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How Do It Right Plumbers Uses ServiceTitan to Scale

Clock IconOctober 31st, 2016
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When he started Do It Right Plumbers, Edan Bar-Lev was adamant about starting on ServiceTitan after looking at other software solutions, which all seemed "paper thin."

Service-TitanBy starting on ServiceTitan, Edan was able to use ServiceTitan's features to create systemized processes that quickly pushed his business to the next level, increasing revenue 109% in the first year.

“I don't even think I'd be here now, a year and a half later, if it wasn't for ServiceTitan,” he says. Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 3

The Shift to Software Solutions

Edan isn’t new to the home service industry: before joining the Nexstar Network, he ran a construction and remodeling business. When that economy began to dry up, he took what he had learned about the industry — that more and more companies were adopting software solutions to run their business.

Edan learned, however, that not all the software platforms are created equal and that making the wrong choice could be costly for a business. “I was hearing from other Nexstar members how hard or frustrating or difficult it is to migrate from one software to another,” Edan says.

If a software platform didn’t work out, companies could get easily bogged down learning new practices, new tools and features, and retraining its technicians and staff. As he began to pivot his aspirations towards the plumbing industry, Edan took this lesson to heart.

“I’ve Always Been a ServiceTitan Guy”

Edan admits that there were a few different home service industry software platforms out there when he planned to launch Do It Right Plumbers, but none of them compared to what ServiceTitan was ready to offer. “There were other ones that seemed really paper thin,” he says. “ServiceTitan looked very robust.”

Perhaps more importantly, Edan had already learned from his peers that ServiceTitan was not a static product— it kept evolving to respond to the needs of industry professionals. “One of the reasons I really liked it, was that they said the thing about ServiceTitan was that it is always improving. It is not staying stale in any sense of the word,” he says.

“That has absolutely been evident in my short experience with you guys. I was on Mobile 1.0 and now Mobile 2.0 and then you guys have the Nexstar dashboard… Everything has just improved pretty much since the day I got it,” Edan adds.

For these reasons, Edan knew that if he was going to launch Do It Right Plumbers, he had to do it— from day one— with ServiceTitan. “I’ve always been a ServiceTitan guy,” he says.


Harnessing Scalability

Just 18 months into his new venture, Edan says ServiceTitan has already played a key role in the growth and expansion of this business, especially in sales, efficiency, and customer service. He credits much of that success to the ServiceTitan Visual Pricebook.

“The Visual Pricebook and the ability to put 'toilet repair' or whatever it is, and even show that to the customer,” Edan explains, “it allows the technician to create options with more ease and efficiency, compared to writing it down or compared to having no picture, if there was just the description.” Edan says that he and his technicians will use the duplicate feature in the Pricebook to create four to six different estimates right on site to give customers varied, granular options that let them feel in control when they hire Do It Right Plumbers for a job.

Edan also says that ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 has improved his and his technicians' efficiency when out in the field. “My favorite thing about ServiceTitan, by far, is the ability to take pictures and to write notes. We use the notes using the iPad microphone with the dictation,” he explains. “Because so many technicians have a hard time typing or whatever it is.” Not only does creating detailed job histories help Edan’s technicians better serve repeat customers, but, if there was ever a legal dispute about the work his company does, the thorough job records would help limit Do It Right Plumber’s liability.

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Service-TitanServiceTitan Mobile’s ability to capture media and alert new clients via email is even allowing Edan’s technicians to stay connected to his customer base. He and his team often share selfies while on the job with Do It Right Plumbers’ Facebook followers, and en route email alerts often charm customers before technicians even arrives to their property.

“People love the email feature and that's one of the things we do... in the bio, we try to put something that's a little bit different,” Edan says. “I had this one guy whose bio was that he liked to play the violin or something that was very contradictory to being a plumber… You know what I mean? And it's great for people who open those emails.”

For Edan, ServiceTitan has only just started to unlock Do It Right Plumbers’ potential in what he admits is an increasingly difficult marketplace. “The service industry has a way of grinding you down if you don't take a game approach to it,” he says. “The thing about ServiceTitan that by far is one of your biggest advantages is it affords scalability. With ServiceTitan, your business is now scalable because it is a systemized way for taking calls, dispatching calls, selling the calls, paying the processing, everything.”

“I think there's always room in any given environment to grow so long as you're providing the customer with something that's different,” he adds. “I think ServiceTitan helps with that, I can tell you that.”

Edan’s unwavering confidence in ServiceTitan has allowed him to capitalize on ServiceTitan Mobile’s capabilities and truly distinguish the way he and his technicians do business with his customers. Because of this and his continued success, he and Do It Right Plumbers have been recognized as our Titan of the Month!

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