Why ServiceTitan Is the Right Software for You

Increasing Tech Sales

Technicians often have many years of experience as tradespeople and far fewer as salespeople, which may make them a little hesitant to embrace their role as part of the salesforce of a modern home service business. ServiceTitan’s Mobile experience for field technicians reduces that uncertainty by putting all the tools technicians need to sell effectively into a simple, intuitive app that fits right in the palm of the hand.

Business Intelligence

Unlike passive data-collection software, ServiceTitan is rich with solutions that not only summarize business performance but help to improve it. Whether you want to see the latest sales figures or you need specific, actionable insight into a particular aspect of your company, ServiceTitan’s Dashboard, Alerts, and Reporting elements give you the information you need quickly and easily.

Improving Customer Service Performance

Time in the office is valuable for many home service business owners and they may not always be able to monitor their teams. ServiceTitan restores that visibility with a host of solutions that offer unprecedented insight into interactions between customers and your CSRs. Since each phone call is tied to a specific agent, owners can help their CSRs improve performance and positively impact call-to-appointment conversions.


For the first time, home service businesses can automatically capture lead sources and track them by sales — not call counts. By ranking marketing campaigns based on revenue and ROI, ServiceTitan empowers business owners to stop investing their precious marketing dollars in campaigns that don’t work and instead double down on their top performers.

Optimizing Efficiency — Booking And Dispatch

Call booking and dispatch are two critical areas where increased efficiency not only impresses the customer but has a positive impact on business operations. ServiceTitan’s modern, streamlined call screen and dispatch boards eliminate redundant steps while guaranteeing that all the pertinent job details are obtained and communicated.

Assessing Technician Performance

ServiceTitan offers a fully integrated software platform that monitors technician performance and success in real time. This information allows business owners to leverage data on technician performance to ensure that they uphold industry best practices and effectively coach technicians who need improvement.

Ensure Technician Availability

The needs of your customers are always shifting. Some days see a rise in maintenance calls, while others keep you busy with installations. Weather can also have an impact on the demands your service business experiences. ServiceTitan’s integrated Capacity Planning solution ensures the proper number of technicians are available for any situation, helping you maximize both customer satisfaction and conversion rates.