How to Choose the Best Field Service Technician Tool Bag

adminOctober 22nd, 2018

In the home service industry, tools aren't just an essential part of every tech's day-to-day work, they're also constant companions that accompany them on every job they're dispatched to. This means that for accessibility, for comfort, and even the health of your techs, a quality tool bag is key to doing their job as well and as consistently as possible.

In fact, Osha reports that back and shoulder injuries caused by lifting heavy loads account for over 36 percent of days missed from work in service industries. So now is the time to consider what you're offering to your service techs and if an upgrade is necessary. Below, let's take a look at some of the most popular and recommended tool bags currently on the market.

1. Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag

The Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag has a waterproof base, making it ideal for use in wet, muddy, or messy environments. The base keeps the bag upright and avoids spills and, at only nine pounds, doesn't significantly add to the weight of your tech's tools. Along with 46 different pockets (inside and out), the TECH PAC also features bit extension, D-rings, a stainless steel tape clip, and memory stick pockets.

2. Occidental Leather 5585 Stronghold Journeyman's Tote


When it comes to durability and versatility, it's hard to beat the Occidental Leather 5585 Stronghold Journeyman's Tote. This tool bag features various compartments for a wide array of different tools and a leather handle for easy carrying. There's also a shoulder strap attachment so techs can alternate how they carry their tools, depending on their comfort and premise.

3. DeWalt DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack


If your techs or electricians regularly work in dark, tight spaces, you may want to consider the DeWalt DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack. This tool bag offers 57 pockets to hold various tools and a comfortable, easy-to-carry backpack design—but best of all, it includes a portable, multi-directional light to keep dark or dim workspaces illuminated and safe.

4. C.K Magma Technician's Tool Case Plus

You can probably guess what the "plus" in C.K Magma Technician's Tool Case Plus means for this tool storage solution. This oversized tool case is perfect for shops and technicians who have extensive tool sets or exclusively deal with big, complex repairs and installs. C.K Magma Technician's Tool Case Plus is also waterproof, features a shoulder strap attachment and includes a document/tablet/laptop storage pouch.

5. Pelican 0450 Protector Mobile Tool Chest


The Pelican 0450 Protector Mobile Tool Chest is another oversized option for shops that have a large number of tools that need to be taken on the job. This tool chest rolls like a piece of luggage and its rugged chassis is billed as being immune to "the extreme cold of the Arctic or the heat of battle." With its extensive storage options and multiple carrying handles, this tool case is ideal for two-man teams dispatched to challenging job sites or complex installs.

6. Platt 695ZT Field Service Tech


For those shops and professionals who prefer more of a briefcase design, the Platt 695ZT Field Service Tech is a solid option. This tool bag offers more than 40 different pockets for various tools and, unlike many other tool bag options, a document/tablet storage. For techs who are primarily doing consultations and inspections, this understated tool bag can help put homeowners who may be worried about a mess at ease.

7. CasePro Genesis 5000 Waterproof Tool Case


If water intrusion and rust are a concern for your team, the CasePro Genesis 5000 Waterproof Tool Case is here to help. With a durable, waterproof, airtight plastic construction, it will keep your techs' tools protected from the elements. This tool storage option also features removable pallets so your techs can customize how to arrange, organize, and fit their tools inside the Genesis 5000.

8. Mobile-Shop Complete Tool Bag


Billed as the "Ultimate Grab-and-Go Tool Bag," the Mobile-Shop Complete Tool Bag isn't just a bag-- it comes with 90 tools for both homeowners and professionals to use. If you're a shop that offers apprenticeships or wants to bring on new hires with everything they'll need for the job, this Mobile-Shop offering is the affordable, all-in-one package you may be looking for.

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