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Cracking the Code: Using Technology to Overcome Today’s Top Challenges

December 6th, 2023
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Surveys indicate contractors expect tough sledding in 2024 due to a multitude of challenges, some new (slowing demand), some all too familiar in a COVID and post-COVID world—hiring issues, supply chain woes, and changing consumer habits, to name just a few.

But a challenging economic landscape doesn’t have to spell doom, especially not for contractors who embrace technology and use it to their advantage.

Here’s how a strategic combination of ServiceTitan solutions can help you leverage data and efficiency to unlock more opportunities at every stage of the customer journey, from first contact to final payment and all touchpoints between.

Refilling the funnel with Marketing Pro

While a certain degree of fluctuation is a regular and expected part of the business cycle, we all know the effect a prolonged downturn can have on the bottom line.

At such times, it is essential to drum up business through highly efficient, highly targeted—and, these days, highly automated—marketing efforts. How do you do that? With Marketing Pro.

Marketing Pro is the all-in-one marketing solution from ServiceTitan that lets you leverage automation and data to reach the right prospect with the right message at exactly the right time, ensuring that your sales pipeline remains full and that you’re making the most of every opportunity on the table.

Consider unsold estimates. In lean times, converting one unsold estimate, let alone a dozen, can be a huge win for a contractor. Marketing Pro can mine existing data for missed opportunities and help you re-engage with those customers through timely, automated messaging that is more likely to convert.

Booking the job with Scheduling Pro

Even the most impactful marketing campaign has little real value if the customer can’t reach you in the most convenient way possible, and these days what the customer considers “convenient” is not always a phone call.

As online booking becomes standard operating procedure in more consumer-facing industries, contractors who are slow to follow suit risk losing out on sales from huge segments of the population, a problematic proposition in a strong economy, a potentially devastating one in times of economic hardship.

Fortunately for contractors there is Scheduling Pro. Our streamlined job-scheduling tool lets customers reach you by whatever means they prefer—chat or online form, or by more traditional methods like a phone call to a real-life customer service representative.

Coupled with Marketing Pro, Scheduling Pro becomes an indispensable tool for letting both current and potential customers find you and book your services as conveniently as modern technology allows.

Dispatching for dollars with Dispatch Pro

After working so hard to win business through marketing campaigns and convenient booking options, the last thing you want is to squander the opportunity by not sending the best technician for the job.

No doubt if given enough time, your CSRs and dispatchers could effectively maximize profits by matching technicians to jobs based on factors like skill level and recent sales performance.

But let’s face it, dispatchers and CSRs are often too busy dealing with customers to quickly and accurately factor in all possible variables. The good news is now they don’t have to.

With a powerful proprietary algorithm powered by Titan Intelligence, Dispatch Pro does the heavy lifting for you, running thousands of scenarios to automatically identify the technician most likely to generate maximum revenue—absolutely essential in an economic environment where every dollar is hard won.

Winning the day with Integrated Financing

It’s the moment of truth. The right technician for the job is on site with a homeowner eager for work to begin. The tech is about to present an estimate. Will the homeowner accept?

The odds improve dramatically if multiple financing options are seamlessly presented along with the bid, and that’s exactly what you get with ServiceTitan.

Backed by the biggest names in financing, ServiceTitan’s integrated financing options give customers what they need to feel confident in the decision-making process, i.e., a variety of choices presented in the most convenient, most frictionless way possible.

How frictionless? First, technicians present financing options directly in the ServiceTitan mobile app. The application is then conveniently populated with information from ServiceTitan customer profiles. Approval happens within seconds. Easy as one, two, three.

Disclaimers and footnotes

[1] Based on 173 responses to a customer survey conducted by ServiceTitan at Pantheon 2023.

[2] Based on customers using Marketing Pro for at least one calendar year and compared to customers not using Marketing Pro. Results may vary.

[3] Results based on customers using Pro Products for at least one year; your outcomes may vary based on a variety of factors and results are not guaranteed. 

[4] Productivity improvements are illustrative based on average time savings from automated dispatching.

[5] Results based on customer samples; your estimates may differ.

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