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Weld Power Was Looking To Hire. Its No. 1 Requirement? Experience Using ServiceTitan.

Adrienne Teeley
July 21st, 2023
3 Min Read

Chris Galligan never thought that his experience with ServiceTitan would land him a job. 

For six years, he’d worked as the controller for a small electrical contractor in Rhode Island, spending his days knee-deep in ServiceTitan, the software built for the trades.

“I was like, ‘There’s a million (kinds of) software out there,’” Galligan recalled. “I’ll use (ServiceTitan) here, but I’ll probably never use it anywhere else.”

Then he saw a job listing that made him do a double take. 

Weld Power, a commercial emergency-generator repair company in Millbury, Massachusetts, was looking for a new controller. And ServiceTitan experience was required. 

In fact, “it was line item number one for the recruiters,” Tim Geary, president of Weld, said.

The company was transitioning from another field software to ServiceTitan in July 2022, and Geary wanted someone on his team who could help with the rollout. He knew Galligan would be a perfect fit—and an asset.

“It was a definite huge, huge advantage (having his ServiceTitan experience),” Geary said.

Store what you need in the cloud—not on a dusty server

Before switching to ServiceTitan, Weld Power’s files were kept on an old server that was nearing its end. Rather than buy a new one, Geary wanted a cloud-based solution that would allow his team to access anything they needed, no matter where they were.

Plus, moving to the cloud would eliminate a big pain point: managing forms.

With the previous software, techs would finish a job, then download the forms they needed to complete from a separate application. After filling out their forms, they would re-upload them to Weld’s software system, where the forms could finally be accessed by the front-office team.

The process was tedious and frustrating: The software would often crash, erasing important data and forcing techs to redo forms they’d already filled out. 

“It took so long for us to close out invoices, because we were waiting on forms. You couldn’t even close out a dispatch until that form came in,” Geary said. 

Now, techs fill out their forms in ServiceTitan from the field. Their work is automatically saved in the cloud, where the front office can instantly access them—no downloading required.

“Now that it's just automatic, that's a huge savings for the service department,” Galligan said. “It's much easier to look through the photos for generators, (and) find the equipment info.”

Features built to save time—and money

Geary’s team is talented in the field, but when it comes to following more efficient processes, he admits it’s “not our expertise.”

Luckily, that’s what ServiceTitan was built for. Here’s how the software has helped Weld Power stay streamlined:

  • Job costing: In the past, Geary had no way to determine where Weld was making money—or losing it. But ServiceTitan takes the mystery out of job costing. With a few clicks, Geary can see exactly how much profit a project is bringing in, and make adjustments if needed. “We can actually make management decisions now,” Geary said. 

  • Reporting: With the previous software, Galligan found the reporting features lacking and hard to work with. But ServiceTitan makes it easy to generate reports on weekly revenue, key progress indicators (KPIs), different business units and more—in mere moments.

  • Managing follow-ups: To help boost sales, the team is leaning on ServiceTitan’s follow-up feature, which allows customer reps to better check on customers who have unsold estimates. As a result, “sales for repairs have gone through the roof in the past two months,” Galligan said.

  • A better business framework: Weld Power is in Massachusetts, but it also has an office in the Bronx, New York. It was difficult to ensure both offices were following the same protocol. “What ServiceTitan did is actually gave us a structure to work within,” Geary said. “It sort of helped put some guardrails on how we should operate, and that’s been a big improvement for us.”

Processes that can scale

Last year, Weld Power made $10 million in revenue. This year, Galligan is expecting the team to beat that number. 

“(We have a) big plan to expand over the summer and hire some more sales reps and really get the business flowing in,” he said. 

Now that Weld’s team is equipped with software that allows them to keep tabs on every project, technician and customer, expanding the business “should be a smooth growing process,” Galligan said.

And as the company continues hiring, there’s a certain skill that Geary and Galligan will be looking for in applicants: ServiceTitan experience. 

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