Pantheon 2020: Upgrade Your Pricebook with Pricebook Pro

Diana LamirandAugust 17th, 2020


“Switching over to a new price book is really challenging, but Pricebook Pro makes it super easy for your technicians and office staff.”

—Renee Lenox, Service Specialties, Inc. 

ServiceTitan’s Pricebook Pro comes pre-built with select in-app tools and preloaded, revenue-generating services to provide a world-class experience for your team and valued customers. A flat-rate pricebook filled with detailed product images, service descriptions, and good, better and best options provides a tremendous resource for your team, value to your customers, and improves your company’s bottom line.

In a virtual session during Pantheon 2020, ServiceTitan’s annual conference for the trades, our team talked to Renee Lenox, Operations and Marketing Administrator at Service Specialties, Inc., about how to realize the full potential of upgrading to Pricebook Pro as your business evolves. Here are some key takeaways:

1. Save time, increase average tickets by upgrading to Pricebook Pro.

Service Specialties upgraded to Pricebook Pro in 2019 after finding it difficult to increase prices at the beginning of a busy season or update tasks when needed with its existing software program.

But with Pricebook Pro, “We were able to easily make price increases at the beginning of our season, literally in a matter of seconds, ” Lenox says. “When techs build estimates, it gives them more leverage to easily increase their average ticket without much thought at all.”

2. Give your techs time to practice with Pricebook Pro for complete buy-in.

Adopting a new pricebook and gaining technician buy-in proved to be the biggest challenge for Service Specialties, Lenox says, so the company met with all of the techs, showed them a demo, created a game plan, established a timeline, then asked the team to explain any pain points.

“We went through what our Pricebook looks like now, and gave them examples to really understand the navigation and just get comfortable with it,” Lenox says. “No technician wants to be out in the field and not know what they’re looking for.”

3. Appoint a Pricebook master user to understand the nitty gritty. 

As her company’s designated Pricebook master, Lenox knows everything the in-app tool can do, including what each individual line item for each task means. She recommends appointing a Pricebook master user as a resource for your techs to call when they run into problems out in the field.

“The master user can make adjustments on the spot, or make a note to talk with the team to resolve it,” she says. “Having that one person was a huge game-changer for us. Switching over to a new price book is really challenging, but Pricebook Pro makes it super easy for your technicians and office staff.”

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