A Bright Outlook for Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air

Lawrence Lloyd
March 16th, 2016
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Susan Roberts Frew (pictured: front row, third from the right) is the co-owner and president of Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air in the Denver, CO, metro area. She also works with the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) in Colorado as the secretary/treasurer of the Board of Directors. We spoke with Susan about her business and its use of the ServiceTitan platform.

Q: When did you choose ServiceTitan and why did you initially decide to work with the company?

A: We began using ServiceTitan in June 2014 after trying two other software services that, ultimately, didn’t meet our needs. One was limited to invoicing, meaning we had to track the ROI of our marketing manually. We switched to another, more expansive platform, but the backend was difficult to manage. My service techs and customer service team were wasting valuable time trying to determine where and how they could get the metrics they needed to perform beyond expectations. ServiceTitan offered everything we had been looking for. It has an expansive array of metrics, including marketing ROI and employee performance, and everyone on my team could access it with ease.

Q: Can you describe the transitional (go-live) period, how long it took and what challenges you faced? 

A: We went live very quickly and my entire team took just a couple of months to reap the full benefits of the platform. Our pricebooks were paper before ServiceTitan, which presented a small challenge, but with a little effort on our end, everything is now digital.

Q: From your business’ perspective, what are the major benefits of ServiceTitan? 

A: We needed a platform that would save us time and ServiceTitan does just that. It’s now easy for my office staff to manage and pull marketing metrics, and my technicians use the platform to access vital customer information, process invoices, and upsell, regardless of where they are in the field.

We also appreciate the continual integration with other services and companies that make our business run smoother. When we have suggested updates and other partnership ideas, ServiceTitan has always been eager to hear our thoughts as users.

Q: What other aspects of your business has ServiceTitan helped grow? 

A: ServiceTitan has streamlined and enhanced our marketing as every campaign now has a tracking number so we no longer have to waste time manually determining where a lead came from. Because ServiceTitan’s metrics show me exactly where every marketing dollar spent is going, I now have a better grasp of my budget and can avoid campaigns with little to no ROI.

We also can keep better track of our overall KPIs to improve our business. Each week, I meet with my techs to review performance metrics, such as their average tickets and selling bonuses, which are automatically gathered from ServiceTitan. I can use the full years’ worth of data to train them to become selling machines, boosting our revenue and their yearly salary.

The technological power of ServiceTitan is hugely beneficial as well. We’re starting to do remote, visual estimates where we watch customer videos of home service issues and send an estimate immediately after. Because the platform is so expansive and easy to use, we’re doing these state-of-art estimates through ServiceTitan and wouldn’t have been able to even try such a thing without it.

Q: What new aspects of the platform do you use or plan on using?

A: We’ve already begun using the native app and our techs really like it. It lets them input and access customer information even if they can’t access the internet. From an office perspective, the automatic sync feature always keeps my in-house customer service team updated. The app interface is the same as the main platform, which makes it easy for our techs to transition between the two on a daily basis.

Q: Would you recommend ServiceTitan to other service companies? 

A: I’m a board member for PHCC in Colorado and get frequent calls from prospective members asking what my business is doing, and I tell them we’re using ServiceTitan. I also speak at home service industry events and bring my iPad with me to showcase ServiceTitan right there. It’s on the cutting edge and allows us to expand our business to better serve our customers and increase our conversion rates.

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