Electrical

What is the Best Software for Commercial Locksmith Companies?

Whether your commercial locksmith business performs installation, repair, rebuilding and adjusting services for security systems, or lock management for key control systems, the best locksmith software is the one that helps your company meet its unique goals and needs.

If you’re on the hunt for commercial locksmith software, consider which features your team needs — such as door and access control for field technicians, best routes for dispatching, and seamless communication with back office staff — to help them optimize processes and excel in their jobs. Then evaluate software solutions based on their core features, reliability, and the quality of customer support.

Thousands of commercial, construction and field service companies choose ServiceTitan as their customer management software because it’s easy to use, streamlines communication and inventory management, offers SMS messaging via smartphone or tablet, and includes key features designed specifically to help commercial locksmith services boost profitability and enhance the customer experience.

How can Job Management Software Grow my Commercial Locksmith Business?

Modern, all-in-one field service and construction project management software helps commercial locksmiths optimize their processes and operations, so they can focus on boosting revenue, adding new clients or properties, and growing ticket sizes.

With a cloud-based CRM such as ServiceTitan, you can grow your technician base—the source of most of your company’s profits — without adding more office staff. Utilizing specific features that make customer management, business reporting, project tracking, bookkeeping, customer service, inventory management, marketing campaign management, and locksmith dispatch and routing a whole lot easier, you and your office staff can do your jobs more efficiently and effectively.

ServiceTitan customers also grow their commercial locksmith businesses through improved sales and service by technicians. ServiceTitan’s mobile app equips locksmith technicians to arrive at each job fully informed, whether it’s for lock rekeying, an emergency lockout, electronic lock service and maintenance, and more. A knowledgeable and professional locksmith quickly builds trust, which leads to better customer service, more customer referrals, and five-star online reviews.

The multi-option estimate builder has proved to help technicians close more jobs, too, and at a higher average ticket. ServiceTitan helps your small business add more techs and increases profitability per technician, growing your business in two directions.

How can Project Management Software Help Commercial Locksmiths Retain Customers?

ServiceTitan’s mobile app—available for Android and iOS—equips commercial locksmiths with a robust customer management database, so they can view complete customer information and job details before arriving on the job site. Knowing the property manager's name or the company’s security officer, as well as individual service preferences, helps field workers and CSRs personalize the experience, provide exceptional customer service, generate more business via customer referrals, and build a strong network of online reviews.

Commercial service and new construction companies choose ServiceTitan's cloud-based CRM because it's user-friendly, enhances communication, boosts customer satisfaction, promotes remote functionality via mobile devices, and includes key features built to help locksmiths grow their businesses, including:

Customer Portal: Property managers, security officers, or HR teams can schedule jobs, review service calls, access invoice history and work orders, view GPS tracking of a tech's location, and submit online payments without ever making a phone call.

Easy Communication: SMS text messages, online chat, and email keep customers informed at every stage of the job—from booking confirmations and reminders to dispatch notifications and direct links to leave a review.

Membership Renewals: ServiceTitan’s performance summary of each member agreement or long-term contract shows revenue, costs, the number of completed visits planned and unplanned, recurring services, and more, so you can present clear data showing the value of the partnership.

How can Business Management Software Help Commercial Locksmiths Acquire Customers?

The best way to gain new commercial locksmith jobs in today’s digital world requires meeting your customers online with advertising that rises above the competition. Get the most out of your marketing dollars by managing your Google reviews, automating your marketing campaigns, and lowering your cost-per-lead with targeted email marketing.

ServiceTitan’s locksmith management software features include: Pricebook + Mobile Estimates: Power your sales team to present more options, follow up on proposals, and close more deals in the field to increase revenue.

Marketing Pro Reputation: Produce more online reviews from happy property managers to build a solid reputation that attracts more leads and revenue.

Follow up on Estimates: Follow up with customers who never responded to unsold estimates with simple tags and filters on your ServiceTitan dashboard.


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