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Announcing ServiceTitan Marketing Pro - Direct Mail and Reputation

High performing contractors know that following up on every opportunity across multiple channels and maintaining a positive online reputation are critical to success. But when it comes to direct mail and managing the process of reviews and gathering actionable insights, these marketing best practices can be a challenge to follow. Marketing Pro is about to change all that.

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Best Time Clock Apps For Small Business Employee Time Tracking

Finding a new time clock app or looking for the first time can feel a bit like a wild goose chase. There are a ton of options to choose from and once you think you’ve found the best one, another timecard app with more bells and whistles presents itself. After researching the best time card app choices for small businesses, one thing is very clear, there is a seemingly never ending list of options. 

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Direct Mail Marketing for Contractors | How to Build Effective Campaigns

Home services businesses are focusing their marketing efforts on capturing an audience that’s more mobile than ever. Email, video, social media, and online search ads all present new opportunities for businesses to reach customers. You might be surprised to learn that direct mail marketing, which precedes digital channels, can actually increase your chances of getting in front of customers. In some cases, it’s more effective than many digital marketing methods. 

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How to Respond to Negative and Positive Reviews | The Contractors Guide

A robust online presence on Google and other search engines is key to customers finding your business when they need home services. Once they find you, there’s a good chance they’ll also check your online reviews and how you respond to them. The topic of online reviews elicits passionate responses among home services business owners, depending on who you ask. Love them or hate them, one thing is certain — reviews aren’t going away. 

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Introducing the All New Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Have you ever felt like marketing your field services business is like playing a guessing game? If you said “yes”, you’re not alone — it’s something many marketers often struggle with. Nonetheless, it’s important to know how your marketing campaigns and overall channels are performing so you can measure your return on investment (ROI) and help you make better marketing decisions. But trying to make sense of marketing analytics isn’t always easy. It can be overwhelming to parse through lots of data and find the information you need.

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Housecall Pro vs Jobber vs ServiceTitan: Breaking Down Strengths and Weaknesses of Each

People often ask us what the differences are between ServiceTitan and our competitors Housecall Pro and Jobber. The typical context in which they come to us is when they’ve reached a point where managing all of the moving pieces of their business has become arduous and they begin looking for a technology solution to support their many operational necessities.

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ServiceTitan Begins Data Journey With Essential Property Information At Your Fingertips

Property data can increase sales by making home services companies better at marketing, more efficient in dispatching and better able to predict business trends in real time. An integration of that data on the ServiceTitan booking and dispatch screens and on mobile will make all that easier. 

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How to Choose the Field Service Software That’s Right for Your Company

It’s difficult, of course, to predict what your business is going to need as it grows. It’s hard to see the future. That’s why we often suggest that contractors identify a company or two that look like what they envision for their own business and try to pay them a visit.  By seeing first-hand the kind of functionality they’ll need if all goes according to plan, they almost always grasp the key elements they should be looking for in a field service management software, which are much the same we’ve outlined in this article.

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Lowe’s Pro Desk vs. Home Depot Pro Desk | Comparison Guide for Contractors

If you find you spend more time at your neighborhood home improvement store than you spend at your own home, you’ll want to discover all of the perks that await you if you sign up for a Lowe’s Pro Desk or Home Depot Pro Desk account. To help you decide whether Lowe’s vs. Home Depot Pro desk services are right for your business or personal projects, review the benefits available and gauge what is vital to your bottom line and what falls into the category of “bells and whistles.”

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Yelp For Business: Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Yelp For Your Company

If your company isn’t using a Yelp business account, then you’re not capitalizing on one of the most widely used platforms for promoting your company and generating new business.  Some business owners think of Yelp as simply a restaurant review site. While the platform is known for its sometimes snarky and over the top reviews of restaurants and other businesses, Yelp has more to offer than a soapbox for angry customers to address the displeasure they experienced over a botched Caesar salad. 

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6 Auto Reply Message Tips and Examples to Boost Your Customer Service Experience

When potential customers reach out to your home services company, they are likely short on time and need help quickly. Automatic reply messages can fill the gap, allowing your company to give quick responses and, if used properly, build better customer service. Automatic response technology can manage incoming requests or messages sent to your company through email, text, messaging apps or online chat, and allow your customer service to operate 24/7. 

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Flat Rate vs. Hourly Pricing for Contractors

When debating hourly vs. flat-rate pricing, contractors in the skilled trades make strong arguments for and against both options. Some believe time and material pricing represents the most transparent way to charge customers, whereas others think a flat-rate fee provides the best value for your services.

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7 Essential Steps for Annually Setting Field Service Technician Goals

Each year, company owners deliver a service technician performance review to assess each employee’s skills, contributions and value to the company. It’s a good time to discuss ways to improve job performance by setting smart goals for maintenance technicians. Successful business owners tend to employ technicians who can fix or install anything, but who also care about maximizing the company’s profit and their personal income. While finding a service tech who excels at both can be difficult, it’s always possible to train your techs to reach higher.

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Why Field Services Businesses Need a Cloud Based Phone System (VoIP)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt business as usual, your contracting company is probably facing numerous challenges while navigating through the crisis. You might be looking for ways to be more efficient, save costs, and help your teams work remotely without sacrificing the level of service you provide your customers. One of the best ways to do this is to switch to a cloud based phone system.

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Celebrating Women in the Trades 2019

Women make up a small but fast-growing segment of home service professionals. ServiceTitan spoke to a few of them about their expanding role in the industry.

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$165m For ServiceTitan and the Future of Home Services

The founding of [ServiceTitan]( is very much the story of the American dream.

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