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TitanAdvisor Quickly Boosts Revenue for Oklahoma HVAC Company

Ron Donoho
January 15th, 2021
4 Min Read

Above + Beyond Heating and Cooling saw revenue triple in December during beta testing of ServiceTitan’s TitanAdvisor tool. Above + Beyond owner/CEO Jason Brady expects annual revenue to jump from $2.5 million to $4 million in 2021, largely based on this new, best-practices tool, which guides companies toward better utilization of ServiceTitan.

And higher utilization, as measured by a company’s TitanScore, has been shown to increase revenue significantly. 

“We all work hard at our businesses every day,” Brady says. “But you also have to work hard on the right parts of your business. TitanAdvisor puts us on a path that lets us focus on the right parts of our business.”

Brady and his office manager, Chelsea Myers, joined ServiceTitan VP of Customer Experience Tom Howard and TitanAdvisor Product Manager Matt Levitt on a “Tools for the Trades” webinar to explore how other companies can similarly benefit from this robust addition to the ServiceTitan software platform.

Here are their insights into the benefits of ServiceTitan’s TitanAdvisor tool:

1. Achieve a deeper dive into measurements

Brady says that using TitanAdvisor nearly doubled his company’s TitanScore (which measures platform usage efficiency) in a short time. “TitanAdvisor measures what you’re actually using—not just whether or not you’ve turned on a button,” he says. “It was able to show how people in our company were or weren’t using features we want them to use.”

2. Improve efficiency by boosting your TitanScore with TitanAdvisor

Myers has seen firsthand how TitanAdvisor can turbo-boost a TitanScore. “It’s tough but necessary,” she says. “TitanAdvisor measures KPIs (key performance indicators) and tells you what percentage of each feature you’re using. Instead of checking a ‘using’ or ‘not using’ box, it measures the completion of setups.” 

3. Make the “multiple-options” sales approach easier

TitanAdvisor has multiple-options sales templates built into it. Brady says those templates take minutes to build—as opposed to hours in the past. “By having the templates already made, it allows our people to consistently offer customers multiple options,” he says. “This helps enforce that people actually use this—and it has served to raise our average ticket.”

4. Enhance payroll oversight

Both Brady and Myers point out that they saw higher efficiency in payroll, specifically with time sheets. Myers says the new tool discovered one employee who’d marked down hours on a day nobody else in the office was working. Brady notes that they discovered many employees weren’t clocking out for meal breaks.

5. Pick the right person to “champion” TitanAdvisor

ServiceTitan’s Howard says that, whatever the size of your company, the best move is to pick one person to champion the tool. “It doesn’t have to be a full-time position,” he says. “It can be the dispatch manager, a CSR or any manager. But the person you pick has to keep it going and has to stay on top of it.”

6. TitanAdvisor should work for you—not the other way around

At Above + Beyond Heating and Cooling, Myers is the TitanAdvisor champion. “Basically, I create tasks for people and then check things off a list,” she says. “I don’t check it every day. I look at it twice a week for about two hours. If I see an issue, I bring it up to the right people.”

7. Help your team use ServiceTitan techniques to boost the bottom line. 

Brady says TitanAdvisor is an extension of how he’s seen ServiceTitan improve his business. “In the beginning, we tried to make ServiceTitan fit around the way we did business,” he says. “Then, I found that it was better to make our business use the best practices of ServiceTitan. That’s when we saw revenue go up.” 

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive home and commercial services business software solution built specifically to help companies streamline their operations, boost revenue, and achieve growth. Our award-winning, cloud-based platform is trusted by more than 100,000 contractors across the country.

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