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The Eco Plumbers Increased Revenue 60% By Making Data-Driven Decisions

Clock IconSeptember 15th, 2016
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To grow their business efficiently and quickly, The Eco Plumbers reinvented their business strategy by putting data at the core of its decision making.

By optimizing their products and services, tracking all techs' sales numbers, and discovering trends they were able to increase revenue 60% in just one year (comparing their first quarter after going live with ServiceTitan to the same quarter one year later).

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11Started by Aaron Gaynor in 2007, The Eco Plumbers are based out of Columbus, Ohio, and provide residential and commercial plumbing services with a focus on water and energy efficiency.

In 2014, business was growing, but Aaron saw the potential for even more growth. He discovered his business was facing a challenge with data, efficiency, and how to make smarter decisions. During December of that year, Aaron and The Eco Plumbers switched to ServiceTitan, which provided them all the data he was looking for.

“We were growing so we had some data, but nowhere near what we’re able to get it today. ServiceTitan definitely allowed us to be more powerful with the knowledge of why things are happening... who’s selling what and how many different types of jobs we were getting that we weren’t really aware of before. We didn’t have good SKU reports to be able to say, ‘we did 15 or 20 dig jobs and sold 30 water heaters.’ With ServiceTitan we’re really able to see a better trend.”

It’s What You Do With the Data That Makes the Difference Like any business-minded person, Aaron knew simply having the data wouldn't grow his plumbing business on its own; it’s what he did with it that made the difference.

Almost religiously, Aaron started pulling the following reports built into ServiceTitan: Service Demand Report, New Customer Report, Upcoming Jobs Report, Campaign Summary Report, Cancelled Calls Report, and Recall Detail Report.

He also set up his own custom reports to get exactly what he needed. Then he set up weekly meetings with his team to go over the numbers. “Every Wednesday, I meet with my leadership team. Every Monday, we tell the entire company what happened last week.”

In these meetings, he and his team take the numbers and adjust course appropriately to capitalize on every opportunity for growth. For example, when they see certain products selling, they answer questions like, “Hey, why do we think this trend is up?" "What can we do to improve these items to sell more?”

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How The Eco Plumbers Built a Data-Centric Company Culture For Aaron, motivating his team and making sure they believe in the same unified vision for the company is key to successful growth. “We have a good group of people, and we have built good culture of people that just want to be better in general.”

How that culture was built was its own challenge Aaron knew had to be overcome. “Everybody wants to know, what does the company's success do for them at the end of the day and not just for me - the owner.” And that was the key for The Eco Plumbers. It’s about “getting people to understand the importance of growing our business, why it’s important to them, and what benefits they get out of it.”

But ultimately, it’s still up to the individual. “I can’t motivate every single person. All I can do is motivate the surroundings.”

Spurring Friendly Competition Creates Motivation Aaron displays a few different dashboards on a 60” TV in the office. It’s set up to rotate different screens that show team’s and individuals' performance numbers for everyone to see.

"There’s some competition sometimes. People get competitive. They want to have better conversion rates than the other guys. They wanna have larger average tickets. They see that information between each other and they naturally become competitive.”

Aaron knows that competition is good, but he makes sure it doesn’t get out of hand. “The biggest thing we preach is being competitive for the customer first. Not being competitive for their own bottom line.”

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Expanding Business to Another State The Eco Plumbers expanded from Ohio to California in 2014. So how did a home services business operating in the midwest suddenly expand to the west coast?

Aaron met a representative from a company called Niagara Conservation at a tradeshow through Green Plumbers, an organization that educates and trains contractors on how to provide products and services that conserve water for their customers.

After some initial meetings, Niagara Conservation asked Aaron if he and his company could help them create a better image going into apartment complexes, condos, and high rises all the way in Los Angeles.

“I just jumped on a plane. I said give it to me, and I’ll figure it out. I’ll get a license and all the stuff squared away. Coming from a midwest state to doing business in California is not that easy. There’s a lot of requirements from California law that are completely different than anything else I dealt with, but I knew I had to figure it out.”

And Aaron did. In addition to working on projects with Niagara Conservation, he is expanding his regular business services to Southern California. When we asked how he did it, he said, “It’s just one of those things. You just gotta have the will. You just dig deep. I had more to gain than I got to lose.”

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How The Eco Plumbers Manage Branches in Ohio and California Having the right technologies made all the difference for The Eco Plumbers.

“At the end of the day, now that we have ServiceTitan and we have our GPS for our San Diego service branch that we opened up, we can remotely dispatch everything from Ohio.” This allows The Eco Plumbers to run more efficiently and save on costs of hiring more office staff for the expansion.

“Having ServiceTitan be able to dispatch everything, we can see it all in real-time. We’re shooting videos on jobs, and I can watch them. Jumping from business unit to business unit because they’re tracked as different entities has been very very helpful to us.” Congratulations to Aaron Gaynor and his team at The Eco Plumbers for being ServiceTitan’s September Titan of the Month.

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