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ServiceTitan is the all-in-one appliance installation and repair management software designed to help you save time, grow revenue, and help you be more accountable for your daily business operations.

What is appliance repair business software?

Appliance repair software equips your business with time-saving and profit-boosting tools that allow you to track techs, inventory, and costs, utilize automation to keep your workspace organized and empower your team to increase sales with easy-to-use estimating and invoicing templates. Improve customer service and grow your appliance repair business.

All-in-one software built to accelerate today’s contracting businesses

Intuitive Pricebook

Empower your sales team to close more deals.


Monitor every cost before and during the job.

Capacity Planning

Reduce the cost of overbooking.


Find the best routes to stay responsive and profitable.

Custom Forms

Say bye to missing paperwork and signatures.

Service Agreements

Generate, customize, and manage memberships.

Job Histories

Review rich job histories for critical details.

Customer Experience

Build trust and earn loyalty from all your customers.

Intuitive Pricebook

Manage your projects and profits in one place.

“With ServiceTitan, the administrative side for each job went down by at least 30 minutes. No more digging through file cabinets for our account managers. And our cash flow has improved dramatically, we’re much more consistent on getting invoices out the door."

Lee Karnes

Texas Electrical

How can Appliance Repair Management Software Help Grow my Appliance Repair Company?

Modern, all-in-one appliance repair business management software helps appliance repair companies optimize their operations so they can focus on boosting cash flow, adding new customers, and growing ticket sizes. Whether your customers require appliance installation or commercial kitchen equipment repairs, they find the right appliance solutions when they contract with companies that rely on sophisticated software.

With a cloud-based CRM like ServiceTitan, you can add more appliance repair technicians—the source of most of your company’s profits—without needing to add more office staff. Everyone performs their jobs more effectively and efficiently using ServiceTitan features that make business reporting, bookkeeping, answering customer calls, and dispatching techs a whole lot easier.

ServiceTitan customers also see business growth through improved sales and service by the technician. ServiceTitan’s mobile app lets appliance repair techs arrive at each job fully informed, which leads to providing better customer experiences, earning more customer referrals, and building a strong network of online reviews.

The multi-option estimate builder helps sales teams close more appliance installation and repair jobs at a higher average ticket, increasing the profit per field technician across the entire company.

How can Appliance Repair Service Software Help Service Businesses Retain Customers?

ServiceTitan’s mobile app—available for Android and iOS—equips appliance technicians with a robust customer management database so they can view complete customer information and job details before arriving on the job site. Knowing the customer's name and service preferences helps field workers and CSRs personalize the experience, provide exceptional customer service, generate more business via customer referrals, and build a strong network of online reviews.

Appliance repair businesses choose ServiceTitan's cloud-based CRM because it's user-friendly, enhances communication, boosts customer satisfaction, promotes remote functionality via mobile devices, and includes key features built to help appliance installation and repair professionals grow their businesses, including:

Customer Portal: Customers can schedule jobs, review appointments, access invoice history and work orders, view GPS tracking of a tech's location, and submit online payments—without ever making a phone call.

Easy Communication: With appliance repair booking software, SMS text messages, online chat, and email keep customers informed at every stage of the job—from booking confirmations and reminders to dispatch notifications and direct links to leave a review.

How can Appliance Service Repair Software Help Businesses Acquire Customers?

The best way to gain new appliance repair jobs in today’s digital world requires meeting your customers online with advertising that rises above the competition. Get the most out of your marketing dollars by managing your Google reviews, automating your marketing campaigns, and lowering your cost-per-lead with targeted email marketing.

ServiceTitan’s appliance repair management software features include:

Pricebook + Mobile Estimates: Give your techs a visual pricebook and mobile estimates, so they can offer multiple bid options and design drawings to sell more jobs and increase average tickets.

Marketing Pro Reputation: Produce more online reviews from happy customers to build a solid reputation that attracts more leads and revenue.

Follow up on Estimates: Follow up with customers who haven’t responded to unsold estimates with simple tags and filters on your ServiceTitan dashboard.

How can Appliance Service Software Help Appliance Companies Improve Field Efficiency?

ServiceTitan helps appliance repair businesses improve efficiency with automated features and tools, such as:

All-in-One Solution: Improve communication and workflows between the office and field, cut the amount of time spent manually updating technician timesheets, automate invoicing, optimize job scheduling, keep trucks properly stocked with automated inventory management, and go paperless—all from ServiceTitan's comprehensive customer management solution.

Mobile App: Technicians arrive at the job with complete customer history, photos, and notes on previous jobs. They can also upload photos, videos, design drawings, and other documents straight from their mobile tablets.

Optimize Scheduling: Utilizing ServiceTitan’s appliance repair scheduling software with responsive dispatching features allows appliance repair techs to optimize schedules for recurring services or long-term projects and ensure quality service and accountability on every job.

How can Appliance Repair Business Software Help Businesses Increase Profitability?

ServiceTitan's business management software helps appliance repair companies collect payment faster, increase sales to boost revenue, and reduce costs with improved efficiency. Use ServiceTitan’s cloud software solution to:

Speed Up Cash Flow: Accept prepayment or bill-pay in the field, store credit card and ACH information for milestone billing, and collect online credit card payments by sending an email link to the customer.

Increase Sales: Empower your sales reps and account executives with a mobile app that automatically generates invoicing with time tracking and materials included, provides a visual pricebook and mobile estimates to make sales presentations look professional, and helps you leverage memberships and service contracts to boost profitability.

Enhance Scheduling: Optimize schedules for recurring services or long-term projects, offer online booking, and ensure quality service and crew accountability on every project with appliance repair shop scheduling software.

Project Tracking: Receive real-time insights into your costs and profits on every job and project.

Go Mobile: Use easy drag-and-drop features to create powerful, customizable proposals and estimates, reduce time on invoicing, and bill customers from anywhere with a mobile software solution that seamlessly passes billing information from the field to the office in real time. Streamline operations by capturing photos and videos from the field to send back to the office.

Real-time Reporting: View tech performance and job metrics all in one easy-to-use dashboard to discover ways to increase productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

Does ServiceTitan Appliance Repair Software Have a Mobile App?

Yes, ServiceTitan’s appliance repair app—available for Android and iOS—allows technicians to communicate better with customers and the office, capture photos, notes, and equipment history on site, create professional proposals with multiple pricing tiers from the field, and accept customer payment.

Does ServiceTitan Include QuickBooks Integration?

Yes. ServiceTitan integrates with QuickBooks Online, as well as QuickBooks Desktop Premier and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. ServiceTitan uses automation to seamlessly pass data to your QuickBooks accounting software, eliminating double entry, saving time, and ensuring financials remain accurate and up to date.

With appliance repair invoicing software, your appliance techs can easily generate invoices and purchase orders, then export them directly to QuickBooks for secure, accessible accounting—all from the field.


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