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Top 23 HVAC YouTube Channels for Pros

Diana LamirandOctober 5th, 2020
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Whether you’re a rookie HVAC tech trying to learn new tips and tricks of the trade or a seasoned professional simply in need of a visual refresher course, HVAC YouTube videos cover everything under the sun—from training and troubleshooting to installation and repair.

HVAC professionals can stay abreast of changes in the industry, learn about new technology, and pick up valuable insider information from industry experts by reading HVAC blogs, joining HVAC forums, listening to HVAC podcasts, and, oftentimes, by watching an HVAC training video on YouTube.

To help busy HVAC contractors warm up to everything YouTube HVAC offers, we compiled a list of the Top 23 HVAC YouTube Channels to tune into for learning, growth, and inspiration. 

HVAC Training Videos

1. Blue Collar Nerd

Richard Kohberger created his Blue Collar Nerd YouTube channel to help bridge the communication gap between an old-school industry and technology-minded newcomers to the trades. His videos help home service businesses leverage technology to maximize profits and automate their businesses.

  • 1.15K subscribers

  • Frequency: Several times a month

  • Online since April 2019

2. HVAC School 

An online source for HVAC video training—by service techs for service techs—the HVAC School YouTube channel focuses on showing real-life applications for performing air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration work. 

  • 97.6K subscribers

  • Frequency: 3 videos per week 

  • Online since Sept. 2016

3. HVAC Simplified Online Training | By AMK

YouTube HVAC training for students and mechanical engineers interested in learning about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Trainer Mujeeb Khan tries to teach in simple terms.

  • 52.2K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per quarter

  • Online since Feb. 2017


Youtuber Andrew Greaves offers general HVAC tips and tricks, tool reviews, and general discussions for his HVAC training videos on YouTube. He hopes to guide new tradespeople in the right direction before bad habits set in.

  • 42K subscribers

  • Frequency: Streamed online one year ago

  • Online since Feb. 2009

5. HVAC Learning Solutions 

HVAC Learning Solutions is the training department of Lennox Industries, headquartered in Richardson, Texas. From online HVAC tutorials to instructor-led training solutions, this YouTube channel primarily focuses on business, sales, and technical training.

  • 18.6K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week

  • Since Sept. 2010

6. HVAC in SC

An HVAC tech since 2001 specializing in residential and small commercial systems, this YouTuber explains tips, tricks, tools, and products of the trade. Great for educating new techs in the industry.

  • 15.8K subscribers

  • Frequency: 19 videos per year 

  • Online since Dec. 2009

7. Learn HVAC

This HVAC video channel aims to explain heating, ventilation, and air conditioning with simple concepts any HVAC service tech can understand.

  • 17.6K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per month 

  • Online since July 2017

8. HVAC Life with Alex

Longtime HVAC service tech shares his years of experience and knowledge with newcomers to the HVAC industry, and collaborates with seasoned veterans to explore new ideas

  • 7.96K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per month 

  • Online since May 2014

HVAC Troubleshooting Videos

9. Word of Advice TV

Find HVAC troubleshooting videos, including how to fix air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters, along with how-to videos showing installation and parts replacement.  

  • 175K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week 

  • Online since Aug. 2014 

10. Stephen Rardon

HVAC service tech Stephen Rardon uses his YouTube HVAC troubleshooting channel to share training and help viewers spot problems with air conditioning, furnaces, heat pumps, and specifically Trane air conditioners and Carrier air conditioners.

  • 45.6K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week

  • Online since Sept. 2006

11. Fabio HVAC

Based in Brazil, this YouTuber offers the latest in HVAC videos troubleshooting with tips, tricks, and trends.

  • 4.37K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per quarter

  • Online since Feb. 2013

HVAC Repair & Installation Videos

12. AC Service Tech LLC

This YouTube HVAC repair channel answers HVAC questions with step-by-step procedures on multiple topics, including refrigerant charging, repairs for furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners, electrical troubleshooting, wiring, superheat and subcooling, gas lines, and more.

  • 162K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week

  • Online since Feb. 2016

13. GrayFurnaceman

An HVAC serviceman and instructor with 35 years of experience passes on his knowledge about heating, cooling, refrigeration, electrical repair, and installation by posting HVAC repair videos.

  • 122K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week

  • Online since Feb. 2012

14. Israel HVAC

John Israel of Israel Air Conditioning & Heating posts videos of HVAC service calls and installations, often featuring what he calls “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.”

  • 32.2K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per month 

  • Online since Jan. 2012

15. edisonhvac

A channel dedicated to all things HVAC, this 20-year veteran of the industry dispenses a vast amount of HVAC knowledge each week. Learn repair and installation, EPA certification, and more.

  • 20.9K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week

  • Online since March 2011

16. Anti DIY HVAC

HVAC instructional videos showing the many reasons why HVAC maintenance and repair should be left to the professionals.

  • 31.9K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week 

  • Online since April 2016

HVAC Tools & Manufacturers Videos

17. Trane Commercial HVAC North America

HVAC YouTube videos focusing on high-performance buildings, sustainable design, and architecture. Recent videos focus on indoor air quality.

  • 10.5K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week 

  • Online since April 2012

18. TitusHVAC

Titus is a recognized leader in the air distribution segment of the commercial HVAC industry. Learn how it’s advancing technology to meet the changing needs of customers and HVAC professionals worldwide.

  • 12.8K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per month

  • Online since Nov. 2011

19. Jon HVAC

This entertaining HVAC videos YouTube channel discusses HVAC-related content, tool reviews, and some other stuff to mix it up.

  • 4.25K subscribers

  • Frequency: 5 videos per month 

  • Online since July 2014

20. Pacific HVAC Air conditioner

Find YouTube A/C repair videos, plus information on ductless heating, high-efficiency heat pumps, heat-recovery and water-cooled systems.

  • 2.19K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per month 

  • Online since Feb. 2013

21. HVAC Shop Talk

An HVAC YouTube channel that celebrates men and women in the skilled trades—particularly those working in heating, cooling, and ventilation.

  • 22.5K subscribers

  • Frequency: Several times a week

  • Online since May 2009

HVAC/R Videos

22. HackFreeHVAC

A 20-year HVAC/R Journeyman technician in Phoenix features how-to videos and show-and-tell videos of hackery he finds while performing residential HVAC jobs. 

  • 10K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per day

  • Online since Jan. 2008


A Southern California HVAC/R technician with more than 15 years of experience posts videos about the cool stuff he finds in the field, mainly working on restaurants. 

  • 86.5K subscribers

  • Frequency: 3 videos per week

  • Online since Nov. 2017

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