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HVAC Filter-Change Log Template: Leverage Forms for Greater Efficiency


When HVAC contractors implement logs, checklists, and forms for HVAC system maintenance visits, they ensure technicians provide consistent, quality service to their customers. 

An HVAC filter-change log template helps your techs track HVAC filter replacement, a key task in maintaining efficient HVAC systems and improving the air quality in customers’ homes and workplaces. You can also give customers a branded HVAC filter-change log to keep by their equipment, to help them remember to replace their air filters as a regular part of home maintenance.

While an HVAC filter-change log template increases filter-replacement organization, it won’t address other business challenges. To streamline operations and increase efficiency, many HVAC companies choose ServiceTitan HVAC Software.

Below, we’ll share a free HVAC filter-change log template for you to customize and use, and explain how ServiceTitan streamlines your workflow, maximizes sales opportunities, and increases profit.

What is an HVAC filter-change log template?

An HVAC filter-change log template is a customizable form used to document HVAC filter replacement. A filter-change log template typically includes:

  • Type of filter

  • Date filter replaced

  • Replace by date

A filter-change log can include an HVAC equipment identification number, the location of the HVAC equipment, and filter details, such as type of filtration. When used as a tag or sticker, it could also include the name or initials of the tech who installed the replacement filter.

The challenges of recording HVAC filter-replacement data

During HVAC maintenance visits, it can be challenging for techs to record every detail. Without a change-out filter log, it’s easy for techs to accidentally overlook important maintenance tasks.

Making sure to replace HVAC filters in furnaces and air conditioning systems is an important part of an HVAC maintenance schedule, and ensures the HVAC system maintains efficient airflow and functions properly.

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Current solutions for HVAC filter-change logs

To address challenges related to HVAC preventative maintenance visits, many contractors create their own forms in Microsoft Excel or other software programs, printing off sheets for techs to fill out in the field.

Using paper forms isn’t the perfect solution, though, as forms can get damaged or lost. Once techs turn forms in to the office, your staff may need to manually input the information, an inefficient use of time with potential for data entry error.

Increase efficiency with a printable HVAC filter-change log template

An HVAC filter-change log template gives you a customizable, printable form to use again and again, saving you time. You can customize ServiceTitan’s HVAC filter-change log template with your company logo and contact information.

Our digital file template ensures you properly track HVAC filter changes and includes spots for filter description, date replaced, and the next replace-by date. You can customize the US letter-size form by changing the header or adding or deleting items as needed.

Save the PDF template to your desktop as a new file. From there, you can customize, save, and print the form.

How ServiceTitan helps your HVAC company generate more revenue

When you use ServiceTitan HVAC Software to connect every aspect of your business, you give your team the tools they need to identify more sales opportunities, deliver an exceptional customer experience, and increase revenue.

Maximize sales opportunities with preventative maintenance visits

A maintenance visit is much more than simply a maintenance visit. It’s an opportunity to prove your HVAC company values its customers and offers top-quality service on every visit. Customers schedule preventative maintenance visits to properly maintain their HVAC systems, and identify potential problems before they become an issue.

With a Field Service App, your techs can use digital forms and maintenance checklists to ensure they cover every detail. You can even set forms to trigger for a certain job type or during a specific part of the job cycle, so techs can’t close out a job until they complete the form. With digital forms, you never need to worry about techs losing or not filling out forms.

When techs spot an issue requiring repair or replacement, they can show customers multiple options on a tablet, complete with photos and videos so customers fully understand what each option provides. Include customer financing in the price to make a more expensive option more affordable. Customers can conveniently shop, sign, and pay right on the spot, multiplying your jobs—and your revenue.

Easily create and manage HVAC membership agreements

Service agreement software helps HVAC companies manage residential and commercial agreements and contracts to keep furnaces, air conditioners, refrigeration, and other equipment functional and efficient. Maintenance agreements assure customers you’ll properly maintain their equipment and check for potential problems.

Service agreement software makes it easy to create and customize membership agreements, such as adding upgrades or extra maintenance tasks for an additional cost. Since all your data stays in one, integrated system, you can automatically schedule preventative maintenance services, dispatch the right tech, send customer invoices, and send renewal notifications—streamlining the entire membership agreement process.

Optimize your business with HVAC software

If your team faces difficulties in workflow, organization, and communication, it may be time to analyze your business processes. While templates and checklists help streamline your preventative maintenance visits, an all-in-one business solution like ServiceTitan improves your productivity and profitability.

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