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ServiceTitan Named Leader in G2 Rankings of Field Service Management Software

Pat McManamon
September 1st, 2023
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ServiceTitan has once again been named a Leader in G2 ratings of field service management software.

The Fall 2023 rating puts ServiceTitan in the leader category of G2 rankings. Of the 234 reviews for ServiceTitan on the site, 164 are five-star (70%) and 215 (92%) are four- or five-star.

G2 is an industry leader specializing in technology company reviews. It tries to help businesses “discover, buy, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential” based on several factors. And it judges those factors through surveys of those who know the products best—customers. 

In ServiceTitan’s case, that means businesses in the trades who run their company with the cloud-based software solution and mobile app. Basically the people who depend on it every day.

G2’s ratings are based on categories in seven areas:

  • Meets requirements

  • Ease of use

  • Ease of setup

  • Ease of admin

  • Quality of support

  • Ease of doing business with

  • Product direction

ServiceTitan ranks highest in “ease of use,” product direction and reporting.

“Honestly there’s nothing not to like,” wrote one reviewer of ServiceTitan. “If you have a business there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do in this program.”

Another administrator in construction called ServiceTitan 10 times better than its previous software, and yet another offered this unique and encouraging perspective: “The most important problem that we are solving with ServiceTitan is the problem that has not yet arrived.”

B2B reviews like that are important for all businesses, especially in a world where few will choose a restaurant, a car or a home services company without reading the reviews first. They read reviews for mission-critical software for their business, too.

The #1 newsletter for the trades.

G2 uses an algorithm that includes multiple data points, including: 

  • Recency of the review

  • Amount of feedback provided

  • Whether the reviewer uses his or her name and company, and

  • Whether the reviewer is a verified user of the product. 

“Best of” lists reflect reviews submitted in the evaluation period.

A sampling of comments shows where ServiceTitan’s community feels empowered:

Immediacy of information

  • “ServiceTitan gives us complete visibility and functionality to stay on top of our business. The transparency has aided our staff in understanding our company goals and helps the team reach for the stars!” – from Sarah T (the way reviews are labeled on G2)

  • “At any given time we are able to see the numbers for the day, week, month or YEAR!” – an administrator in customer services.

  • “It helps communicate clearly with our customers, helps set expectations, and automates many of the touches we used to have to do manually.” – Aaron Z

Training and efficiency

  • The ability to record calls, which helps companies train their CSRs. “We can get specific with each person rather than just a blanket CSR class,” writes Jennifer E.

  • John B says his company has “nearly eliminated any downtime” and maximized efficiencies. 

  • Market coordinator Evan R said ServiceTitan changed the way the company does business by shortening the billing cycle, which “helped our cash flow immensely.” 

  • Owner Dave D said reports have cut down on payment confusion because he can easily see who still owes money.

Other comments

  • “We can get granular with our job costing on projects. This has helped us provide better pricing options to our customers based on that data.” – Sarah T, operations manager.

  • “Efficiency (is the best) for sure. This is 100% the main thing that ServiceTitan offers.” – Renee L, owner

  • “(The biggest benefit is ) knowing where our company is at all times in terms of revenue, goals and KPIs.” – David P, contact center manager/head of IT.

  • “KPI, what gets measured gets done.” – Tami L.

An administrator in construction offered probably the highest praise by saying: “I always recommend ServiceTitan to other contractors that I have connected with.”

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