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After adding Phones Pro, Vines Restoration, Plumbing and HVAC saw its daily abandoned calls go from 500 to ‘slim to none’

Brendan Meyer
May 24th, 2023
3 Min Read

A year ago, Vines Restoration, Plumbing and HVAC averaged about 400 to 500 abandoned calls—a day.

That meant the office staff at Vines spent an inordinate amount of time reclassifying those abandoned calls, which is a similar challenge at many other companies.

“We used to drown ourselves in reclassifying calls,” Julie Marlowe, Vines’ office manager, said.

The key words in that sentence? Used to.

That’s because Vines, a commercial and residential shop, recently added ServiceTitan’s Phones Pro. The modern, cloud-based phone system is fully integrated with ServiceTitan and designed to improve Vines’ customer-facing team’s performance, drive higher booking rates, grow revenue and improve efficiency.

Now, Vines never misses an opportunity to save deals or close a sale. Whether in the office or on the go, the office staff can take calls from anywhere.

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Measuring call metrics

Vines’ calls are automatically connected to each and every job. That means the office staff spends less time reclassifying abandoned calls and wrapping up job bookings, and more time providing exceptional customer service.

“Our call classifications have increased significantly in the best way,” Marlowe said. “We used to have all kinds of abandoned calls, and now they're slim to none each day.”

Marlowe also loves the ability to measure call metrics. With real-time reporting and actionable alerts, she has full visibility into each call so she can understand how her CSRs are performing and improve call handling. 

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“We're really big on listening to our phone calls,” Marlowe said. “Then also the analytics, we are learning to read those. So if we have a missed call or it goes into overflow and we didn't get it, we can see the call journey, see how it went, and we can know if (the customer) just didn't choose an option or if we need to call them back or what the issue was.”

Vines is on pace for $10 million in revenue this year. The company hopes to do $40 million in revenue within its service department in the next five years, and would also like to open another location.

Phones Pro is just one of the many tools ServiceTitan offers that will help them reach their goal.

“(Phones Pro) is great,” Marlowe said. “It's a lot of good information that we can use to learn and grow from.”

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