Announcing Pantheon 2020

AdminJanuary 28th, 2020

As it enters its fourth year, our user conference is making exciting new changes you won’t want to miss.

It’s official: PANTHEON 2020—ServiceTitan’s annual user conference—will take place August 13th and 14th at the Pasadena Convention Center. The two-day event will offer many of the same attractions that have kept attendees coming back year after year (industry insights, epic parties, and exclusive ServiceTitan product announcements just to name a few...), but this year, ServiceTitan is also looking to reinvent the conference experience for both ServiceTitan users and trades professionals looking to update their business software.

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What’s new in 2020?

Well, for one thing—the training. In year’s past, we’ve held all our popular software and processes training sessions on Day One of the conference. This year, training sessions will be held across both days to give attendees a greater opportunity to attend the sessions they want and bring back valuable, game-changing knowledge to their organizations.

Even more exciting? We’ll be providing Specialized Training Tracks for each attendee who wants them. All registrants will have to do is enter their job position and ServiceTitan skill level into a quick quiz on our Pantheon site and they’ll instantly receive a suggested agenda of training sessions recommended for maximum value and impact.

Look out for that training quiz soon on our Agenda Page.

And then, of course, there’s our speakers. In 2019, we were lucky to have some of the industry’s biggest names grace our stage (Jimmy Hiller, Ellen Rohr, and Ken Goodrich, just to name a few) and were honored to have former Navy SEAL and SEAL Team Six commander Rob O’Neill give an inspiring keynote session. This year, we’ll be presenting a whole new roster or prestigious guests that will leave our attendees informed and fired-up—so keep an eye out for upcoming guest speaker announcements!

There will also be exclusive ServiceTitan news! Our President and Co-Founder Vahe Kuzoyan will return to our main stage to share his vision for the future of ServiceTitan and debut new products and features. Last year, we debuted ServiceTitan Phones Pro and ServiceTitan Marketing Pro. This year? Well… you’ll just have to show up to find out.

Lastly, we can’t forget our parties. Our blowout party at the Warner Bros. Studios lot was so popular last year that we’re returning to this historic, one-of-a-kind venue. But don’t expect a repeat of 2019’s festivities! We’re planning a whole new experience for attendees this year to celebrate the closing of the conference. So when planning your trip to SoCal, don’t forget to stay that extra night—ServiceTitan parties are not to be missed!

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Part of the reason Pantheon has become so special is because it has fostered a community of contractors and trades professionals from across the country who are united in their vision for this industry and their tireless striving to work smarter, faster, and deliver amazing results.

In 2020, we’re building a whole new blueprint for what success in the trades can look like—and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

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