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Above + Beyond CEO credits TitanAdvisor for revenue bump

Ron Donoho
February 5th, 2021
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Jason Brady views ServiceTitan as more than just a vendor. The owner/CEO of Oklahoma-based Above + Beyond Heating and Cooling sees ServiceTitan as a valuable business partner—though that wasn’t necessarily the case at first.

“In the beginning, we tried to make ServiceTitan fit around the way we did business,” Brady says. “Then, I found that it was better to make our business use the best practices of ServiceTitan. That’s when we saw revenue go up.”  

Brady and his team are early adopters of TitanAdvisor, a tool that helps users maximize the benefits of functions and services on the platform. An automated review within the software makes suggestions about features that users should implement, based on what that company is already doing.

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Above + Beyond Heating and Cooling was founded in 2015. Brady says annual revenue in 2020 was $2.5 million and he expects that to rocket up to $4 million this year largely because of the company getting on board with TitanAdvisor. 

Brady reports that December 2020 revenue tripled compared to the same time the previous year.   

Using TitanAdvisor nearly doubled his company’s TitanScore (which measures platform usage efficiency) in a short time. 

“TitanAdvisor measures what you’re actually using—not just whether or not you’ve turned on a button,” he says. “It was able to show how people in our company were or weren’t using features we want them to use.”

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Multiple-option sales techniques

One major part of doing business that wasn’t being implemented at Above + Beyond was the multiple-option sales technique. Brady preached the practice, but found that his employees weren’t consistently using it in the field.

TitanAdvisor has multiple-options sales templates built into it. Brady says those templates take minutes to create—as opposed to hours in the past.

“By having the templates already made, it allows our people to consistently offer customers multiple options,” he says. “This helps enforce that people actually use this—and it has served to raise our average ticket.” 

Brady notes that the least expensive option is always the easiest to sell—and that his techs were often busy and wanted to move from job to job quickly. They would wind up just offering the lower-priced option.

“We’ve definitely seen that if you give people multiple options, they usually don’t want the cheapest option,” he says. “They’re also not always trying to keep up with the Joneses, so they pick the middle option.”  

We all work hard at our businesses every day. But you also have to work hard on the right parts of your business. TitanAdvisor puts us on a path that lets us focus on the right parts of our business.”

Jason Brady

Owner and CEO

Enhanced payroll oversight

After ramping up with TitanAdvisor, Brady also saw higher efficiency in the payroll department, specifically with better oversight of time sheets.

By looking closely at reports, Brady found that technicians weren’t clocking out for meal breaks every day. Employees were getting paid for time they weren’t working. On an annual basis, those daily hours here and there can add up to a substantial amount.

“I had zero idea my technicians were not accounting for meal breaks every day until I saw that in TitanAdvisor,” Brady says.

In another instance, TitanAdvisor was able to show that one employee had listed several hours of work on a day that nobody else in the company had worked. Brady says the previous system they used to do payroll would never have caught that kind of thing. 

Championing TitanAdvisor

Brady picked his office manager, Chelsea Myers, to be the point person who champions the cause and has oversight of the staff’s usage of TitanAdvisor. 

“I picked her because I thought that she was best at implementing and directing it,” Brady says. “You need to get buy-in from everyone and you need to make everyone involved with the process. She was the best person to figure out who could do what and who could handle what.”

Myers is responsible for creating a to-do list and making sure those issues get checked off.

“It's not something that I do every day,” Myers says. “I wear many hats, so I don’t have time to do it every day. I check it probably twice a week. Each time, I'll dedicate a couple of hours to looking through those features.”

During that time, she assesses needs and determines who is best able to address each issue.

“If there’s something that’s QuickBooks related, or something that's for Jason, I'll go to him, and I'll say, ‘Hey, I really think we need to look at this. Let's take a minute.’ Or, it might be for my CSR. For instance, I had no idea that it was taking us so long to reply to chats in the chat box. So, I went to her and we talked about how important it is.”

Both Brady and Myers agree that your company’s champion needs to be proficient in ServiceTitan.

“You have to know how it works and you have to have a relationship with your success manager,” Myers says. “If you don’t have that, you will not succeed. You have to keep an open line of communication, and keep those meetings going.”

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It starts with executive buy-in

Far from just picking ServiceTitan for the company and then passing off responsibility to his office manager, Brady says he’s fully committed to the platform.

“I think for us, the key to success with ServiceTitan has been a top-down approach,” he says. “I bought in, then I got other people, all the key influencers, to buy in, and that has really helped with TitanAdvisor—and other parts of ServiceTitan.”

With all aspects of the business—multiple-option sales, payroll and more—TitanAdvisor creates efficiencies.

When Brady first formed the company, people would ask how he runs the business. He was initially reluctant to change the way he had done things, but is glad he came around to making Above + Beyond fit in with the best practices of ServiceTitan and the industry. 

“That’s when we saw our revenue go up,” he says.

Brady has seen firsthand that TitanAdvisor lets you focus on the “right” parts of your business. 

“We all work hard at our businesses every day,” Brady says. “But you also have to work hard on the right parts of your business. TitanAdvisor puts us on a path that lets us focus on the right parts of our business.”

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