12 Holiday Gifts for Home Service Technicians

adminDecember 11th, 2018
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Shopping for the fellow tradesperson in your life? We've got you covered.

It's that time of year again, which means most of us are racking our brains in search of the perfect gift ideas for those near and dear to us. If you have a home service contractor in your life—or fellow tradespeople to buy for—you might be wondering what kind of gift is going to make their season merry and bright.

Lucky for you, we specialize on what today’s tradespeople want most at ServiceTitan. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 2018’s hottest gift ideas for plumbers, HVAC techs, and electricians who managed to stay on the “nice” list this year.

Holiday Gifts for Plumbers

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Night Provision TX11 Tactical Flashlight. We usually associate electricians working in dark spaces, but plumbers have to see into underlit areas almost just as often. The TX11 Tactical Flashlight Torch not only puts out an impressive 1,000 lumens, it’s also waterproofed and ready to stay in prefect, functional condition in damp, leaky spaces. It also comes with a handy holster, making it an easy addition to most toolbelts.

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Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector. The “internet of things” has been on the rise for while now—with many homeowners adopting smart home technology to better manage their comfort and energy usage. The Honeywell Lyric expands smart home tech into the plumbing arena and is one of 2018’s best reviewed leak detection systems. While this may not a piece of tech that’s useful on-the-job, it is a modern (and very cool) tool that many professional plumbers will have to become familiar with as wifi-enabled utilities grow more popular among homeowners.


Leatherman Skeletool Multitool. The Leatherman multitool is so prominent among tradespeople at this point you might think it comes standard issue. Plumbers are no different and veterans and rookies both have their preferences about what their multitool should look and feel like. This year, we’re going t recommend the Skeletool model, which essentially a stripped down edition of Leatherman’s offering—forgoing many of rarely used tools for an ultracool construction and solid price.

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Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Waterproof iPad Case. Maybe your shop has branded tablet cases, maybe they don't. Either way, plumbers need (and deserve) tablet protection that is rugged enough to withstand drops, resist water, and offer anti-slip grips. The Griffin Survivor All-Terrian Waterproof iPad Case is one of 2018's best examples of this (and comes in various colors)—just make sure select a case that fits your plumber's tablet make and model.

Holiday Gifts for HVAC Professionals

gloveshvac Superior Glove® HVAC Gloves. Gloves are an HVAC tech's best friend and, in some shops, they're even required. Every professional has different preferences as to the flexibility and feel of their gloves (and many use different kinds for different tasks) but a solid general purpose glove is always a welcome stocking stuffer. Browse Superior Glove®’s wide selection of premium HVAC gloves, designed for maximum comfort, dexterity, and protection.

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Diversitech Original Pivot Light. Sure, a lot of work lights are heavy duty. And really bright. And magnetic. And pivot. By why not get one that can do all these things? The Diversitech Original Pivot Light fits the bill and comes highly recommended. Because it’s magnetic and pivots, it’s perfect to use on duct work in spaces that need additional light.

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ABM-200 Airflow and Environmental Meter. CPS Products has started producing add-on smartphone gadgets built specifically for HVAC professionals. One of their latest is the AMB-200, a small fan device that connects with your smartphone's Bluetooth. When using the free CPS Link app (for both iOS and Android) that ABM-200 can measure air volume, humidity, heat index and much, much more.

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Studio Neat Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus. Remember what we said earlier about gloves being an HVAC tech's best friend? Well, they can also make using touchscreens difficult, which is a huge bummer if you're using a tablet to do stuff like build estimates, browse price books, and capture homeowner payments. Not many styluses are built to be "rugged" but the Cosmonaut is the exception. This marker-sized, wide-grip stylus is perfect for HVAC techs (and other home service pros) who can't be changing in and out of gloves 15 times on a single house call.

Holiday Gifts for Electricians

MAGNETIC WRISTBAND 1 iHard Magnetic Wristband. Electricians often have to disassemble and reassemble hardware, which can be especially challenging in tight spaces where collecting and recovering small pieces (screws, bolts, etc.) is difficult. This is where a magnetic wristband can step in and make a world of difference. With the iHard Magnetic Wristband, hardware sticks right to the electrician's wrist for easier organization and more efficient work.

coast hl27 master

Coast HL27 Pure Beam Focusing Headlamp. Electricians often need to work in the dark and, when they do, it's better if their hands are free. That's why a headlamp should be a part of every electrician's tool bag. With up to 8.5 hours of battery life, adjustable three-strap harness, and a maximum output of 330 lumens, Coast's HL27 model is a great choice for electricians looking to upgrade their visibility and comfort next time the lights go out.


Black + Decker 4V MAX Lithium GYRO™ Screwdriver. Welcome to the world's first "motion-activated" screwdriver from Black + Decker. Somewhere between a traditional screwdriver and a power drill, the 4V MAX* Lithium GYRO™ Screwdriver is activated simply by tilting your hand to the right (forward) or the left (reverse). It's the perfect, compact little gadget for electricians to have when they need to get into spaces where their usual drill won't fit.

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Roboreel Power Cord Reel. Picture a "smart" power cord reel that was portable, fast, and easy-to-use. Well, you just imagined the Roboreel. This little orange guy is a durable, motor-driven power cord reel with one-touch retraction and various mounting options. The Roboreel is becoming a fixture in various shops and trucks across numerous industries and would be a fine addition to your electrician's arsenal.

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