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HVAC Dashboards: Track Your Business KPIs in Real-Time

August 15th, 2023
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One of the greatest challenges of running an HVAC company is organizing and managing business data in such a way that it’s accurate, current, and easily accessible. Without a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of their company’s KPIs—including metrics such as call booking rates, revenue, conversion rates, and membership sales—it’s very difficult for business owners and managers to keep their shop running efficiently and profitably.

Traditionally, residential and commercial HVAC businesses have used some combination of spreadsheets and paper forms to collect and manage their data. But this approach is highly inefficient and prone to errors. It requires employees to manually input information from a variety of sources—a tedious, time-consuming process that can result in big delays and costly mistakes.

Some HVAC companies have begun leveraging business intelligence (BI) dashboards to solve these challenges. However, there is a huge advantage to leveraging holistic HVAC contractor software with dashboard and reporting features, because the dashboards are seamlessly integrated with the rest of your business data and operations, and accessible through one platform.

With ServiceTitan reporting dashboards, HVAC contractors get a complete real-time view of their most important KPIs. Like the other elements of our software, ServiceTitan dashboards are seamlessly integrated with the other core processes that HVAC companies rely on to run their business, allowing our subscribers to store, manage, and utilize their data from a single location.

In this post, we’ll walk through how our dashboard and reporting features work, explaining how HVAC contractors can use them to improve efficiency and drive revenue growth.

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Get the High-Level Data You Need From Our Customizable Main Dashboard

When ServiceTitan users navigate to the main dashboard, pictured above, they’ll see an overview of their most important business metrics for the current day. These KPIs include: 

  • Sales numbers

  • Revenue trends

  • Booking and conversion rates for all business units—HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. 

By using our filter functions, contractors can choose to view specific dates or date ranges, as well as individual business units.

The charts, graphs, and other visual aids that appear in ServiceTitan dashboards use automation to draw directly on data from our software’s reporting functionality, which includes dozens of prebuilt reports that cover the essentials, as well as the ability to customize reports with hundreds of different metrics. 

The data in the main dashboard overview mainly derives from our prebuilt Business Unit Performance report, and users can drill down to the report itself—as well as any other reports they might want to reference—so that they can be sure of where their numbers are coming from. 

In the Revenue section of the ServiceTitan dashboard, HVAC contractors and their employees can reference a real-time meter that shows revenue from both completed and missed jobs. 

The dashboard is linked to ServiceTitan’s pricebook features, and Total Revenue is calculated based on income generated from completed job invoices populated with pricebook items. Similarly, Missed Revenue represents an estimate generated from unbooked calls, and unconverted and canceled jobs, based on 30-day invoice averages and booking rates.

Revenue Trends by month or week can be viewed as bar or line graphs. By hovering over a given month or week, as shown above, users can instantly see year-over-year revenue comparisons.  

The Company Metrics portion of the dashboard shows sales, revenue, booking, conversion numbers, and more:

  • Total sales

  • Closed average ticket price

  • Completed revenue

  • Average revenue per job opportunity

  • Revenue from counter sales, and membership and progress billing

  • Revenue from adjustment invoices added to jobs

Metrics on the main dashboard also include call-booking rate and total conversion rate, plus:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Total cancellations 

  • Membership opportunities converted

Additional Main Dashboard Features

In addition to these high-level KPIs, the ServiceTitan dashboard provides HVAC business owners and administrators with valuable insights on employee and operational performance.

For example, the Call Metrics section of the dashboard—shown in the screenshot above—features a chart, arranged as a function of call date,  documenting inbound call booking rates. Below the chart, users will find call lead totals and the jobs booked from those leads.

Information about calls that were abandoned or did not result in a booking is no less valuable. And the Call Metrics section also offers a wealth of intelligence on these calls:

  • Length

  • Timestamp

  • Caller phone number

  • Number dialed

  • Employee who took the call

For further information about past calls—whether they resulted in a booking or not—ServiceTitan offers a Call Playback feature. Here, users can listen to recordings of calls. This functionality is useful for field service technicians who want to verify job details or customer information via the ServiceTitan mobile app, as well as for supervisors, who can use it to confirm that CSRs are providing strong technical support and following best practices in interactions with clients.  

Call Playback allows users to download an MP3 copy of the call, access customer records, and attach tags to individual calls for organization and easy reference via search. Many ServiceTitan subscribers like to use this function to flag notable calls to use in employee training and coaching. 

Note: The ServiceTitan Dashboard features robust functionality, similar to Call Metrics, for technician- and CSR-related KPIs.

Meanwhile, the ServiceTitan dashboard Heat Map provides users with a map, coded by color, that reveals completed job counts and revenue totals for the ZIP codes they serve. Contractors can click individual zones to see a roster of the completed jobs in those ZIP codes. 

The map’s color scheme corresponds to revenue and job amounts, as illustrated in the legend pictured above. 

Like the other ServiceTitan dashboard features, the Heat Map can be filtered by date, as well as by jobs and revenue. Users can even zoom in to view the details of individual jobs with the click of a button. 

Many of the contractors we work with consider the Heat Map feature a vital marketing tool, allowing them to see where their campaigns are having the greatest effect and where they’re not making much of an impact; providing valuable intelligence about how and where to launch future campaigns. 

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Create Additional Custom Dashboards for Specific Use Cases

ServiceTitan subscribers can use our easy drag-and-drop interface to create customized dashboards that provide precise visibility into the business metrics that are most important to them. As with the main dashboard, these metrics become available in a single view, with real-time data. 

Creating a custom dashboard is as simple as engaging a drop-down from the navigation bar. Next, users choose a name for their new dashboard. The screenshot below shows a custom dashboard for Estimate Sales. 

ServiceTitan users can populate custom dashboards with prebuilt modules—much like those that appear on the main dashboard—purpose built to correspond with their specific needs. 

Users can add modules and sections to their custom dashboards with just a few clicks, as pictured above and below. 

Again, these modules draw from accurate, fully up-to-date reporting data, so contractors can be certain of their numbers, and they can always drill down into the underlying reports for more granular detail. 

Once they’ve created all of the modules and sections they want, users can rearrange and edit their new custom dashboard via drag-and-drop. 

Like the ServiceTitan main dashboard, custom dashboards can be filtered by date, business unit, and job type. ServiceTitan dashboard filters are fully customizable, allowing contractors to view the real-time data they want exactly when they need it. Some common filters include:

  • Job completion date

  • Job start date

  • Job creation date

  • Commercial install

  • Commercial repair

  • Commercial plumbing

  • Residential maintenance

  • Residential HVAC installation 

To facilitate access across their organization, ServiceTitan allows contractors to share dashboards by role, or with individual employees. This enables seamless communication during the workday and helps HVAC contractors avoid the kind of knowledge gaps that can result in delays, miscommunications, and other inefficiencies. 

Leverage Dashboard Reports to Dig Deeper Into Your Data

ServiceTitan dashboards provide an accurate, clean, legible overview of a vast array of business metrics, allowing HVAC contractors and supervisors to efficiently monitor operational and employee performance day to day, week to week, month to month, and over the course of years. If they want more detail, they can easily dive into the underlying reports upon which their dashboards are built.  

Using the dashboard navigation bar to select Reports, ServiceTitan subscribers can select from a range of choices. As shown in the screenshot above, for example, they can choose from options including:

  • Accounting

  • Business unit dashboards

  • Inventory

  • Marketing

  • Payment

  • Technician

  • And much more

Next, users select the filters to be used in their report: 

After they’ve set their filters and run the report, users will immediately receive a wealth of data. If they’ve run a Business Unit dashboard report, for example, they’ll see information about completed revenue, opportunity job average, opportunity conversion rate, converted jobs, customer satisfaction, and a variety of additional metrics. 

As pictured above, HVAC contractors can drill down even further with the click of a button.

Clicking a Completed Revenue entry for HVAC Install, for example, will provide the user with a list of all of the jobs and invoices that account for the total completed revenue, furnishing the corresponding job numbers, invoice numbers, and completion dates. By clicking on a job or invoice number, ServiceTitan users can view still more information about the jobs themselves. This might include details about invoice items like:

  • Air conditioner maintenance

  • Heat pump installation

  • Heating system maintenance

  • Energy efficiency surveys

  • Indoor air quality checks

  • Air conditioning system replacement

  • Full HVAC system replacement

  • Thermostat repair

  • Warranty information

With this wealth of granular detail at their fingertips, contractors and their employees can rest assured that their dashboard data and visualizations are 100% accurate and current in real time. 

Get Full Visibility of Your HVAC Business

To do their best work and keep their companies running smoothly and profitably, HVAC business owners and HVAC techs require comprehensive real-time knowledge of their KPIs. These include metrics like call-booking rates, average ticket prices, revenue, recurring-service agreements, sales, and much more.  

But in the absence of comprehensive, high-quality HVAC software like ServiceTitan—which makes all data easily accessible in one place—it’s very difficult to organize and maintain accurate business data.

With its robust standard features and virtually inexhaustible options for customization, ServiceTitan’s dashboard functionality gives contractors a complete, real-time picture of all their KPIs, and allows them to instantaneously drill into their reporting data for more detail. Because our dashboards are seamlessly integrated with all of the other core processes that HVAC companies rely on, subscribers are able to store, manage, and utilize their data from one single location.

In combination, ServiceTitan’s dashboard features allow HVAC contractors to streamline their business to get the most out of their data, improve efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and employee performance, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Do you want to see for yourself how ServiceTitan’s HVAC software can give you the tools you need to streamline operations and grow your business? Schedule a call for a free product tour.

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