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Top 20 Lawn Care Business Apps for a Greener 2023

Brittany Paris
December 30th, 2020
14 Min Read

With so many lawn care business apps and landscaping apps available for your smartphone and tablets, it has never been easier as the owner of a lawn care company to work smarter rather than harder.

Lawn care apps can save your service team some sweat equity by providing tools to help tackle practical tasks such as landscape design planning and lawn maintenance scheduling. They’re sure to trim the hours you spend sweating administrative tasks such as payroll and GPS-based dispatching. 

We’ve compiled the best lawn care business apps, lawn mower apps, and landscape apps for 2021 to help you trim down to the top technology solutions available for mobile devices. Consider installing a new lawn service app or two this year, so you can stay focused on growing the green in your company’s profit margin and better manage your lawn care service business.

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Free Apps for Lawn Care Business

1. Landscape Maintenance App

(iOS, Android – Free; Subscription required to access select features)

Ideal for professional landscape and lawn care contractors, Landscape Maintenance App is the best lawn care app for documenting work performed for customers and scheduling maintenance tasks for seasonal lawn care. Photos taken in the app get time-stamped with the date, ambient temperature, and GPS location. Customers and property managers can electronically sign off on completed work, and you can send emails with certified PDFs directly from the landscaping estimate app to streamline paperwork and keep digital documentation for insurance purposes.  

App creator Time Lock Documentation LLC also offers similar lawn apps such as Snow Removal that landscape professionals might find helpful in the off-season, and other in-field software for service pros. While this free lawn care scheduling app does require an in-app purchase between $5.99 and $49.99 for a monthly, biannual, or annual subscription to obtain access to the full range of features available, it doesn’t rely on any ads for revenue so you’re not constantly opting out of unwanted pop-ups inside the app. 

2. Lawn Journal

(Lawn care app iPhone, iPad, iPod – Free)

Lawn Journal, a free landscaping app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Apple devices, helps you keep track of lawn care maintenance and manage landscaping tasks for multiple properties. You can use the map interface to measure an entire yard or a zone, calculate fertilizer based on different ratios of minerals, track tasks in the calendar, keep photos and journal notes, and set timers for sprinklers and similar timed tasks. It’s free to install and contains no ads or products to buy.

3. Landscaper

(Lawn Care App Android – Free)

One of the best free lawn care apps for Android devices, Landscaper calculates the amount of rocks, plants, mulch, and soil your lawn care company needs for a project. To quickly see how many cubic yards of mulch a landscaped area requires, enter the square footage of the area and the depth at which you plan to spread the mulch. Calculate the number of plants to purchase by entering the area’s square footage and plant spacing required. It also has a tab for calculating how much rock or soil is required for any lawn care project.

4. PictureThis — Plant Identifier

(iOS, Android – Free; Subscription or in-app purchases required for select features)

Know everything about lawn care, but get stumped when customers ask you about plants? PictureThis lets you take a picture of unknown plants to quickly identify flowers, weeds, invasive species, and exotic plants. It delivers 95 percent accuracy by utilizing AI technology, and can help you plan a customer’s custom landscaping project. Get care advice and help from gardening experts so you can educate customers on rare flowers, ornamental trees, unusual landscape plants, medicinal herbs, and toxic leaves to avoid.

Highly rated with thousands of reviews in both the Apple App Store and on Google Play, this lawn care application offers a free trial to download, but requires a subscription or in-app purchases to view more in-depth information or access additional plant identifications. Costs range from $1.99 to $49.99.

5. iScape

(Lawn care app iPhone, iPad – Free; Subscription required for select features)

A top pick among the lawn care apps for iPhone or iPad, iScape claims to be the No. 1 outdoor design app for landscaping pros and DIY homeowners. The app’s 12,500+ reviewers agree, giving it a 4.6 out of 5 rating overall.

“I couldn’t do my job without it!” says a landscape contractor in his 2020 5-star review of the iScape app. “I have used this app on a daily basis for the last several years. Each estimate I send to a customer includes a rendering of their project using iScape...I have searched for similar apps and nothing compares to what this one can do.”

Use augmented reality (AR) technology or a photograph to visualize what certain plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers would look like in your customer’s outdoor living space. While free to install on your Apple mobile device, users must upgrade to the pro weekly or monthly version for plans that range from $2.99 up to $199.99 to gain full access to all of the design features.

6.  Lawn & Landscape Magazine

(iOS, Android – Free)

This free lawn care app delivers award-winning Lawn & Landscape Magazine content about the industry alongside digital enhancements, such as animation, video, touch points, audio podcasts, and interactive advertising. Lawn care specialists and landscapers receive monthly issues that cover profit-building ideas, new landscaping techniques, and innovative products to keep their businesses blooming.

7.  The Weather Channel

(iOS, Android – Free; Subscription required to access select features)

Will your day of lawn care appointments get washed out? Picking the right lawn care application for reliable weather forecasts can be harder than predicting a pop-up thunderstorm in summer. The Weather Channel, an IBM business, serves more than 50 million users as the world’s most downloaded weather app, available for all Apple and Android mobile devices. 

Free for basic weather reports and forecasts, users can upgrade to the Premium Pro Annual version for $29.99 or Premium Monthly for $4.99 per month, or pay in-app for select premium features such as enhanced radar at a cost of either $0.99 or $9.99—depending on which premium feature you wish to access and for how long.

Measuring Apps for Lawn Care Business

8.  Planimeter — Measure Land Area

(Lawn care app for iPhone, iPad, iPod – $7.99)

A planimeter, also known as a platometer, is a measuring instrument used to determine the area of an arbitrary two-dimensional shape. In this case, a planimeter app for landscaping measures two points on a 2D satellite-based map, whether it’s a customer’s lawn or an area you’re fencing in for a project. 

Rated 4.8 out of 5 with over 1,200 reviews in the Apple App Store, this planimeter ranks above other similar, cheaper or free planimeter apps. “This is one of the best apps of its kind,” writes one reviewer, while the following landscape contractor calls this lawn care app the “best tool ever.” 

“I have used this app for 2 years and it changed my life,” writes Artistic Landscaping Services in a 2020 review of the app. “Bold statement, I know...This allows me to give estimates over the phone, thus reducing or eliminating the cheapskate contact.”

9.  Planimeter — GPS area measure

(Lawn care app Android – $2.99)

Made for Android devices, you can try the free version of Planimeter to preview the tools and measuring functions before buying this $2.99 app for lawn care business, with in-app purchases required for upgraded features such as circle mode and multiple areas measurement.

Claiming to be “the best land surveying app and field area measure tool,” this landscaping app for Android gets a 4.2 of 5 rating with more than 1,600 reviews in the Productivity category in the Google Play store

“This is the best measuring app around,” writes reviewer Jerry Martin in February 2020.

10.  EasyMeasure

(iOS, Android – Free; Upgraded features available)

EasyMeasure, a free landscaping app tool, uses AR technology to calculate distance using your phone or tablet’s camera lens, giving you an estimate of accuracy and even allowing you to store a snapshot of the image with the distance noted for later reference. The dynamic photo feature allows you to analyze and adapt measurements in a photo after you leave the job site, available in the upgraded version. You can also add the capability to measure the height and width of objects. In-app upgrades and purchases range from $0.99 to $17.99.  

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Lawn Care Business Apps to Help You Manage 

11.  ServiceTitan Mobile

(iOS, Android – Free; Subscription required)

As the leading all-in-one technology solution for the home service industry, ServiceTitan offers a mobile app for lawn care business to handle a broad range of administrative and customer service tasks. ServiceTitan’s landscape business management software streamlines operations in the office and the field with one integrated system to save time and money. Use the mobile lawn app to generate customer estimates and invoices, automate recurring appointment scheduling, implement GPS-based dispatching, collect payments, and much more.

12.  Video Conferencing: Best Apps for Landscapers

Google Meet

(iOS, Android – Free)

Create and join unlimited, free high-definition video meetings with up to 250 people through the new Google Meet app on your Apple or Android device. You can share your screen to present documents to the group and follow along with real-time captions with Google’s speech-to-text technology. 

GoToMeeting – Video Conferencing & Online Meetings

(iOS, Android – Free trial)

Host meetings for up to 250 participants, free during the 14-day trial period, and join any GoToMeeting session without signing up. This app allows you to share your screen, hand off control to other attendees, and video conference with up to six shared webcams. It’s a professional, reliable choice that has been around for years before the pandemic.

Microsoft Teams

(iOS, Android – Free; Subscription required)

Microsoft Teams group chat and video conferencing software replaces the Skype for Business app. Teams gives users voice and video over wireless, instant messaging, conferencing, and calling features in one easy-to-use, classic interface that integrates with Outlook. Hosts require a valid licensed copy of Microsoft Office 365—while anyone invited to a meeting can attend without an account.  

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

(iOS, Android – Free)

Used by more than 500,000 organizations and with a focus on customer satisfaction, ZOOM makes online meetings and group messaging with up to 100 people easy with this free video conferencing app. You can do interactive calls or view-only webinars. Joining and hosting meetings is free, but free group meetings get limited to 40 minutes. 

13. ServiceTitan Service Business Valuation Calculator

While not exactly a lawn care app, the ServiceTitan Business Valuation Calculator is a free, interactive online tool to help you evaluate the fiscal health of your lawn care business. Think you may someday try to sell or franchise your business? You first need to know about how much your landscaping or lawn service company is worth.  

Input your company’s assets, revenue, number of employees, expenses, industry, and state to obtain a projected valuation. A ServiceTitan account isn’t required to input your company’s information. Not intended to offer financial advice, the valuation calculator functions as a self-help tool for lawn care business owners looking to track growth or considering selling.

14. QuickBooks Self-Employed

(iOS, Android – Free; Subscription required)

If you’re an independent contractor offering lawn service on a small scale, Quickbooks for Self-Employed can help you track expenses, create customer invoices, and prepare for tax time. For lawn care companies with a full payroll, try Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Payroll app to manage your finances and maximize tax deductions. It’s free to download any of the Intuit Quickbook apps and new users can almost always find promotional codes to get a free trial or discount, but the Quickbook products all require a paid plan subscription after the trial period. 

15. ServiceTitan Field Management Software for Quickbooks

(iOS, Android – Free, Subscription required)

If you already use QuickBooks and also utilize ServiceTitan to run your lawn care business, consider combining the two services with our integration program. Go paperless and see transactions in real time, and you won’t need to duplicate information between the programs as they automatically sync once the accounts are linked. You can generate invoices and purchase orders in ServiceTitan, then export them to QuickBooks for secure, accessible, and reliable accounting and payroll functions.

Other Helpful Lawn Care Apps & Tools

16. Landscaper’s Companion

(iPhone – $9.99; Mac – $19.99; Free trial available) 

This comprehensive plant reference guide is one of the best landscaping apps available. It allows you to search by parameters such as water requirements, bloom time, and USDA zone to find the perfect plant for the job. It includes planting and care information for each species, along with vivid photos, for more than 26,000 plants. You can even keep a list of your favorite plants or flowers, and email that list to a customer, landscape designer, or a local nursery. 

Landscaper’s Companion Plant & Gardening Guide is available for iPhones, while the Landscaper’s Companion also offers a version for Mac computers. You can download a free trial before buying the lawn care app for your Mac laptop or desktop computer.

17. ClearPathGPS Manager

(iOS, Android – Free; Subscription required)

ClearPathGPS Manager offers a web-based fleet management solution for small to medium fleets, making it one of the best lawn care business apps available to help your company save money and time. See where each of your company vehicles is at all times, collect data to verify worker timesheets and mileage reports, and receive reports on driver behavior that could flag aggressive or wasteful habits. 

The ClearPathGPS integrates with ServiceTitan software for smart dispatching to minimize miles driven and waste less time, along with real-time reporting to improve performance.

18. Mobile Tracking and Consulting

(iOS, Android – Free; Subscription required)

Another great fleet tracking app for lawn care service companies comes from Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services. The GPS-based fleet management system monitors and tracks company vehicles, delivering reports on the driver’s distracted or reckless driving habits. 

While free to download the app, users can select from a variety of GPS tracking services the company offers to find a budget-friendly solution that best fits your lawn company’s needs. It also integrates with ServiceTitan software as an additional tool to track costs, minimize waste, improve efficiency, and bolster reporting capabilities.

19. GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas

(iOS, Android – Free)

When powering a fleet of lawn care trucks and pouring gas into mowers, weedeaters, and other landscaping tools of the trade, the price you pay for gas really matters. Download the free GasBuddy app to your Apple or Android device to locate the cheapest gas deals in your area. You can save up to $0.25 per gallon for using the free Pay with GasBuddy payment card, access exclusive deals, and even earn free gas for purchases made at select retailers.

20. CompanyCam

(iOS, Android – Free)

This lawn app enhances field-to-office communication by leveraging technology to deliver real-time images and more — meaning less time talking on the phone to make sure everyone’s on the same page. It also provides a visual log of past work and can be used to show work planned for a project. Show your lawn care team exactly which set of hedges to trim so there’s no miscommunication. 

CompanyCam automatically organizes photos by location using GPS technology and timestamps the images, so it’s easy to reference and find photos later. It can help you see at a glance your crew’s work, as well as show customers work performed or planned for their property. Show before/after images, share your best landscaping projects with your team or social media, and keep a visual log of a job as it progresses.

ServiceTitan Lawn Care Software

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