Bryant Electric Grew Its Revenue 109% In One Year Using ServiceTitan

Reggie PaquetteNovember 10th, 2016

In transitioning to a paperless system Jef Bryant, of Bryant Electric Services, chose ServiceTitan to improve bookkeeping practices and better coordinate CSR and technician performances. In doing so, he was able to grow both the size and success of his family’s business.

Service-TitanBased in Austin, Texas, Bryant Electric Services has never been a company that has shied away from new technologies and new ways to create business. “We were one of the very first service companies… to have actually a website and to really get going on that,” Jef explains. Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 2.25.14 PM

In spite of this, their transition to a paperless system wasn’t initially as successful. In fact, ServiceTitan was not the company’s first attempt to go paperless. “We were pretty far ahead of the curve on a lot of other stuff,” he says, “but we were falling behind by not using [a software solution].” bryant electric services

The Need for Paperless

Before adopting ServiceTitan Bryant Electric Services was experiencing many of the same inefficiencies that nearly every other home services company faces. “Have you ever lost an invoice before?” laughs Jef.

“It’s just a pain because you’ve got to rely on people to actually turn that stuff in, and you’ve got to track, and you have to hold it, and then you’ve got to store it, and then you have to double entry… probably one invoice will take you an hour of manual labour just to get it into the computer. That's before you do any other work on the actual job,” he adds.

“Before with paper and all that stuff, [customers] give us a call, okay good, we write a note down, stick it on someone's desk, two days later we call them back,” Jef explains, “We have to go find a box with something or try to find it on the old version of QuickBooks... and see what we wrote in.”

Bryant Electric Services was also trying to transition from a commission shop to a billable hours pricing platform and without an accurate, easy way for technicians to track their time and CSRs to monitor technician availability, that transition was untenable.

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“Really Efficient— Really Practical”

Eighteen months into using ServiceTitan and Jef and Bryant Electric Services are already seeing a major difference in how they do business— and how much of it they’re doing. Exhibit A: they’re utilizing ServiceTitan’s job history tracking tools to ensure that when they hear from a repeat client, they have an intimate understanding of that client’s property and what can be done to best service them.

“We have customers that we've gone to their house ten times in a year and we’re able to look at that and see what we did last time… and I can give them a call and be like, ‘Hey, is everything still okay?’” Jef says. “So, the tracking ability of ServiceTitan just concisely puts it all on one page... it's really efficient and it's really practical.”

Jef also says that ServiceTitan has been able to help his technicians not only be more efficient out in the field, but better interact with and upsell customers via the powerful estimate-generating features of the Visual Pricebook.

“The presentation stage of providing an estimate and having that on the computer being all high-tech and everything, that definitely helps,” he says. “When [technicians] show up with the iPad and are able to present on a piece of technology, to most customers, that is great.”

The dynamic link between Jef’s CSR dashboard and his technicians via ServiceTitan Mobile has also allowed Bryant Electric Services to make that critical shift commissions to billable hours. When a ticket is sold, he explains, his CSR “is able to look at the billable hours and then she can plan the rest of the day out easier than having to call the guys.”

“So, instead of bugging our techs and going, ‘Hey, how long do you think you're going to be at this job?’” he adds, “she can look at it and go, ‘Okay, well, they filled it out for this many hours, so they're going to be at least this many hours.’"

“The Best Out There”

All in all, Jef believes that ServiceTitan helped narrow the efficiency gaps that were keeping Bryant Electric Services from generating the revenue they knew they were capable of. And the proof is evident: the company more than doubled their revenue in just one year— and now they’re looking into using some of that money to add technicians and augment their SEO marketing campaign.

Better yet, Jef now knows that by incorporating ServiceTitan’s tools into Bryant Electric Services’ day-to-day operations, he’s not only successfully ferried his family’s business into the future, but will continue to do so with ServiceTitan’s support and evolving capabilities.

“The overall general service of ServiceTitan is what makes y'all probably one of the better, if not the best, out there,” he says. __

Jef, his family, and the rest of the team at Bryant Electric Services have embraced the ServiceTitan system both in the field and back in the office— reaping dramatic results along the way. Because of this, we’re proud to name them our Titan of the Month!__

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