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ServiceTitan Adds New Construction Capabilities

March 3rd, 2022
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ServiceTitan has unveiled a new suite of powerful capabilities built for trades businesses who work in the construction market. 

With these new services, trades-focused subcontractors can manage their full lifecycle and seamlessly integrate construction projects, empowering them to increase revenue, streamline operations, and ultimately provide an elevated level of service for their construction customers. 

» LIVE WEBINAR: To see a live demonstration of ServiceTitan’s construction workflow, register for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 15th at 1 pm PT (4 pm ET).

An Expanded Platform for Construction

ServiceTitan’s expansion into construction addresses critical pain points for trades businesses that provide both construction services, and also perform service and replacement jobs. Previously, these businesses were forced to navigate disconnected systems, making important tasks like scheduling, dispatching, and accounting time-consuming and cumbersome. 

ServiceTitan’s new construction capabilities allow trades businesses to:

  • Save time with all-in-one software.  Easily capture, manage, and track job costs, job progress, labor, and materials all in one place.

  • Drive higher profit margins on every job. Keep costs in check and manage resources effectively with job tracking that provides real-time visibility into all jobs.

  • Simplify the billing and payment processes. Review, approve, and pay invoices with ease by generating payment applications that bill progressively for work completed throughout a construction project.

  • Increase sales and win rates. Bridge the gap between departments to more efficiently manage all opportunities to better set up contracting businesses for success.  

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“Our company used to track everything in Excel for our business. As we continued to grow, we needed a better way to track jobs, increase efficiency, and manage costs,” said Brittany Grose, Director of Business Operations at Intown Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing business based in Rockwall, Texas. 

InTown Plumbing turned to ServiceTitan in August 2020, and immediately became more efficient. 

“The time savings has been massive,” Brittany says. “I have my husband back in the evenings now, because of the dispatching and scheduling piece of it.”

InTown switched its project tracking from Excel spreadsheets to ServiceTitan’s scheduling software, and can now track each time an employee or subcontractor visits a site. “It’s been a huge help for us,” Brittany says.

In new construction, plumbers mainly coordinate with other contractors, rather than dealing directly with a homeowner, so scheduling and completing jobs accordingly is key to keeping a big project on schedule.

“We’re really an advocate for the new construction side of things,” Brittany explains. “ServiceTitan is No. 1 as a service tool, not just in my opinion, but from across the industry. And we're really excited about the new construction piece of it.”

Michael Takemura, Director of Business Development at Barron Heating & Air Conditioning in Bellingham, Wash., moved to ServiceTitan in 2020.

In discussing the positives of ServiceTitan in the construction space, Takemura touches on facets of the software that many appreciate—the appointment feature, real-time job costing and more. But he emphasizes that the pain points in new construction are a challenge for a business whose HVAC profile is diversified and contemporary.

  • Pricing. The biggest struggle is pricing new-construction jobs  high enough to turn a profit, he said. “They are long jobs, so cash flow is an issue in terms of how you're managing that, how you're billing that out,” Takemura said. “That's a huge stressor.”

  • Long projects. A big project could require purchasing equipment and putting in labor, but not being paid immediately. “You may not get fully paid for that job for a year, two years, even longer on some projects,” Takemura said. “So that's tough.”

“If you're a company that's continually moving and progressing and you want to keep doing things better, then I would go with a company like Service Titan that is also doing that,” Takemura said. “If you want to continually improve, then I would go with something like ServiceTitan.”

To learn more ServiceTitan’s construction capabilities visit: 

To see a live demonstration of ServiceTitan’s construction workflow, register for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 15th at 1 pm PT (4 pm ET).

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