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Plumbing Bill Template: Simplify Invoicing and Get Paid Faster


When a plumbing business finishes a plumbing job, inefficient billing processes can result in delayed invoicing and postponed payments—all of which negatively affect a company’s bottom line.

Manual processes and disconnected systems make it difficult for a plumbing business to promptly create and send invoices to customers after completion of plumbing work, causing lags in cash flow and other revenue-related issues.

A plumbing bill template helps by providing a consistent billing format so you can quickly create and send professional plumbing invoices to customers. While a template simplifies a portion of the billing process, it won’t solve other plumbing business challenges related to workflow or communication inefficiencies.

To automate business processes and increase efficiency, many large and small businesses turn to ServiceTitan Plumbing Software. Below, we’ll share a free sample plumbing invoice form and show how you can use software to connect billing to the rest of your business, boosting efficiency and profit.

What is a plumbing bill template?

A plumbing bill template is a customizable business invoice used to send customers a bill for completed plumbing work. 

A plumbing bill includes:

  • Company name, phone number, and other contact information

  • Invoice date

  • Unique invoice number

  • Customer’s name and billing address

  • Subtotal

  • Total cost, including sales tax

  • Payment terms, such as the due date and late fees

Payment instructions, such as how to make online payments

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The challenges of plumbing billing

It’s no secret that plumbing billing is a challenging process. Accurate billing relies on an array of data from the office and the field, including materials and number of hours worked. On top of that, your invoices must match plumbing job quotes and change-order data; otherwise, it could lead to potential customer confusion or manual errors when it comes to the total amount due.

Current solutions for plumbing billing

Without an integrated software solution, plumbing companies may rely on a combination of Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, or Google Sheets to create plumbing service invoices. Using multiple systems to manage invoices is difficult, time consuming, and prone to error.

How a plumbing bill template simplifies plumber invoicing

A plumbing bill template helps you quickly create and customize plumbing invoices. An editable form enables you to simply type in customer and plumbing job information for a professional-looking invoice you can mail or email customers.

To use our printable plumbing invoice template, download it and save it to your computer as a blank invoice. Then you can open it, customize it with your business name and client’s name, and save it as a new file. You can print the PDF for mail delivery, or attach the PDF in an email to your customer.

How ServiceTitan helps plumbing companies streamline invoicing and payments

While a customizable template helps simplify the invoicing process, ServiceTitan Plumbing Software seamlessly integrates invoicing and payments with the rest of your business.

Create, track, and manage plumbing invoices with ease

Integrated software enables plumbing companies to automate the invoicing process, using the information from the plumbing work order—such as unit prices for parts, labor costs, and other key information—to create a plumbing bill.

With ServiceTitan’s QuickBooks integration, seamlessly send data to your QuickBooks accounting software. Automation saves time, eliminates redundant data entry, and ensures accurate financials.

Not only that, but your techs can use an invoice generator tool to easily generate invoices, export them to QuickBooks, and provide customers receipts, right in the field. Plumbing software helps you easily manage your plumbing invoices to see which ones are overdue, and promptly follow up with customers for payment.

Enhance the customer experience with convenient payment options

When you provide customers convenient payment options, you increase the chances for prompt payment and give customers an exceptional customer experience.

With ServiceTitan Payments, your techs can securely capture checks and debit or credit cards in the field. Or, techs can send customers a link so they can pay online through a personalized online payment portal. When your plumbing business uses payment software, your company gets paid faster and improves cash flow.

To simplify the reconciliation process, ServiceTitan’s payment software automatically matches your electronic payments to your bank deposits, so you can create an easy-to-export batch report for your accounting software.

Use a comprehensive solution for your plumbing business

When it comes to a healthy bottom line, the importance of accurate and timely invoicing and payments cannot be overstated. While a plumbing invoicing template helps simplify the process, a comprehensive business solution like ServiceTitan works to connect and transform every aspect of your business.

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