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15 Best HVAC Apps for Service Techs

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6 Financing Mistakes Service Business Owners Must Avoid

With small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) struggling to reduce operating costs and plan for unforeseen expenses, American entrepreneurs—including countless home service business owners—are already starting off at a disadvantage. According to the American Dream Gap Report, roughly 20% of SMBs have considered closing their doors. That’s a huge chunk of our economy. Why is this happening? Well, the two leading factors come down to lack of growth and cash flow problems.

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What Is Dispatch Software and How Does It Work?

Home service businesses handle a lot of communications on a daily basis—and how your shop handles those calls can make or break your customers’ experience. In the US, 82% of customers said they stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service. Long hold times, delays in service, and late technicians all constitute poor customer care practices. 

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10 Best Mobile Apps for Plumbers

Smartphones and tablets are not just for fun anymore. These devices have become essential tools for large corporations and independent contractors alike. Plumbers can greatly benefit from having the right apps on their mobile devices. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to choose.

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10 Essential Electrician Apps for Technicians

Electricians are often required to make complex, technical decisions in the field. Paired with the operational challenges of running a small business, things can quickly become overwhelming.

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Introducing ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro

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7 HVAC Dangers to Avoid: A Technician’s Guide to HVAC Safety

Whether you run an HVAC business or are a field tech yourself, technician safety must be a central focus in your day-to-day operations. Danger can lie in some of the most unsuspecting places and industry professionals must not only adhere to best practices but stay vigilant for common hazards as well. That’s why we’ve identified the seven biggest HVAC hazards and collected the best HVAC safety tips all in one place.

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6 Best Chimney Sweep Blogs for Professionals & Homeowners in 2019

You know the chimney sweep industry is alive and well in the 21st century when both professionals and homeowners are seeking out educational, yet engaging content about the best ways to clean and maintain residential chimneys.

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10 Must-Have Chimney Sweep Tools for Service Techs in 2019

The career of a chimney sweep is like a never-ending episode of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe—soot-coated hands in all of their glory. But any chimney cleaning professional knows that it takes more than a steady pair of hands to get the job done—and as chimney cleaning technology gets better and better, so do the tools of the trade. From the quintessential wire brush to industry-leading cleaning agents, let’s take a look into what chimney sweep equipment a chimney sweep should have in order to deliver superior results safely and effectively.

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8 Principles for Building a Successful HVAC Service Business

Did you know that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the HVAC industry are expected to grow 15% from 2016 - 2026? That's much faster than average! Speedy growth like this means you may experience increased competition in the market—but market growth means more opportunities for your business. It also means you have to find ways to really stand out from your competitors. There are a few key actions that will help you do just that as you build a successful HVAC service business.

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8 Field Service Technician Scheduling Tips for Your Business

Whether you're a home service shop that offers emergency services or exclusively provides scheduled service to homeowners, how you schedule your team has a huge effect on how efficient—and profitable—your business is. Nearly every field service professional has a story about losing a day's productivity due to some scheduling mistake... and the urgent game of catch-up they had to play to get their bottom line back on track.  

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New Custom Reporting in ServiceTitan Provides Insights in Real-time



At ServiceTitan we take feedback from our customers very seriously. Reports help you to stay on top of the metrics that matter to you, in your particular role, and at your unique business. That means one size definitely does not fit all.

So, we built a reporting solution that allows you to harness the wealth of data in ServiceTitan to build reports and dashboards that are 100% tailored to your needs.

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FYI: Chat Has Arrived :)

You can now use ServiceTitan to engage with your customers over their preferred mode of communication: Text messaging!

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Introducing ServiceTitan Task Management

Supercharge your home service shop’s efficiency with our dynamic, new office productivity feature.

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Celebrating Women in the Trades 2019

Women make up a small—but fast-growing—segment of home service professionals. ServiceTitan spoke to a few of them about their expanding role in the industry.

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5 Ways to Write Effective Plumbing Advertising Slogans

The right slogan can do a lot for a small or medium-sized business. It can distinguish it from the competition. Get stuck in public's head. Or even make new customers laugh.

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Smarter Job Management with ServiceTitan's New Dispatch Features

Every dispatcher feels the pressures of information overload and responsibility. They’re caught between customer expectations, their field technicians’ human limitations, and their company’s interests. As each element of the home service business becomes more complex and tech-oriented, you need a responsive solution that holds it all together, ensuring that everything and everyone works together seamlessly.

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HVAC Slow Season: 3 Strategies to Weather the Down Months

Making Sure Your Home Service Business Is Ready to Weather the Down Season—and Beyond

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Shockingly Effective Electrician Advertising Slogans for Your Business

Formulating great electrician advertising slogans can be tricky. You need to avoid offending or confusing customers, but also set yourself apart from the competition. It’s also something to be taken seriously. A great slogan can enhance brand recognition and authority, improve customer retention, and has even been shown to boost employee morale.

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How to Run a Service Business in 2019 | 18 Tips from Experts

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5 Strategies to Write Effective HVAC Advertising Slogans

Finding the right slogan is an important step in deciding how to present your HVAC company to your local community. Slogans should offer a touch of humor, be inoffensive, and provide relevance to your area of expertise. A great slogan for your HVAC company should also be long enough to catch the customer's attention, but short enough to remember.

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12 Holiday Gifts for Home Service Technicians

Shopping for the fellow tradesperson in your life? We've got you covered.

It's *that* time of year again, which means most of us are racking our brains in search of the perfect gift ideas for those near and dear to us. If you have a home service contractor in your life—or fellow tradespeople to buy for—you might be wondering what kind of gift is going to make their season merry and bright.

Lucky for you, we specialize on what today’s tradespeople want most at ServiceTitan. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 2018’s hottest gift ideas for plumbers, HVAC techs, and electricians who managed to stay on the “nice” list this year.

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Hit Your Shop's 2019 Goals With ServiceTitan Payments

What can our suite of powerful payment tools do for your home service business?

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7 Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips to Share with Customers

If you’re a professional plumber, then you already know that Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the busiest day for residential plumbing companies. It’s easy to see why: Thanksgiving means that many families are experience bustling activities in their kitchens and visiting guests usually means there’s a greater demand on our bathrooms, as well.

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4 Essential Steps for Annually Setting Field Service Technician Goals

Each year, your company likely meets with employees on a one-on-one basis for a performance review. This reviews the employee's skills, contributions, and value to your company. It is also a way to assess how the employee is doing and to look for areas where improvements can be made.

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$165m For ServiceTitan and the Future of Home Services

The founding of ServiceTitan is very much the story of the American dream.

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6 Emerging Field Service Trends to Look For Now and In 2019

To make sure you’re competing well for the attention of your prospective and previous customers, it’s important to stay on top of the most recent and up-and-coming field service trends. In some cases, these impact how you will provide field, home or local services to your customers, but generally, these deal with how your company connects you to those customers, when they first meet your brand and after service is completed.

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Field Service Management | 2019 Ultimate Guide Edition


“What is Field Service Management?”

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5 Essential Tips to Make Your HVAC Website Stand Out

As the operator of an HVAC shop, you know that you don't regularly have homeowners coming into your location to browse your offerings. Pedestrians aren't pausing at your storefront to get a peek at the latest condensers or maintenance contract deals.

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What Is Dispatch Management for Home Service Businesses?

Your schedules and routes are set. You’re ready to get your trucks rolling and keep them moving, one service call to the next. You’ve matched your best-qualified technicians to the vehicles, equipment, and maybe even other contractors they’ll need to be able to meet your customers’ expectations upon arrival.

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What Millennials Want from the Home Services

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How to Choose the Best Field Service Technician Tool Bag

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How to Get Quality HVAC Leads For Your Business

Every HVAC company knows the struggle of trying to generate new business leads. In a service industry like this one, you always need more customers. After you repair one homeowner’s air-conditioning unit, you need another client to serve. After a deluge of furnace repairs on a cold winter week, you may be super slow the next. That’s why it’s vital to continually bring in new clients — but how?

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The Top 8 Field Service Management Books Every Pro Needs to Read

Whether you're still a novice in the trades or have decades of experience service homeowners and running your own business, you never stop learning. Being a successful tradesperson in 2018 means staying aware, informed, and always ready to sharpen your skills and anticipate emerging shifts in your injury.

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18 Best Plumbing Tools For Home Service Techs in 2019

Tradespeople are known for being good with their hands, but being good with your hands means knowing when and how to use the right tools. Plumbers are no exception and have to navigate an array of different issues—and sometimes hazards—to best serve homeowners and provide lasting plumbing solutions. Below, we take a look at the some of the essential tools plumbers use to service the modern homeowner.

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18 Essential Electrician Tools for Service Techs in 2019

Tradespeople rely on their tools for accuracy, for resilience, for craftsmanship, for comfort, and for safety. This includes the electricians who keep our homes illuminated, connected, and energy efficient. Below, we take a look at different types of electrical tools you can find on the modern electrician's belt.

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Responding to Bad Yelp Reviews | 5 Tips For Your Business

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Titan of the Season: Summer 2018 BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati

Summer is here and that means it's time for ServiceTitan to name our next  "TITAN of the SEASON!"  
BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati has dramatically changed the course of their business over the last few years in part due to making ServiceTitan an integral facet of their day-to-day operations.
Learn more below about how Paula and Tony Dunaway are reaching new heights with their plumbing business and exhibiting some major might in the marketplace!
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6 Tips for Better, More Profitable Dispatching

When we think of the trades, we're often reminded of plumbers fixing leaks and installing new fixtures. Electricians restoring power and light to a home. HVAC technicians providing relief during the hottest summers and coldest winters.

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5 Simple Steps For Better HVAC Recruiting and Staffing

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How to Profit From Maintenance Agreements | The Ultimate Guide

Maintenance agreements (or “maintenance contracts”) are a proven revenue generator for home service professionals. These agreements provide homeowners peace of mind while also guaranteeing future, billable work for home services businesses in a market that's hard to predict.

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10 Essential Field Service Power Metrics You Need to Monitor in 2019


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27 Essential HVAC Tools For Home Service Techs in 2019

Not having the right tools to get the job done can be frustrating at best and can ruin a job at worst. When you're entering the HVAC workforce, having the tools you need to do your job well quickly becomes a requirement. Some tools HVAC technicians are expected to have in hand when coming into a job, but others are larger ticket items that employers need to provide to their team. We've compiled a master list of the HVAC tools you need to enter any job with confidence to get the job done right, quickly and effectively. Your customers will be pleased by your preparedness and professional range of equipment.

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Facebook Marketplace Will Now Help Users Find Home Service Professionals

Looking for a Trusted Home Service Professional? You Can Now Look on Facebook

Facebook announced that its Marketplace platform will now allow users to browse, interact with, and select home service businesses in their area. According to Facebook's press release, its Marketplace directory will guide users to house cleaners, plumbers, contractors, and other home service professionals.

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3 Effective Lead-Generating PPC Strategies for Home Service Businesses

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is especially great for home service companies because customers are usually looking for an immediate solution when searching for your services. If you play your cards right, your ad will appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), making your company one of the top choices for consumers.

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6 Strategies For Managing Mobile Employees

Where the rest of the world's workforce is moving, the home service industry has always been: mobile. Today, fears about managing a mobile workforce plague traditional head honchos everywhere. Though telecommuting saves overhead, managing a workforce of telecommuters is not an easy task. The perception is that these workers are enabled by their tools to work absolutely anywhere. But they're usually not working in the car or in a customer's home; instead, they're traveling, or working from their own home offices. In the case of home services, though, workers aren't just telecommuters — they're actual remote employees. They're truly on the go, all the time. It's a part of the job. And that presents a few major challenges for your back office — and for your techs.

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ServiceTitan Announces Lennox Product Catalog Integration

A Digital Lennox Catalog At Your Fingertips

ServiceTitan is proud to announce a new tool developed in conjunction with our partner Lennox—a leading, international provider of HVAC equipment.

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7 Simple Marketing Tools That Will Give Your Home Services Business an Edge

Whether you run a residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical or other home service business you have two key roles — that of a tradesperson, but also that of small business marketer. In today’s competitive climate you have to be good at both to grow your business.

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Top 23 Best Electrician Blogs For Industry Professionals

Homeowners rely on electricity more than ever and both they and the electricians that serve them are bombarded with new technologies, energy considerations, and cost concerns as they safely and efficiently power their homes.

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Field Service Management Software + GPS Vehicle Tracking = Huge Value

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Women in the Trades: Angie Snow

March is Women's History Month and ServiceTitan is spending the coming weeks celebrating the Women In The Trades! This blog series will profile some of the most dynamic and inspired women who are currently working in the trades, defying barriers, and making singular contributions to the industry. In this blog, we speak with Angie Snow, the Vice President of Western Heating & Air Conditioning and Success Coach of Snow Business Coaching!

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5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Home Service Company’s Social Media Presence

Social media has changed the way people use the internet and transformed into a powerful tool for businesses looking to distinguish themselves from the competition. What is your home services business doing to engage with customers, highlight your brand and promote your services online?

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Top 20 Best HVAC Blogs for Industry Pros in 2019

If you own an HVAC business, you already know that there's a lot to navigate in this industry. Emerging new technologies. Growing environmental consciousness. Changing expectations from a whole new generation of homeowners.

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Women in the Trades: Danielle Putnam

March is Women's History Month and ServiceTitan is spending the coming weeks celebrating the Women In The Trades! This blog series will profile some of the most dynamic and inspired women who are currently working in the trades, defying barriers, and making singular contributions to the industry. In this blog, we speak with Danielle Putnam of The New Flat Rate!

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Titan of the Season: Winter feat. McQuillan Bros.

For this month's very special feature, ServiceTitan is showcasing McQuillan Bros.—a Minnesota plumbing company whose work around the Twin Cities stretches back generations!

"McQuillan Bros. started in 1883 by my great-great grandfather," says owner John McQuillan Jr. "I've got a picture of him on our first truck. It's a horse-drawn carriage."

The story of McQuillan Bros. is a long and winding one, but in 2014 they entered a new chapter by adopting ServiceTitan's comprehensive business software solution. Since then, they've increased their revenue by 182 percent—and are looking to reach even greater heights in 2018!

For more on the McQuillan Bros. sensational origin story—and the birth of their ServiceTitan superpowers—check out the Titan of the Season feature below!
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5 Critical Tips for Creating a Home Services Business SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization remains an impenetrable topic for many small business owners — but even a foundational understanding of how to optimize their web presence can yield big returns in the ultra-competitive HVAC, electrical, and plumbing industries.

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Top 27 Best Plumbing Blogs For Industry Professionals in 2019

If you're a professional in the plumbing industry, the internet can feel like a crowded place where nearly everyone claims to know what you and your colleagues need to do to stay ahead in your marketplace. And as tradesperson responsible for the direction of your business, you don't have time to sift through the articles, the interviews, the so-called industry "experts" to find actual insight you can rely on.

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Women in the Trades: Ellen Rohr

March is Women's History Month and ServiceTitan is spending the coming weeks celebrating the Women In The Trades! This blog series will profile some of the most dynamic and inspired women who are currently working in the trades, defying barriers, and making singular contributions to the industry. In this blog, we speak with Ellen Rohr of Zoom Drain Franchising Company!

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Women in the Trades: Susan Frew

March is Women's History Month and ServiceTitan is spending the coming weeks celebrating the Women In The Trades! This blog series will profile some of the most dynamic and inspired women who are currently working in the trades, defying barriers, and making singular contributions to the industry. In this blog, we speak with Susan Frew, President of  Sunshine Plumbing Heating & Air in Denver, Colorado.

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Why Enriching Company Culture at Your Home Services Business Matters

Staffing and employee retention are emerging as a key issues in the home services industry — prompting many business owners to take a hard look at what their company offers employees besides a steady paycheck.

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The Best Ways to Evaluate Your Home Services Marketing Efforts

Your company is on the radar in your area. Your inflow of new business is steady, but marketing efforts seem scattered. How do you know you’re using everything you have in your toolbox to get the right customers interested in your services? How can you streamline your funnel of efforts and use your resources better to market for your company?

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Getting Your Home Services Business Started on Yelp

According to the company, Yelp receives an average of 188 million unique visitors to its site every month. Is your plumbing, HVAC or electrical company doing what it can to make sure your Yelp page is putting your best foot forward?

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3 Ways to Hold Your Service Techs Accountable for Invoices

This isn't the first time you've spent the afternoon double checking customer invoices with the accounting team due to a lack of payment paperwork collected from techs in the field. Your technicians are top notch at the work they do, but their first priority is doing a good job for their customers and sometimes they might forget the importance of keeping up with collecting payment paperwork.

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Nurturing Customer and Technician Relationships

You know that feeling of being a 'regular' customer?

It’s the feeling you get when you walk into your favorite coffee shop, bar, or hardware store and it’s not a stranger behind the counter — it’s your friend. They get your favorite drink, know how you take your coffee, or ask about that project you’ve been working on. Maybe you chat about your day, or how the weekend was. You leave having had a positive experience in your day, and I’m sure you’ll be back soon.

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Four Ways to Improve Customer Service at Your Home Services Company

Google, Yelp, Facebook and Angie's List have made customer service and feedback more important than ever in the home services industry. Is your company doing what it can to inspire five-star reviews and better word-of-mouth?

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6 Ways to Retain Skilled Service Technicians

In a world where good technicians are hard to find, keeping them is critical.

Studies on the topic of turnover costs never turn up consistent numbers, but we can all agree that the costs exist. A review from the Center for American Progress shares that "for workers earning less than $50,000 annually—which covers three-quarters of all workers in the United States—the 22 case studies show a typical cost of turnover of 20 percent of salary, the same as across positions earning $75,000 a year or less, which includes 9 in 10 U.S. workers." But one thing is for sure: acquisition costs more than retention.

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6 KPI's Your Home Services Business Should Be Tracking

When you own a small business, it can be hard to know how to measure success and make sure you're primed to grow. There are, however, tried-and-true KPIs to help you monitor the trajectory of your company and correct the course as you face new challenges.

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Electrical Business Reporting Shouldn't be a Hassle

Every business owner starts reporting with the best intentions. You want more info about how you're performing. But manual tasks like pulling out the time cards and invoices and shuffling through all of your paperwork are seriously time consuming, and sometimes, not all that helpful to the bigger picture. How can you make it easier?

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Confronting the Home Services Staffing Crisis: How to Cultivate Talent

It's no secret: The home services industry is facing a staffing crisis that experts predict could diminish the industry within the next decade. There are steps companies can take, however, to protect themselves from the looming talent gap and foster long, fruitful tech careers at their company today.

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4 Key Business Objectives for a Growing Home Services Company

Making time to identify your business goals is tough. And actually doing it is even tougher. Here are our best tips about how to get started, followed by what we believe are the key objectives you might want to include.

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December 2017 Rookie of the Month

Founded in 2009 by Gregg Bowman, The A/C Guy of Tamp Bay’s goal has never been to simply make money. Gregg and his team believe in treating clients like members of their family.
We spoke with Office Manager Ashlee Bowman about how this tight-knit team provides excellent service, encourages their team, and uses ServiceTitan to deliver that excellent customer experience they’re known for. 
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November 2017 Titan of the Month

Our November Titan of the Month is Hunter Super Techs, an HVAC, plumbing, and electrical business serving both Oklahoma and Texas. With their dedication to customer service and charitable donations, Hunter Super Techs lives up to their name. Owner Chris Hunter celebrates his team's vast industry knowledge, diverse background, and creativity. He credits his company's rapid growth and expansion to their hard work and dedication, as well as the ServiceTitan platform. Hunter Super Techs is definitely a super business, and we're honored to feature them as November's Titan of the Month! 
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Greener Solutions Keeps it 100 with a Perfect Titan Score

How one company unlocked ServiceTitan’s features to streamline its operations, improve its customer service, and finally say goodbye to one of its biggest obstacles: mountains of paperwork.


Launched in March 2017, Titan Score was built by our Customer Experience team to help customers capitalize on ServiceTitan's comprehensive business solution. The program compiles a company's existing performance metrics into seven actionable, dynamic business practices. When these practices are applied, a company’s Titan Score goes up—indicating that they are getting the most out of their ServiceTitan platform.

To learn how to use Titan Score, we spoke with Ryan Burghardt from Greener Solutions—the first person ever to achieve a perfect 100 Titan Score. Below, Ryan tells us how he reached that perfect score and how Titan Score helps his company compete in the Central Valley’s cutthroat HVAC market.

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October 2017 Rookie of the Month

Our October Rookie of the Month is Comfort Monster Heating and Air of Raleigh, North Carolina. Although they've only been live on ServiceTitan for 4 months, Jon Jordan and his team have already seen the many benefits of the cloud. Since integrating ServiceTitan into their business, Comfort Monster's revenue has increased by 43% - that's an improvement so's scary!
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September 2017 Titan of the Month

Now that it's officially fall, we are falling for our September Titan of the Month, Raynor Electric!

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August 2017 Rookie of the Month

Our August Rookie of the Month, Rub-A-Dub Plumbing, has only been live on ServiceTitan for 6 months, but they’ve already seen the benefits of being on the cloud. Ginny Rivers and her office team Lindsey, Tina, and Liz have jumped headfirst into ServiceTitan and are already utilizing some of our best features to push their company to new heights.

See how they are using paperless invoicing, the dispatch board, and much more to grow their revenue and increase their customer experience in field and over the phone.

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July 2017 Titan of the Month

Best Service started serving the Orange County area as a two man Electrical shop, taking service calls out in the field on a cell phone. However, owner Brian Vardiman saw a chance to help even more people by expanding to HVAC and Plumbing. With a growing team in the office and out in the field Brian knew he needed something more to help run his business, so he turned to ServiceTitan.

In the three years they have been on ServiceTitan Best Service has seen impressive growth and has reaped the benefits of ServiceTitan’s cutting edge features. We could not be more excited to continue to watch their growth year after year.

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June 2017 Rookie of the Month

Our June Rookie of the Month, Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning, may be new to ServiceTitan, but they're far from rookies in the HVAC industries. Founded by owners Derek and Kip's grandfather in 1960, they have been serving the Canton, OH area for three generations.

Derek and Kip, along with the help of their Operations Coordinator, Tiffany, dove head first into adopting the many features of ServiceTitan, and in just four months, they are already seeing a return on their efforts. See where ServiceTitan is making a difference for them below.

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May 2017 Titan of the Month

Brothers Tyler and Travis Ringe were born and raised in the trades, and in 2008, they decided to branch out on their own with ProSkill Plumbing, Heating & Air just outside of Phoenix, AZ.

Their mission was to start a company that filled all the gaps in service that they observed in their years of experience and to do so at a reasonable cost to their customers. This is why they knew ServiceTitan was the right software for them because it would help them to accomplish their goal of making customers for life. See how they're using ServiceTitan to turn first-time customers into repeat ones below:

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April 2017 Rookie of the Month

Our April Rookie of the Month is known around the office for doing big things!

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March 2017 Titan of the Month

Spring is in the air and so is Blanton's Air, our ServiceTitan Titan of the Month for March!

Having been founded with a GI Bill in 1951, Blanton's has strong ties to supporting our veterans, and we could not be prouder that ServiceTitan has helped them grow their business 35% as we know there could not be a more deserving team. William's team is a quarter veterans, and they have an ongoing partnership with the Troops for Trades foundation. We salute all of their efforts and are excited to continue helping them grow and make more of an impact on their community.

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ServiceTitan Just Raised $80 Million to Serve You Even Better

Our co-founders, Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan, reached out to our customers this morning with an important announcement. Here is what they had to say in their own words.

We’re announcing some big news this week. I wanted you to hear about it from us first.

Two years ago, we raised $18M from the leading early-stage software investor, Bessemer Venture Partners, to help make ServiceTitan what it is today.

Now, we’ve raised an additional $80M from the leading growth-stage software investors, ICONIQ Capital, to help make ServiceTitan even better. You can read about the investment here.

Vahe and I have always been highly selective of who we partner with. It’s important for us to partner with people who share our values and are passionate about our mission of helping contractors. ICONIQ Capital represents many of the most successful and world-changing software entrepreneurs, including Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn Chairman), and many others. After spending extensive time with ICONIQ and their team, we’re confident this partnership will be as beneficial as our continued partnership with Bessemer.

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February Rookie of the Month

We couldn't have any more love for our February Rookie of the Month, Thornton & Grooms.

Hailing from the Detroit metro area and helmed by Matt and Jodie, the company has been in business for 80 years. Despite their long history, they were ready to move into the new era of the industry by switching to ServiceTitan. See how in just seven months they've already seen spectacular growth below.

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January Titan of the Month

For our first Titan of the Month of 2017, we're looking to an old friend: Rosenthal Plumbing. David Rosenthal was among the early adopters of ServiceTitan, and over the past few years, we've had the joy watching each other grow.

Based in Central California, David Rosenthal and his team have seen how cloud-based ServiceTitan is helping them to fulfill their 24/7 on-demand service promise. Even more, he's used various features to personalize his relationship with his customers while also growing his business.

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December Rookie of the Month

We can't say goodbye to 2016 without sharing our December Rookie of the Month: Monkey Wrench Plumbing Company!

Just a stone's throw away from ServiceTitan headquarters in Los Angeles, Joe Wachtel made the switch to ServiceTitan this past summer. Since then, he has streamlined his workflows in the field and the office and opened up his team's bandwidth to handle double the business. Read below to see how he's been able to accomplish so much in just five months:

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Tiger Plumbing Increased Revenue 26% with ServiceTitan

Owner Jeff Gamblin was no stranger to digital solutions for his family-run, Collinsville, IL business, and when it came time to move from paper to cloud-based management software, ServiceTitan was the best choice because it’s a “complete solution not only for the office side but also the mobile side.”

Before turning to ServiceTitan, Tiger Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, & Electrical Services was already using software solutions to cover some of their operations, but it wasn’t perfect.

“We were using paper invoices that technicians would carry around,” Jeff explains. “So they'd go to customer’s homes with their paper price book, paper invoices and all of their other paper materials. Basically, it was overwhelming for the technicians and as you can imagine the homeowner as well.”

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By Going Paperless Absolute Plumbing Streamlined Its Billing Practices

To keep up with the changing industry, the Concord, CA plumbing company knew it had to embrace new technology, and the switch to ServiceTitan gave Absolute Plumbing and Drain more benefits than they imagined.

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Bryant Electric Grew Its Revenue 109% In One Year Using ServiceTitan

In transitioning to a paperless system Jef Bryant, of Bryant Electric Services, chose ServiceTitan to improve bookkeeping practices and better coordinate CSR and technician performances. In doing so, he was able to grow  both the size and success of his family’s business.

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New: Improve Your Visual Price Book with Profit Rhino

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Profit Rhino, an easier way to build visually enhanced price books for ServiceTitan.

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How Do It Right Plumbers Uses ServiceTitan to Scale

When he started Do It Right Plumbers, Edan Bar-Lev was adamant about starting on ServiceTitan after looking at other software solutions, which all seemed "paper thin."

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How Jolly Heating & Air Grew Revenue 28% in Four Months with ServiceTitan

Tyler and Megan Jolly have been running Jolly Heating & Air Conditioning for years without a hitch, but they discovered new opportunities for exponential growth with modern software.

Before implementing ServiceTitan, they couldn't determine what jobs were most profitable, where they were losing money, and if their ads were seeing a positive ROI.

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Going Paperless increased Jake's Heating & Cooling Average Ticket 27%

Tony King took the helm of Jake’s Heating & Cooling from his father Tommy six years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that he really shook things up when he switched the company from manual paper operations to a complete software solution.

By using software, Jake's Heating & Cooling was able to run much more efficiently and almost instantly increase their average ticket 27% and gross profit 10%.

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The Eco Plumbers Increased Revenue 60% By Making Data-Driven Decisions

To grow their business efficiently and quickly, The Eco Plumbers reinvented their business strategy by putting data at the core of its decision making.

By optimizing their products and services, tracking all techs' sales numbers, and discovering trends they were able to increase revenue 60% in just one year (comparing their first quarter after going live with ServiceTitan to the same quarter one year later).

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August Rookie of the Month

Before we say adios to August, we're proud to share with you our Rookie of the Month: Home Climates.

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August Titan of the Month

Our August Titan of the Month, Penguin Air & Plumbing, has a clear mission that can be felt at all levels and in all areas of its business: provide professional and personal service.

We at ServiceTitan share those principles and are proud to see the Penguin team using our software to help them maintain their high standards of service and see exceptional growth along the way!

Take a look below and find out how Penguin Air & Plumbing has been using ServiceTitan to accomplish both:

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Survey Results: How HVAC Companies Take On the Busy Season

Summer is the busiest season for HVAC companies.

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July Rookie of the Month

Our July Rookie of the Month is not only new to ServiceTitan, but also to the home services industry, having been founded just two and a half years ago.
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Webinar: Crafting an Awesome Customer Experience

Customers are the lifeblood of your service company.  You know how important they are to you, but is that reflected in the service you provide? They don’t want to feel like they’re just numbers to help you hit your revenue goals — customers want to feel valued and appreciated.

The good news?

You can make them feel that way by delivering an awesome customer experience out in the field.

So how do you do that? Register for our joint webinar with ReviewBuzz, Crafting an Awesome Customer Experience: A Conversation with Home Services Companies, and let your peers explain. Representatives from three home services companies will share best practices, stories, and tips on how to create a winning experience and delight customers.

Date: Thursday, August 4th @ 10am PT / 1pm ET


  • Aaron Gaynor of The Eco Plumbers
  • Tyson Freeman of Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance
  • Geno Caccia of James Caccia Plumbing

In this 60-minute session, you'll learn:

  • How your peers train their teams to deliver a stellar customer experience
  • How to use data to gauge success with customers
  • How to motivate technicians to go the extra mile

Register Now

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July Titan of the Month

Our July Titan of the Month, Topline Heating Cooling Plumbing Electric, has been keeping the Windy City extra breezy with their HVAC solutions since 1999.
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How to Manage Your Memberships Like a Boss

Service agreements (or memberships) have become an invaluable part of business for home services companies. These agreements carry tangible benefits for companies and customers alike. But without a management system in place for service agreements, they can become quite cumbersome to manage. So how do you ensure that both the business and the customer benefit from such an arrangement?

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How to Convert with Value

[Ed. note: Our friends at Power Selling Pros are back with the final installment of this guest blogging series, "How to Convert with Value." Did you miss the other posts? Catch up here and here.]

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Ever Wonder Where Exactly Your Technicians Are?

Tiger Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical Services used to have to guess where its technicians were at any given time. That was before Tiger enlisted the joint services of ServiceTitan and TomTom Telematics.

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Behind the Curtain: Designing A Mobile App for Home Services

Rob Simon draws a quick sketch on the whiteboard during the Mobile 2.0 design process.

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The Perfect App for Your Service Business

Big news from ServiceTitan today — Mobile 2.0 is out! We’ve been hard at work finishing those last sprints, listening to customer feedback, and fine-tuning our platform to ensure that it can help businesses in the home services space thrive and delight their customers.

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How To Build Rapport Over The Phone And Establish Lasting Relationships With Customers

[Ed. note: Our friends at Power Selling Pros are back with tips that you and your call-handling team can use to convert more calls to appointments. The latest entry in this series, “How to “WOW” Customers over the Phone and Build a Lasting Relationship,” is below. Read the previous entry here.]  

Companies have become really good at answering questions. Customer service reps will sit there on the phone and answer every customer question under the sun, and when the customers have had all their questions answered, they say, “Wow, you’ve been great! I am going to hang up now and think about this for a while, and who knows, I might call you back.”

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3 Ways to Step Up Your Phone Game

[Ed. note: 
Over the next few weeks, our friends at Power Selling Pros will be guest blogging with tips that you and your call-handling team can use to convert more calls to appointments. The first entry in this series is below.]  

What is the difference between a good service company, and a wildly successful one?

Attention to detail has a lot to do with it. Many companies assume that their call-handling strategy is fine if they’re making money. But overlooking ways to improve can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuable leads and sales.

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May Rookie of the Month

For our May Rookie of the Month, we're going under the knife with The Drain Surgeon, a company relatively new to ServiceTitan based in Augusta, GA.
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Using Software to Convert Calls into Cash

In case you missed it, ServiceTitan's CEO Ara Mahdessian was featured in a recent article from ACHR News. The story focuses on how software can help improve call conversion rates. Read the full story, "Using Software to Convert Calls into Cash," here.

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May Titan of the Month

Our May Titan of the Month takes us to the City of Brotherly Love with Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Bruno Air Shares Excitement about ServiceTitan

Louis Bruno dishes on the HVAC world at ServiceTitan headquarters.

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A1 Plumbing Gives ServiceTitan an A+ for Implementation

Marty Cullen is the owner of A1 Plumbing in Boise, Idaho. We spoke with Marty recently about how he came to own a plumbing service business, the changes that he has noticed in the industry, and his experience with ServiceTitan.

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The Top 3 Ways to Use Your Marketing Data

Marketing can seem daunting. Home service business owners often think that in order to be shrewd or savvy marketers, they need to be very creative or need to have studied marketing in some academic form. The good news is that this idea simply isn’t true.

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April Rookie of the Month

The experienced and courteous team at Reid & Pederson Drainage has been solving sewer and drain problems in Illinois and Indiana for more than 30 years. Reid & Pederson is a bit newer to ServiceTitan, but already, the company has been quick to master a variety of the integrations and features available, which is why Reid & Pederson is our April Rookie of the Month.

Learn a little more about the company and how they are harnessing the power of ServiceTitan below.

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Do You Have Real-Time Data on Your Business?

“Do you know what’s happening with your business right this second?”

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April Titan of the Month

Despite the April showers Mother Nature may be bringing our way, the April Titan of the Month brings us nothing but sunshine. Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air is our new Titan of the Month.

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Accurate Electrical Services Targets the Customer Experience

Jeff Seale (pictured above, second from right) is the owner of Accurate Electrical Services in the greater Los Angeles, California area. We spoke with Jeff recently about his dedication to customer service and his experience with ServiceTitan.

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Marketing ROI: How to Harness Office Technology to Increase Sales

As technology evolves to meet a host of new and complex demands, so must companies in the home services space. The good news is that an increasing number of companies have learned to make technology work for them, using tools to streamline operations and make managing the business a little less daunting. Even better news is that technology, specifically home services management software, can play a key role in increasing sales.

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March Rookie of the Month

Our love for customers just doesn't stop. Fresh on the heels of the first entry in our customer spotlight program, we're excited to expand the program with the launch of Rookie of the Month. Our March 2016 Rookie of the Month is Good's Electric.
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A Bright Outlook for Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air

Susan Roberts Frew (pictured: front row, third from the right) is the co-owner and president of Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air in the Denver, CO, metro area. She also works with the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) in Colorado as the secretary/treasurer of the Board of Directors. We spoke with Susan about her business and its use of the ServiceTitan platform.

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March Titan of the Month

It's great when we're able to talk about our customers not just in abstract terms, but specifically who they are and how they are using the ServiceTitan platform to improve their business. Ready for a little name-dropping? Good, then read on.

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Call Tracking: How to Make Marketing Truly Sizzle

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The One Thing Your Recruitment Strategy May Be Missing

Recruiting — and retaining — technicians in the home services arena can be challenging. It’s been a hot discussion topic at industry events (I recently spoke about the issue at the AHR Expo), especially given the current shortage of skilled workers across a variety of industries. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to finding and keeping quality technicians. But there are ideas and ways to think about the shortage that can help ease the pain — specifically the way that companies approach their recruitment strategy.

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I ♥ ServiceTitan

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is not just in the air, but shared in the messages that ServiceTitan sends and receives from our customers. As we continually look to improve our platform and make it as useful as possible, it’s great to hear from customers about how we can serve their needs better and what they love already. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day — and sharing the love — here’s what some of our customers have been saying about ServiceTitan.

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Motivating Technicians to Provide Superior Customer Service

Being a field technician can be incredibly taxing. Running around town from job to job and dealing with traffic, suppliers, and unhappy customers can make it challenging for techs to provide excellent customer service without fail.

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Learn How Software Can Help Your Customer Experience Soar

Consider these two facts: first, customers are the lifeblood of any home services business. Second, here at ServiceTitan, we’re all about sharing what we learn. What do you get when you put those two facts together? A winter webinar series all about achieving new levels of customer experience with your home services management software. Learn how to deliver a phenomenal customer experience on the phone and in the field — and how an integrated software platform can help you do so.

Register and read more details below.

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ServiceTitan's Partnership with GPS Insight

ServiceTitan has a new integration partnership with GPS Insight, as reported by Yahoo Finance. So what does this mean for customers of ServiceTitan and GPS Insight? For starters, these home services companies can integrate phone, customer, sales, and GPS data into one comprehensive platform.

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Field Service Technician Apps Can Streamline Processes and Increase Sales

Ed. note: This article was first published in IE3 magazine. The article in its entirety can be found here.

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3 Effective Ways Home Service Businesses Get Big Results With Better Data

Feel like you have a limited view into your business operations?

Well, you’re not alone! Most home service businesses struggle to get the essential metrics they need to track performance… ultimately hindering their path to success and growth.

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Home Services Companies Raise Revenue 25% on ServiceTitan

There’s a lot of buzz at ServiceTitan this week. The results are back from an internal study commissioned to track the revenue growth of new ServiceTitan customers, and numbers have raised a lot of eyebrows.

We sat down with the lead author of the study, ServiceTitan’s Christopher Lee, to learn a little bit more about how ServiceTitan customers have achieved an average revenue growth of 25% in their revenue in their first year on ServiceTitan, the #1 home services management software platform.

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Introducing the ServiceTitan Mobile App

Your field technicians need to be properly equipped for every situation – from HVAC emergencies to customer service needs. The ServiceTitan mobile app for field technicians keeps your techs connected. But what happens when they can’t communicate with your home office because there’s no WiFi or cell signal available? The solution is ServiceTitan’s Mobile App 1.0, our brand new native application.

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5 Ways to Inspire Your Experts to Greatness

Guest post by Mike Agugliaro

When you first started your business, it was just you; you worked hard for each customer and gave them your very best. Now your business has grown and you’ve got a team that represents you, your business, and your brand. Are they working at the level you want them to be working at?

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Are You Using Your Service Business Software Correctly?

Choosing to integrate Software as a Service (SaaS) into a residential home service business such as HVAC, plumbing or electrical, is an easy step toward increasing operational fluidity, improving customer service levels, maximizing sales opportunities and increasing yearly revenue. Making the decision to implement such a tool is only one part of the process, though. Just as important is making sure the system is being applied at optimum levels, and every advantage this type of software can provide is used to its full extent.

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Better Ways to Communicate with Your Service Business Techs

A high level of communication among the staff at an HVAC, plumbing or electrical business plays an important role in maintaining optimal levels of productivity and efficiency. In the residential home service industry, poor communication between technicians and dispatch or home office can result in unanticipated delays, poor customer service evaluations and lost revenue. Implementing an efficient service industry business management software solution, such as ServiceTitan, provides a variety of methods of communication to improve awareness of the status and location of your field techs and their activities with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

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ServiceTitan Streamlines Home Service with Custom Forms

Paper-based processing has been a staple of the home service industry for years. Ranging from voluntary field analysis reports and lead capture forms, to mandatory state legal disclosures, trade professionals can spend hours of precious time dealing with and creating paper-based work forms and processes. In the past, a home service business could either hire the staff necessary to manage these documents, outsource the service at a costly rate, or fall behind and lose potential new business, or even risk legal action.

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4 Plumbing Management Tips for the Modern Service Company

Whether it’s competing with licensed technicians who are simply handymen or do-it-yourselfers looking to save money, the plumbing industry is facing major changes—and challenges. It’s become increasingly difficult for industry pros to stand out among all the options available to the modern-day consumer and many companies are wondering what they can do maintain homeowner interest.

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4 Characteristics Every Service Provider’s Website Should Have

Guest blog by Joe Dowd

It’s no secret to commercial and residential service providers that their market is a very competitive space. It takes more than radio spots and billboards to build a strong customer base. And with new companies continuing to pop up, you are never safe in assuming that your current customers will remain loyal. The days where people pull out the phonebook and search the yellow pages for a service provider are behind us.

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Growing the Customer Base of Your HVAC Company

In the HVAC industry, gaining and maintaining repeat customers can be very profitable and is crucial to maintaining an advantage over your competition. Creating a profile for each of your past, current and potential customers is very important to your success, and operational HVAC software is a powerful tool for building a vital resource for your company’s future.


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Best Management Practices for a Trade Company

Owning and operating a trade company can have its share of challenges where management is concerned. Keeping track of and maintaining an array of business management related functions is one of the most critical factors for the well-being of your company, and integrating operational software into your business can help your company run more smoothly and efficiently. This software can bring the information you need to your fingertips at any time, connecting all operational aspects of your company into one customizable interface.

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How Electrical Business Management Software Helps Your Bottom Line

Trying to run a business in the electrical service industry can be both time consuming and stressful. In addition to the actual electrical work and installations, trade business owners must also focus on managing payroll, maintaining the staff and their schedules, inventory and equipment maintenance, and a whole host of additional, unforeseeable issues that can complicate your daily routine and make focusing on the real goals – sales and customer service – difficult to manage.

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Coaching Service Techs with Data Tracking

Making sure that your service techs are making the most of their time on-site is a very important factor when it comes to managing your business. “Time is money” immediately comes to mind when thinking about this topic, and with a limited number of available time slots throughout the day to service your customers, working efficiently is imperative.

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Determining Which Service Business Marketing Campaigns Work

In any service business, identifying a solid marketing campaign and integrating it into your current practices can feel like a risky endeavor. The degree of change that comes with adopting a new plan can add a considerable amount of stress to the situation and, at times, seem like it is hindering productivity rather than enhancing it. Also, without having an effective way to monitor the results of your campaigns, you are left wondering how you can improve them in the future.

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A Boost in Sales Opportunities for Your Home Service Company

Customer satisfaction is a must in order to make sure your HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical service business thrives, but how do you create a high level of customer service and make the most of your opportunity for sales? How do you best showcase your goods and services to the customer and maximize that sale? With all the tools available today, the utilization of mobile technology in your presentation to the customer can make a world of difference.

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Maximizing Customer Service for Plumbers

When plumbing issues arise, they can be a nightmare for homeowners to deal with, and a quick response is often essential to avoid costly damage and unnecessary inconvenience. As a residential plumbing company, it’s important that your customers feel like their issue is as much a priority for you as it is for them. If they don’t feel that their problem is being handled to their satisfaction, they’re likely to turn to another service provider.

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Why Customer Service is the Key to Electrician Marketing

As the owner of a residential electrical company, mapping out your marketing plan can be a very stressful task for you to undertake. Companies in the trades and service industries play more of a support role in the grand scheme of things, so positioning your company with innovative new products to offer can be challenging.

Such is the case with electricians, who are saddled with designing and installing efficient wiring systems and hardware to provide peak system performance. So what should your marketing plan consist of that will make your company stand out from the competition and foster growth?

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3 Tips for Building Better First Impressions

According to Business Insider, you only have seven seconds to make a good first impression on someone. This is true whether you are interviewing for a job, speaking at an event or, for our purposes, meeting a customer at their home on a service call.

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5 Things To Look For In Home Service Software

One mistake many small to medium-sized home contractor businesses make is thinking that back-end business management software is just for the big dogs. This is simply not true.

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3 Ways To Build Better Relationships With Customers

As a home service provider, your field technicians are without a doubt, a critical component of your business. These individuals not only perform requested services, but they serve as a tangible representation of your brand. The impression left behind by your field techs can result in either a forgotten moment, or a repeat customer, so it is imperative that you build a relationship between your customers and your technicians.

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Do You Monitor Your Service Business Calls?

It’s a surprising fact, but did you know that 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone, and 65% of businesses say that phone calls are their most fruitful source of leads, according to AdInsight?

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The Importance of SaaS for Plumbing Marketing

Plumbing businesses have come a long way since ServiceTitan co-founder Vahe’s father started a plumbing company. Vahe saw first-hand how much hard work was involved in running a profitable business. As he grew up, he could see the problems small service businesses faced when it came to marketing and deciding where and when to spend marketing dollars that made sense.

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The Importance of Properly Tracking Service Business KPIs

One of the main questions you might have as the owner of a residential home service business is, “How well is my business performing?” You may know that your business is making money, but do you know how and why? Do you know if your marketing is effective, and how well your sales force is converting leads into sales?

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How Are Your Service Techs Performing?

As a home service company, one of the major aspects of your business are the men and women working out in the field. Service technicians tend to be the bread and butter of plumbing, HVAC and electrical service providers and, not only are these individuals tasked with nitty-gritty work, they also tend to be the first handshake between your customers and your business. With such a high level of importance, it is vital to the success of your company to understand exactly how your service techs are performing.

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3 Ways to Increase CSR Call Bookings

A critical action of any home service business is converting phone calls into booked jobs. Implementing marketing campaigns can potentially earn your business thousands of dollars, but if conversions aren’t taking place, you are lessening your marketing ROI. While not every call will guarantee a booked appointment, you can greatly increase your chances by taking steps to track efforts.

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Customer Service Secrets for the HVAC Industry

Running a profitable HVAC business requires more than just trained technicians and powerful equipment – it demands outstanding customer service to gain referrals from loyal individuals. While your field staff may shake the hands of your customers, your CSRs are typically the first contact consumers have with your business.


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4 Ways to Improve Your On-Site HVAC Sales

It’s true that the main priority of any HVAC service technician is the service, installation and repair of heating and air systems, but in order to optimize and grow your business, these highly trained individuals need to take on double duty. On-site sales of new products, complementary services and higher-end features can equate to more revenue and help position your techs as true experts in their craft. While clearly important, on-site HVAC sales are not as easy as a brochure and a sales speech, and careful consideration needs to occur in order to maximize efforts.


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Why Tracking Service Call Counts Is Not Enough


Not too long ago, marketing for service businesses was simple – place an ad in the local paper, wrap your truck with your phone number and get to work. Now, however, the power of the internet has further developed the marketing opportunities available for plumbing, electrical and HVAC service businesses, meaning the old way of thinking is fast becoming obsolete. It is not uncommon for home service providers to spend thousands of dollars on various marketing campaigns in an effort to generate calls, but each call brought in doesn’t necessarily equate to an increase in revenue.

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Improving CRM Practices for Residential Electrical Businesses

Electrical industry professionals are poised to make significant strides in business growth throughout 2015, fueled by the momentum of an improved economy. According to IBISWorld research, the electrician trade is expected to make a full recovery from recessionary losses within the next five years due to a growing demand for residential and commercial improvements. Now is the right time to invest back into your electrical contracting business to take full advantage of this increased interest – but how?


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