Maximizing Customer Service for Plumbers

Andrew LoschertAugust 5th, 2015

When plumbing issues arise, they can be a nightmare for homeowners to deal with, and a quick response is often essential to avoid costly damage and unnecessary inconvenience. As a residential plumbing company, it’s important that your customers feel like their issue is as much a priority for you as it is for them. If they don’t feel that their problem is being handled to their satisfaction, they’re likely to turn to another service provider.

There are a few things that can and should be done to put the customer at ease and reassure them that you are doing everything in your power to take care of their issue in a timely manner. With the right trade industry Saas, customer service and satisfaction levels can increase dramatically, and the resulting return business and referrals you could gain are well worth the effort.

Understanding the nature of the customer’s problem and the current status of the issue is very important. It is one thing to receive a call from a potential customer who is telling you that they have a small leak in their kitchen faucet, and another story all together when a water main has busted and the basement is quickly filling with water. Understanding the nature of the situation will allow you to give instructions at that moment that can help reduce the amount of damage being done and, more importantly, alleviate a considerable amount of stress that the customer is experiencing. ServiceTitan allows you to monitor and review all incoming calls that your business receives so that you can coach call takers on the most effective ways to handle a customer’s needs – helping you gain the customer’s trust and ensure their experience is a positive one.

After identifying the issue, the next step is to take a look at your availability and, based on the severity of the issue, get someone out to that location as soon as possible. Having access to the current location and activity of all of your technicians can have a huge impact. An operational software system for trade professionals can make finding an employee in the immediate area with the proper training and availability an extremely easy task. Nothing will put the customer more at ease than to hear there is a member of your team in the area that can be there quickly to address their needs.

Remember, the largest portion of the calls you are receiving are considered emergencies in the eyes of the customer and most people don’t fully understand the impact a plumbing issue will have on their everyday lives until a problem arises. By keeping a positive attitude on the phone, being patient and reassuring the customer that an experienced plumber is on the way, you will effectively move your company’s name to the top of the list the next time a plumbing need arises. To find out more about how ServiceTitan can help your company better meet customers’ needs, contact us!

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