3 Ways to Hold Your Service Techs Accountable for Invoices

Jackie AubelFebruary 15th, 2018
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This isn't the first time you've spent the afternoon double checking customer invoices with the accounting team due to a lack of payment paperwork collected from techs in the field. Your technicians are top notch at the work they do, but their first priority is doing a good job for their customers and sometimes they might forget the importance of keeping up with collecting payment paperwork.

Don't get bogged down in invoices anymore. Your business can run more efficiently than that! And there are ways you can help your techs to prioritize payment paperwork alongside the high quality services they provide.

Here are a few different ways you can make it happen.

1. Offer Greater Training

Begin an effort to prioritize new trainings and present them to your staff. Make sure to highlight the key steps you want your techs to use before, during, and after a booking. This could be anything from covering their boots before entering a client's home, to organizing receipts and invoices at the office upon return. Try to make these details clear and highlight that they are best practices. In your trainings outline the costs that missing invoices create for the business. Show them how it negatively impacts them over time. This will add context and an important note that could help drive the trainings home

2. Implement Contractual Best Practices

A hard line to follow that might offer good results would be implementing these best practices into a technician's contract. This road will make it clear to new hires the expectations they should follow from day one. If you choose this as a motivator, you'll have to gain buy-in from your current employees, and there could be tension due to your tough stance. However, it is a clear step toward normalizing a step that often gets forgotten.

3. When All Else Fails, Incentivize

It's human nature to look for the benefit in a deal. Show your techs what's in it for them to step up their game! Offering a raise or a bonus to techs that make these extra steps a priority could help you gain adoption very quickly, but might also have the drawback of not being especially cost effective.

Ultimately, old habits have a tendency to re-form. If your techs are expressing that these efforts aren't making an impact, what do you do then? You could revamp your trainings, or you could look to a bigger solution. Mobile software solutions with booking checklists would help to keep technicians accountable for the entire customer experience from hello to beyond goodbye. A software that is part of how techs do their job would keep them reminded of best practices through an engagement, and it would be more cost and operationally effective in the long run.

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