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Plumbing Method Statement Template: Improve Site Safety and Operations


Plumbing contractors know the importance of identifying potential plumbing system problems while keeping techs safe on the job. Doing so requires a process—completing the right tasks in the right order while minimizing health and safety risks. 

Overlooking potential safety concerns could not only pose serious health and environmental dangers, but also result in unhappy customers and costly fixes, all of which affect your company’s reputation and bottom line. That’s why the best plumbing companies rely on plumbing method statements. 

Similar to a plumbing risk assessment, a plumbing method statement—also called a safe work method statement (SWMS)—describes step-by-step how to complete a plumbing job safely. Since this involves many details, including emergency procedures and how to safely secure the work area, plumbers often use a plumbing method statement template to create comprehensive method statements. 

Read on for more information on method statements and a downloadable plumbing method statement template pdf. We’ll also explain how ServiceTitan plumbing software connects method statements with the rest of your business, so you can increase sales, improve efficiency, and boost profit.

What is a plumbing method statement?

A plumbing method of statement is a document that describes the sequence of operations for a plumbing job with a focus on safety and mitigating risk. Its contents typically include:

  • Company name

  • Safety control measures per the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA)

  • Project scope (piping system installation, pumps installation)

  • Sequence of work

  • Workflow charts

  • Project manager

  • Emergency procedures and safety management system

Multi-trade companies would draft separate docs for an electrical method statement and HVAC method statement.

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Lack of process leads to mistakes

Without a plumbing method statement, employees can only go on memory. And while memory might be sufficient for some jobs, it proves problematic for complex installations involving pipework.

Even the most experienced plumber can make errors that not only jeopardize customer satisfaction, but lead to unsafe work or living conditions. A plumbing method statement helps minimize errors. 

How a plumbing method statement template helps

A template streamlines method statement creation with a customizable form, which saves time and increases accuracy. Once you download our method statement template, you can customize it, and use the form again and again.

Save the PDF template to your desktop as a new file. From there, you can customize the form with your company name, logo, and job details.

How ServiceTitan plumbing software streamlines business management

While downloading customizable templates is a step in the right direction, using ServiceTitan plumbing software can help you seamlessly integrate every aspect of your business to maximize efficiency and boost profit. ServiceTitan’s cloud-based solution streamlines operations from your office to the field, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Improve workflow with digital forms

With ServiceTitan’s Field Service App, you don’t need to worry about a tech misplacing or forgetting to turn in a form. You can upload digital checklists and reports to a mobile device and trigger forms to automatically appear at a certain point in the job cycle, so a tech must complete the form before closing out a job.

Digital forms improve your workflow and keep your team organized. Anything your tech enters in—such as plumbing equipment serial numbers, photographs, and other important information—uploads to the platform in real time. This means if another team member needs to access job or customer information, it’s all right there, in one place.

An all-in-one software improves your customer service, because your team can see customer call history, previous service calls, and open estimates. When your techs arrive at the job prepared and knowledgeable, they deliver better service and increase customer satisfaction.

Create loyal customers with superior service

Boost customer satisfaction by communicating with customers using their preferred method, whether text, email, or a phone call. Send customers appointment reminders and provide tech tracking, so they know exactly when the tech will arrive.

During the job, techs can access customized maintenance checklists from a mobile device to ensure they address every detail. You can also trigger custom forms for a specific job type or during a certain stage in the job cycle, assuring quality work.

Maximize profit on every job

While digital forms save your techs time, ServiceTitan plumbing software improves efficiency throughout your entire operations, even before techs arrive at a job.

Use plumbing scheduling and dispatching software to match techs to the right job for the most profit. Drag-and-drop scheduling makes the job of your CSR or dispatcher easier, so they can make quick updates. With all customer and job information in one place, such as a customer’s property data and previous jobs, your techs stay in the loop and can spot larger sales opportunities.

Streamline all aspects of your plumbing business with ServiceTitan

To compete in a digital world, plumbing shops today use end-to-end field management software like ServiceTitan to streamline business operations, improve customer satisfaction, and grow revenue. ServiceTitan provides core features to help plumbing companies level up their dispatching, scheduling, digital marketing, and customer relationship management, among other benefits.

While a plumbing method statement template offers a good starting point, ServiceTitan’s cloud-based platform allows you to improve all areas of your business.

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