Top 20 Best HVAC Blogs for Industry Pros in 2020

Robert PilkingtonMarch 28th, 2018

If you own an HVAC business, you already know that there's a lot to navigate in this industry. Emerging new technologies. Growing environmental consciousness. Changing expectations from a whole new generation of homeowners.

The internet is a place that can help both industry newcomers and seasoned veterans to start to confront these concerns—but it's important that your information comes from a trusted source.

Below, we've compiled a quick reference directory for HVAC professionals who are looking for trusted insight, news, and analysis on this ever-changing industry. ServiceTitan presents the Top 20 Blogs for HVAC professionals.

Disclaimer: These blogs are listed in no particular order

1. ACHR News

ACHR News The News from ACHR is both a print publication and an online HVAC news site focused on the HVAC(R) industry. The content on the site is geared toward engaged HVAC professionals who are interested in a high-level analysis of current industry and trends from qualified experts.

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2. Builder Online HVAC Blog


Builder is a news site dedicated to all facets of construction and real estate development. Their HVAC section reports on new HVAC technology hitting the market and air and climate quality concerns in both residential and commercial spaces. Builder content is intended for the HVAC professional who is passionate about the history of the HVAC industry... and where it's going next.

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3. Contracting Business HVAC Blog

COntracting Biz

Contracting Business is a leading publication in the home services industry and its online HVAC section is a tremendous resource for HVAC professionals. With everything from new product photo galleries to in-depth analysis on how new technologies and companies are poised to make an impact, Contracting Business can help even rookie HVAC professionals stay informed.

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4. National Air Warehouse Blog

national air

National Air Warehouse is a leading supplier of air conditioning units and technology. Their blog is also impressive and it tackles high-level HVAC topics in an approachable way for both HVAC professionals or perhaps homeowners looking to learn more about their HVAC system and options.

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5. ACCA Blog


Air Conditioner Contractors of America (ACCA) represents more than 60,000 professionals and 4,000 HVAC businesses all over the country. Their mission to provide professionals the information and resources they need to meet and exceed best practices extends to their blog, which offers content on industry news and how to run a successful business in today's market.

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6. The Blog


A third-generation HVAC professional, Will Housh of Ohio sought to make his family's business a leading online HVAC resource. The result is, which offers content, directories, and videos geared towards homeowners with heating or air conditioning concerns. HVAC professionals could also learn a thing or two about engaging potential customers from Will's frequently updated site.

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7. Women in HVAC Newsletter

womenhr-1 Women in HVACR is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving "the lives of our members by providing professional avenues to connect with other women growing their careers in the HVACR industry." Women in HVACR also keeps an archive of its newsletters, which profile inspired women in the industry and report on important industry news and trends.

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8. The Goodway “Just Venting” Blog


Goodyway's "Just Venting" blog is a blog written by HVAC professionals. The blog tackles a wide range of complex HVAC topics for anyone looking to learn more about "the environmental, technological, social, economic, and personal aspects of this industry."

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9. r/HVAC

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 11

Reddit's HVAC subreddit (r/HVAC) remains one of the busiest hubs of HVAC discussion on the web. This is a forum where business owners, professionals, and homeowners can converge to discuss a broad range of HVAC topics, including maintenance, troubleshooting, and new technology that's about to hit the marketplace.

10. ESCO Group Blog

Esco Group

ESCO is devoted to providing education opportunities and programs to HVAC professionals who want to have their expertise formally recognized with accreditation. The ESCO Group Blog provides news on new accreditation programs, industry events, and achievements from those striving to be the best in their field.

11. HVAC-Talk


Owned and operated by Contracting Business, HVAC-Talk is the web's number one forum for HVAC professionals. The community is home to "150,000 HVAC Professionals & enthusiasts from around the world" and a seemingly endless list of threads and topics for HVAC professionals to dive into.

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12. HVAC Pro Forums


HVAC Pro Forums is an online community exclusively for professionals in the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration industry. Because it is limited to HVAC professionals, members can expect high-level topics and discussions about the finer points of HVAC technology and ensuring the best possible performance for potential customers.

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13. HVAC Site Professional Forum


HVAC Site includes both a traditional blog and a community forum for HVAC professionals. Members are encouraged to write their own blog posts for this community or browse through its Trade Talk topics like "HVAC Codes and Certifications," "HVAC Tools and Equipment," "HVAC Material and Products," and more!

14. Contractor Talk: HVAC Forum

contractorralk Contractor Talk is an online community forum for contractors of every stripe. It's HVAC section is brimming with high-level HVAC topic discussions from professionals seeking insight on HVAC solutions, local permit quandaries, equipment recommendations and much, much more.

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15. Arista Blog

arista Arista has been a leading name in residential and commercial HVAC services in the greater NYC Metro area for more than 60 years. Their blog is a prime example of what an HVAC company can do to engage potential customers with relevant and approachable topics that offer insight into the benefits of a healthy residential HVAC system.

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16. Energy Vanguard Blog

energyvanguard The Energy Vanguard Blog is dedicated to making modern homes more energy efficient. The posts cover a broad spectrum of different topics—all of them revolving around energy efficiency and how smarter, better HVAC design and products can help reduce our carbon footprint.

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17. RefrigerantHQ

refrigerant Focusing on the "R" of HVAC-R, Refrigerant HQ is an active blog and resource for professionals who deal with refrigerants and refrigerator technology. Readers can expect everything from new product reviews to reporting on possible legislation that could impact the industry. Refrigerant HQ also hosts forums for discussions with fellow refrigerant professionals.

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18. HVAC News

hvacnews HVAC News publishes HVAC industry news. There are no how-tos or product reviews here— instead, you'll find the latest corporate shake-ups and press releases from some of the industry's most prominent names (such as Honeywell, Carrier, and others). You'll also find published studies that could affect the way to industry proceeds with (or adjusts) best practices.

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19. Mr. HVAC Articles

mrhvac Mr. HVAC's Articles archive is a trove of valuable insight for HVAC business owners. This isn't a blog that focuses on the nuts and bolts of HVAC services but rather confronts the challenges of running a successful HVAC business in a highly competitive marketplace. Readers can find articles on hiring techs, generating leads, advertising, and so much more.

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20. HVAC Classes

hvacclasses HVAC Classes wants to serve as a launch pad for your HVAC career by connecting newcomers and professionals with industry schools, training programs, apprenticeships, and more. The HVAC Classes blog focuses on these areas, offering readers who are looking for a way into the industry and veterans alike insight on relevant education and hiring topics.

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