Pantheon 2020: How to Customize Your ServiceTitan Account

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Clock IconAugust 14th, 2020
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“Every keystroke costs you money, so efficiency is everything.”

—Valerie Pope, Sr. Industry Strategist at ServiceTitan

Ever wish there were certain fields or functions in ServiceTitan that you think would enhance the software? We’re constantly adding new features for our clients by request and regularly rolling out new releases to improve your business operations, as well as your customers’ experience. 

In a virtual session during Pantheon 2020, ServiceTitan’s annual conference for the trades, our team talked to Ben Welgan, Information Officer at Western Heating & Air Conditioning, about the top 21 customized account configurations available for invoicing, mobile, memberships, call booking, and other assorted tasks. Here are the key takeaways:

1. You must ask your CSM to turn on a custom configuration.

Account configurations differ from settings available in the latest ServiceTitan software, so they’re only by request. Be sure to communicate what you’re trying to accomplish, like better job profitability.

“The best way to find out about these is to reach out to a success manager or onboarder,” CSM Steve Maltez says. “That’s how they get designed in the first place—by you guys asking—so always feel free to ask if something’s possible. If it’s not, it may be in the future based on you asking for it.”

2. Not all configurations are well-suited for your specific business needs.

Not every configuration will work for your business, and some configurations shouldn’t be combined with others because they’ll counteract or could potentially introduce errors.

“We’re always looking to find that balance between changing our company a little bit to better work with ServiceTitan, then getting ServiceTitan to work for us to develop the workflows we want,” Welgan says.

3. Support configuration rollouts with team training and good communication. 

Once enabled, your CSM or Implementation Specialist can provide training, caveats, and tips on how to best use the configuration. It’s important to train the team who will use the configuration or be impacted by the change.

“Things like adjustment invoices really allow workflow to be much more compact and easier to track,” says Valerie Pope, Sr. Industry Strategist at ServiceTitan.

While popular configurations often get rolled into future software releases and automatically added to your account, Pope suggests ServiceTitan legacy customers reach out to their CSM to see what configurations may be newly available.

“We’re very cautious about how we release and expose accounting configuration changes in particular. You want to make sure you’re using the features appropriately, so you don’t mess up any of your reporting.”

Ultimately, each configuration gets built to improve efficiency and transparency for our clients. “Every keystroke costs you money, so efficiency is everything,” Pope says.

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